Interstate 27

I-27 Texas
IH 27/US 87 at SL 289 - north Lubbock, TX

Northward view of IH 27/U.S. 87 from SL 289 by Lubbock Business Park in north Lubbock. 05/06/12


Traversing the high, rolling plains of the Texas Panhandle, IH 27 is an intrastate route connecting the cities of Lubbock and Amarillo. Bisecting Lubbock between State Loop 289, a limited access beltway, IH 27 extends the freeway along U.S. 87 north from Lubbock County to Downtown Lubbock, where it curves eastward alongside Mac Kenzie State Park. A three level interchange joins IH 27 with Loop 289 on the north side of the city as the freeway departs for Lubbuck International Airport (LBB) and the town of New Deal.

Leading away from Hub City,  IH 27/U.S. 87 reach the city of Abernathy on the Hale County line. There the freeway briefly transitions to an urban design, dipping below the Main Street overpass east of the city center. Continuing, IH 27 shifts one mile west before bee lining northward to the city of Hale Center. Once at the city center, the freeway again navigates through an urban section, dropping below grade at Cleveland Avenue. IH 27 through both Abernathy and Hale Center are subject to closure due to flooding during heavy thunderstorms.

Beyond Hale Center, IH 27/U.S. 87 angle northeast across agricultural areas to Furguson, where a Business Loop separates eastward to the city of Plainview. The freeway mainline circumvents the west side of the city to Columbia Street, where Business Loop IH 27 returns. Northward from there, IH 27 traverses a rural route by Kress, Tulia and Happy, where U.S. 87 branches west to Canyon.

U.S. 87 combines with U.S. 60 at Canyon along an expressway leading north to IH 27. Construction of IH 27 directly overlaid the original four lane highway for U.S. 60/87 heading toward Amarillo. Within Amarillo, the freeway turns easterly ahead of the Potter County line before curving back north to conclude at IH 40, opposite U.S. 287 and the dual couplets of U.S. 60/87 through Downtown.

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) submitted an application to the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) to extend Interstate 27 south 4.2 miles from Lubbock to County Road 7500. The extension lengthens IH 27 to the planned exchange with future Loop 88. AASHTO approved the request at the Fall 2023 Route Numbering Committee Meeting. Construction on Loop 88 – Section 3C, which includes the directional T interchange with U.S. 87, is scheduled for letting in October 2025.

High Priority Corridor

Interstate 27 is part of High Priority Corridor 38: Ports to Plains Corridor.

Parallel U.S. Routes

Interstate 27 follows U.S. 87 for its entire length, with separations between Exits 63 and 77 and again between Exits 88 and 110. U.S. 60 overlaps with IH 27 from Canyon north to Amarillo, while U.S. 84 parallels it through Lubbock.

Port to Plains Corridor

Long standing proposals advocated extending Interstate 27 south from Lubbock to IH 20 in the vicinity of Midland-Odessa, and possibly further to San Angelo, IH 10 and a border crossing with Mexico. A feasibility study for the Port to Plains High Priority Corridor was conducted in 2000, though upgrades were mostly done to U.S. 87 in place of building new stretches of freeway. The Port to Plains Corridor was previously proposed as a divided highway running 963 miles north from Laredo, Texas to Denver, Colorado. It was designated as a high priority corridor in 1998 by the U.S. Congress.1

The Ports to Plains Alliance sought a new feasibility study for extending Interstate 27 south in 2015. Having gained the support of San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison, the potential study required endorsement from the county before the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) would move forward with it.2 Referencing the lack of a connection to the Interstate system and potential economic growth and stability, subsequent actions by San Angelo city council on March 19, 2019 endorsed the IH 27 extension. Projected costs at the time to upgrade the 500 mile long Port to Plains Corridor south from Lubbock to Laredo topped $5.2 billion. This included potential cost savings by coupling the leg between Midland-Odessa and San Angelo with the IH 14 corridor.3

The extension of Interstate 27 was signed into law as part of the $1.5 trillion fiscal year 2022 omnibus appropriations bill. The Legislation outlines a route taking IH 27 south from Lubbock to Laredo, Texas and north to Raton, New Mexico. The infrastructure bill makes the future corridor eligible for federal funding.1 The Port to Plains Corridor in Texas overlays U.S. 87 south to San Angelo, with a loop west to Midland along SH 349 from Lamesa and along SH 158 to Sterling City. The Port to Plains Corridor continues south from San Angelo along U.S. 277 to Del Rio and Carrizo Springs, and U.S. 83 to Laredo.

North from Amarillo, Texas the Port to Plains Corridor follows both U.S. 87 northwest to New Mexico via Delhart and U.S. 287 to the Oklahoma Panhandle via Stratford. The corridor lines U.S. 87 northwest to I-25 at Raton and U.S. 287 northward to Boise City, Oklahoma and I-70 at Limon, Colorado.

Route Information

  • North End – Amarillo, TX

  • South End – Lubbock, TX

  • Mileage – 124.13

  • Branches – 0

  • Cities – Lubbock, Canyon, Tulia, Amarillo

  • Junctions

Source: December 31, 2021 Interstate Route Log and Finders List

Texas Panhandle - 1970
Interstate 27 appeared first in the 1970 edition of the Rand McNally North American Road Atlas.

Many portions of IH 27 were designated directly over previously four lane sections of U.S. 87.

Texas Panhandle - 1984
Texas Panhandle – 1984

Outside Lubbock, the last portion of Interstate 27 open to traffic was the easterly bypass of U.S. 87 between Happy and Canyon.

IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX - 2001
Looking southward from Downtown Amarillo at the interchange joining IH 27 and IH 40. The reconfiguration of this exchange elevated IH 40 above IH 27; the two previously met with IH 40 traveling at grade level. January 2001 webcam shot provided by John R. Detwiler.


Interstate 27 was not an original Interstate highway. It was approved by the Federal Highway Administration on December 12, 1968. Approval by the Texas State Highway Commission followed on February 1, 1969.4 The last segment of Interstate 27 (from 19th Street to 54th Street in Lubbock) opened to traffic on September 3, 1992.5,6

The turbine interchange where IH 27 and IH 40 meet south of Downtown Amarillo was reconfigured during a $33 million, three year project completed in 2001.

The exchange joining IH 27/U.S. 60-87 with IH 40/U.S. 287 in Amarillo originally lacked a direct ramp from IH 40 east to IH 27 south. Started in January 2017, construction built a new flyover replacing the previous ramp configuration using the frontage road system. The direct connector opened temporarily in September 2018, and permanently on November 15, 2018. Associated work through Spring 2019 widened the IH 27 bridge across SE 26th Avenue.7

 Photo Guides

North End I-40 – Amarillo, Texas

US 87 North US 60 West at I-40 US 287

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - Amarillo, TX

IH 27 directly replaced the alignments of U.S. 60/87 along Canyon Drive north and 36th Street east through south Amarillo. Turning toward IH 40, the freeway briefly shifts away from the historic U.S. highways (36th and Fillmore Streets) between Harrison Street and Exit 123A to 26th Avenue. 04/24/17

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - Amarillo, TX

The right lane defaults onto Exit 123B beyond the 26th Avenue entrance ramp for IH 40 and U.S. 287 south. Visible here was construction of the direct connector linking IH 40 east with IH 27 south. 04/23/17

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - Amarillo, TX

A turbine interchange (Exit 123B) joins the north end of IH 27 with IH 40 and U.S. 287 south. 04/24/17

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - 2000

Button copy overheads along the IH 27/U.S. 60-87 mainline previously included control cities for IH 40 and U.S. 287. Advance signs now omit cities, while replacement overheads at the Exit 123B separation changed Tucumcari to Albuquerque, NM. Photo by Jeff Royston (12/00).

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - Amarillo, TX

Traffic separates onto single lane ramps for IH 40 west to Albuquerque, New Mexico and east to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Fort Worth references U.S. 287 leading southeast from Amarillo. 04/23/17

IH 27/US 60-87 north at IH 40/US 287 - Amarillo, TX

An end sign for IH 27 stands at the overpasses carrying the IH 40 mainline. U.S. 60-87-287 overlap north from here to a pair of one way couplets through the central business district. 05/05/12

US 60 East US 87 US 287 South at I-40

US 287 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

Taylor Street takes U.S. 287 southbound, one block to the west of northbound U.S. 87 (Fillmore Street), through Downtown Amarillo. The first guide sign for IH 27 and IH 40 appears south of SE 9th Street. 04/23/17

US 287 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

Three blocks further south, U.S. 287 diverges from Taylor Street with three lanes curving southeast to the overlap with U.S. 60 west / U.S. 87 (Pierce Street) south. 04/23/17

US 287 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

Traffic from U.S. 60-87-287 southbound combines with five lanes. A weaving traffic pattern unfolds in a span of just two tenths of a mile to the IH 27 southbound mainline and the departing ramps for IH 40 and U.S. 287 south. 04/23/17

US 60/87 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

A series of traffic lights line Pierce Street south ahead of IH 27 and the exchange with IH 40. 04/23/17

US 60/87 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

Leaving the city center of Amarillo, U.S. 60/87 elevate south over the exit ramp to Fillmore Street and combine with the entrance ramp from Taylor Street (U.S. 287) ahead of IH 27 and IH 40. 05/05/12

US 60/87 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

A weaving traffic pattern ensues at the merge point of U.S. 60/87 south with U.S. 287 south. U.S. 287 briefly overlaps with U.S. 60/87 before joining IH 40 east toward Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport (AMA). 05/05/12

US 60-87-287 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

U.S. 60-87-287 span SE 15th Avenue ahead of the three lane exit for IH 40 east to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and IH 40 west to Tucumcari and Albuquerque, New Mexico. 04/23/17

US 60-87-287 south at IH 27/40 - Amarillo, TX

The left two lanes take U.S. 60/87 south onto nascent IH 27. U.S. 287 accompanies IH 40 for 7.8 miles before branching southeast to Claude, Clarendon and ultimately Fort Worth. 05/05/12

I-40 East at US 60 US 87 US 287

IH 40 east at IH 27/US 60-87-287 - Amarillo, TX

An auxiliary lane opens along IH 40 east from Washington Street to IH 27 and U.S. 60-87-287 at Exit 70. U.S. 60 angles northeast from Hereford to combine with U.S. 87 and IH 27 north from Canyon. Beyond the overlap with U.S. 87-287 through Downtown Amarillo, U.S. 60 travels northeast to Panhandle, Pampa and Canadian. 05/05/12

IH 40 east at IH 27/US 60-87-287 - Amarillo, TX

Exit 70 parts ways with IH 40 east at the Tyler Street underpass. IH 27 south reaches the Lubbuck city limits in 115 miles. U.S. 87/287 north overlap from Amarillo to Dumas. U.S. 87 angles northwest to Clayton, New Mexico, then turns north to follow the I-25 corridor, while U.S. 287 follows the Ports to Plains Corridor north to I-70 near Limon. 05/05/12

IH 40 east at IH 27/US 60-87-287 - Amarillo, TX

Exit 70 partitions for U.S. 60-87-287 north to Buchanan and Fillmore Streets through Downtown Amarillo, IH 27/U.S. 60-87 south toward Canyon and Lubbock, and 26th Avenue. 05/05/12

I-40 West US 287 North at US 60 US 87

IH 40/US 287 west at IH 27/US 60-87 - Amarillo, TX

IH 40 west / U.S. 287 north span a BNSF Railroad yard ahead of their split at Exit 70 for IH 27/U.S. 60-87. 05/05/12

IH 40/US 287 west at IH 27/US 60-87 - Amarillo, TX

IH 40 continues west toward Tucumcari and Albuquerque, New Mexico as Exit 70 departs for IH 27/U.S. 60-87 south to Canyon and Lubbock and U.S. 60-87-287 north through Downtown Amarillo. 05/05/12

IH 40/US 287 west at IH 27/US 60-87 - Amarillo, TX

Single lane ramps join IH 40 west with IH 27-U.S. 87 south / U.S. 60 west and U.S. 60-87-287 north to their couplet system along Buchanan and Fillmore Streets. 05/05/12

US 87 South US 60 East

IH 27/US 60-87 south at Randall County, TX

The first confirming marker for IH 27 appears just beyond the Randall County line, 0.75 miles south of IH 40. 04/24/17

South End Texas State Loop 289 / 82nd Street – Lubbock, Texas

US 87 South at State Loop 289

IH 27/US 87 south at US 84 - Lubbock, TX

IH 27 and U.S. 87 follow a below grade, six lane freeway south of Downtown Lubbock. Exit 1B links with the west side frontage road leading south to the three level interchange with U.S. 84 (Avenue Q) and Avenue A (old U.S. 87 Business north). 04/24/17

IH 27/US 87 south at SL 289 - Lubbock, TX

Exit 1A connects IH 27 south directly with Loop 289 west. Loop 289 east is accessed via either the IH 27 frontage road south or by following U.S. 84 east to MLK Boulevard. 04/24/17

IH 27/US 87 south at SL 289 - Lubbock, TX
IH 27/US 87 south at SL 289 - Lubbock, TX

Passing under the Loop 289 mainline and frontage road system, traffic on IH 27/U.S. 87 separates with Exit 1A for Loop 289 west. U.S. 87 extends south along a freeway another 4.6 miles to 146th Street. 04/24/17

IH 27/US 87 south at SL 289 - Lubbock, TX

IH 27 extends a short distance beyond Loop 289 to the diamond interchange (Exit 1) with 82nd Street. 82nd Street runs along the south Lubbock city line from Avenue P east to U.S. 84. 04/24/17

IH 27/US 87 south at 82nd St - Lubbock, TX

IH 27 ends at the off-ramp (Exit 1) for 82nd Street. U.S. 87 continues south 25.4 miles to U.S. 380 in Tahoka. 04/24/17

US 87 North at State Loop 289

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

The first advance signage for Loop 289 precedes the unnumbered diamond interchange joining the freeway along U.S. 87 with 98th Street. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

U.S. 87 passes over 98th Street one mile from Exit 1 with 82nd Street. IH 27 begins on the north side of the diamond interchange with 82nd Street. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

All movements from U.S. 87 north to Loop 289 and U.S. 84 (Avenue Q) are made via the IH 27 frontage road north from Exit 1 / 82nd Stree. U.S. 84 leads northwest from Lubbock to Littlefield and southeast to Slaton. 05/05/12

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

The IH 27 frontage road system north to Avenue Q was formerly a part of U.S. 87 Business. Decommissioned by 2012, U.S. 87 Business paralleled the east side of the freeway to U.S. 84 and Avenue A. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

U.S. 87 upgrades to IH 27 as Exit 1 departs for 82nd Street, SL 289, U.S. 84 and Avenue A. A 26.09 mile long freeway, SL 289 encircles Lubbock. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).

US 87 north at IH 27 - Lubbock, TX

The zero milepost for IH 27 stands just north of the 82nd Street entrance ramp. IH 27 and U.S. 87 remain cosigned through Lubbock. 04/24/17

State Loop 289 East at US 87

SL 289 east at IH 27/US 87 - Lubbock, TX

A Breezewood type connection requires motorists to travel by a number of businesses along the SL 289 frontage road to access U.S. 87 south from IH 27 to Tahoka. 05/06/12

SL 289 east at IH 27/US 87 - Lubbock, TX

A high speed flyover joins Loop 289 eastbound with IH 27/U.S. 87 north directly. IH 27 and U.S. 87 head north from Lubbock to Plainview, Tulia, Canyon and Amarillo. 05/06/12

SL 289 east at IH 27/US 87 - Lubbock, TX

State Loop 289 West at US 87

SL 289 west at IH 27/US 87 - Lubbock, TX

Loop 289 heads west from U.S. 84 (Slaton Highway) through an industrial area ahead of the frontage road ramp for IH 27 north and U.S. 87. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).

SL 289 west at IH 27/US 87 - Lubbock, TX

The SL 289 ramp for IH 27 north and U.S. 87 departs well ahead of the cloverleaf interchange between the two freeways. U.S. 87 travels south from Lubbock to Lamesa, Big Spring (IH 20), San Angelo, Comfort (IH 10) and San Antonio. Photo by Robert Lee (06/17/06).


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