Expansion along Interstate 15 within San Diego County continues in the form of widened Managed or HOT Lanes both in capacity and in length. The freeway project entails the freeway from the merge with California 163 (Cabrillo Freeway) northward to junction California 78. Upon completion, Interstate 15 will vary between 12 and 14 overall lanes.

Looking northward at the Poway Road off-ramp, the current one-way two-lane Managed Lanes travel down the middle of Interstate 15. Work here will require crews to expand Interstate 15 outwards to accommodate the wider median. Photo taken 11/10/08.

From south to north, work will be completed in stages. Between California 163 and California 56 (Ted Williams Freeway), dubbed “Stage South”, initial work is underway involving the expansion of the present two reversible roadways into four overall lanes that flow in both directions. Timetables for completion of Stage South are still to be determined at this time.

Toll rates vary depending upon time of day and traffic volume for Interstate 15’s Managed Lanes. FasTrak transponders are required for patrons of the HOT lanes that are not considered to be a carpool. Carpools of two or more people are exempt from paying tolls. Photo taken 11/10/08.

Further north, between Exit 19 (California 56) and Exit 26 (West Bernardo Drive), work is further along on the building of the dual direction HOT lanes, both of which travel along the median of Interstate 15. Completion of the Managed lane project is already finished between California 56 and a point just north of the soon-to-be opened Rancho Bernardo Transit Station. Work further north on “Middle Stage A & B” will continue through next year to Exit 28 (Centre City Parkway).

Traveling northward through the future Rancho Bernardo Transit Station, a facility that will only be accessible via the Managed lanes. Note the elevated diamond interchange with full access to both directions of the HOT lanes. Photo taken 11/10/08.

“Stage North” involves the final section of the Interstate 15 Managed Lane project, from Exit 28 northward to California 78 (Exit 32) at Escondido. The familiar Oleander lined-median remains in place along the freeway through this stretch, awaiting the initial work of the HOT lane extension. The work schedule is to be determined on this phase of the work presently.

Further north near the future Del Lago Transit Station ramps. The Managed lanes will merge back onto Interstate 15 north of the elevated diamond interchange with Del Lago. Work further north has yet to commence. Photo taken 11/10/08.


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