more from my trip to New Mexico, home of thunderstorms and brilliant orange sunsets.

It happens to be raining in sunny Union County.

Fence post, and observer, at sunset.

Orange skies are orange. I had not seen this sort of sunset since just after a thunderstorm in South Dakota in 2006!

Rain to our west, too. The only place it isn’t raining is right overhead!

Red rainbow.

Wide angle. I was too lazy to switch lenses (lest I miss something!) so I just took 7 photos and stitched them.

I turned this photo upside down for that extra otherworldly effect.

This one, too.

Spot where it was zoomed into.

Bright orange fades to purple, and I elegantly blow out the red channel on the camera.

Meanwhile, in the other direction, we have a lightning storm.

Silly lightning, you’re supposed to hit the highest point around!

And that’s about the absolute last of daylight.

coming up next – fireworks!