Many road enthusiasts catalog the total number of routes they have traveled and / or the miles they have driven. Ambitions of some include driving every mile of the interstate system, every mile of the state highway system in their state, or a favorite route from end to end in one trip. Included here are tables of every Interstate highway clinched by AARoads members and contributors.

Several color coded shields are used on the individual clinched lists:

- Red shields are used for Future routes

- Gray shields are used for routes that are unsigned

- Black shields are used for Interstates that were traveled upon before they were decommissed.

- Green shields are for the three full Business Loop freeways (40 in NC, 80 in CA and 85 in SC)

- Orange shields are used for routes that were clinched prior to the opening of a newer extension

Yellow backgrounds indicate that all mileage of a Two-digit category, Three-digit category, or statewide have been clinched. This requires just the signed and unsigned Interstates currently included in the Federal Highway Administration Route Log and Finder List; future, decommissioned, and business routes are not included.

Where did the concept of the word "clinched" for routes and Interstates originate? The word is derived from professional sports where a team will "clinch" its division title or conference title.

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