Pictures of a trip from November, 2009. Kevin Trinkle and I poked around some of Colorado before taking a trip through New Mexico, down to Route 66, and eastward to Texas.

Here is the first day, and it involves no Route 66 whatsoever. Just Colorado and New Mexico.

Here’s sunset on the first day, on Johnson Mesa – New Mexico state highway 72 just east of Raton.

A fall morning in sunny Union County, where I depart from, to grab Kevin at the Colorado Springs airport.

The business loop in Raton is well-signed. Maybe not capitalized very consistently, but at least the sign is there on the freeway.

Just north of Raton Pass, heading north on I-25 in Colorado.

I-25 northbound, somewhere around Walsenburg or Colorado City.

US-85 is, for the most part, underneath I-25 in Colorado (and thus unsigned) – so where it does branch off, it appears as a sequence of distinct loops.

Series C is hardly ever found on Colorado shields, as they prefer E even for three-digit numbers. This one is in a construction zone, so who knows who made it.

This is not actually an old shield, but someone did grab the old specification for the shield shape when they manufactured this sign – and good for them!

Clearview? Inverted shield? Who is responsible for this??

This 24, complete with slightly odd font, may be the oldest remaining shield in the Colorado Springs area.

This doesn’t count – but nice effort there.

In Pueblo, an original bicentennial “76” bike route sign.

[Kevin photo.]

Colorado does not often use the wide shields.

Looks like someone really, really wanted both an interstate 25, and a US-160 shield – and had little use for banners. [Another Kevin photo.]

The very last pair of original-spec interstate shields in Colorado. Replaced as of February, 2010. They were at the intersection of Arizona St. and Colorado St. in Trinidad. Now who wants to find another example?

Heading back to Capulin from the airport, we take New Mexico state route 72 out of Raton.

For those that like their sunsets at a wider angle – I took three photos and put them together.