The fifth day consisted of the hike to the Mirador, then back down the hill, and on the road to El Calafate, Argentina.

The Mirador view!

Vegetation in infrared.

Flores del Paine.

The view from the campground.

Behind us is the campground. Ahead is the Japan Campground in the valley, which was closed on this particular day. To the left is the hill we climb to get to the viewpoint.

Similar view in infrared.

Looking back. There is a small amount of snow on the trail.

Swirling clouds.

End of the trail. Some adventurous tiny people will walk down to the lake.

Torres in infrared.

The fog is getting heavier.

Due to the heavy winds, the trees grow diagonally.

We’re almost back at the campground.

After quickly packing up, we’re heading back down the hill.

Gloomy forest. A little fun with desaturation and forced perspective.

Lago Nordenskjold visible in the distance.

Time to stop and smell the flowers.

Here’s some orange ones.

And purple.

And here is spherical; which is the unbloomed variant of the first yellow flower.

Almost at the lowest point of the trail.

Just one more hill to go.

This bird agrees that it is a long hike.

And we made it!

Next up… a lot of driving.