Spent a couple weeks in Delaware for the holidays and took the opportunity to redocument several of the Philadelphia area Interstates. The bulk of our current pages were last updated in the mid 2000s, and since then several upgrades, sign replacements, and other changes were made.

The biggest project underway in the Delaware Valley is the PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project. The multi-year project got started in 2010 with bridge replacements along the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276). The new overpasses accommodate widening of the turnpike, which coincides with the addition of two flyover ramps at Interstate 95. These high speed ramps are the first of two proposed for the interchange, which will eventually support full access between both the north-south freeway and east-west turnpike. Associated work added a new modern toll plaza with open road tolling along I-276 to the west near the Bensalem interchange (U.S. 1) and converted the Delaware River Turnpike Toll Bridge plaza into all electronic tolling (AET) westbound while removing the eastbound booths all together.

Separated into multiple stages, the main component of the PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project will be completed sometime this year. It will coincide with the renumbering of I-276 east to the Delaware River Turnpike Toll Bridge as part of the new Interstate 95 mainline. I-95 will extend east over the currently unnumbered Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike Extension to the New Jersey Turnpike mainline north from Marshfield Township. The result will be a seamless I-95 between Philadelphia and North Jersey, closing the gap created by the 1982 cancellation of the Somerset Freeway between Princeton and New Brunswick.

Once I-95 shifts to the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the former alignment north to the Scudders Falls Bridge and Trenton Beltline will be renumbered as an extended Interstate 295. This plan follows two previous proposals. The initial proposal was to extend I-195 west over former I-95 to Bristol. The second called for renumbering I-95 between Bristol and Lawrenceville, New Jersey (U.S. 1) as new Interstate 395.

We updated our page for Interstate 276 on Interstate-Guide to cover the PA Turnpike / I-95 Interchange Project more in depth, while also updating photos of both end points. Some additional photos taken from I-276 east through the project area taken on December 19, 2016:

New monotube assembly along I-276 east of the Bensalem main line toll plaza.

Interstate 276 eastbound, just beyond the current I-95 overpasses in Bristol Township. The turnpike mainline is being expanded with new overpasses above Durham Road and PA 413 (New Rodgers Road).

Pier supports for the eventual high-speed ramps for Interstate 95 take shape along Interstate 276 east. These ramps will be completed at some point in 2017.

The flyover that will eventually carry I-95 travelers northbound will touch down between the I-276 (PA Turnpike) carriageways.

The off-ramp for U.S. 13 (Delaware Valley interchange) was realigned as part of the PA Turnpike / I-95 Project. The remaining three ramps will be realigned to improve geometry in the future.

Interstate 276 ends midway across the Delaware River Turnpike Toll Bridge leading to Florence, New Jersey. Painting is underway along the continuous truss bridge, with traffic routed through cattle chutes.