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Utica NY Road Enthusiast Meet III - New Date: July 18, 2020

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Since there seemed to be favorable interest in A.J.'s 2020 Meets thread, and because there were no upstate New York meets this year, I am going to go forward with planning a meet in Utica sometime next spring (This will be the third meet here, the last one being in May 2015).

Following the usual lunch, we will start with a walking tour of the Oriskany St. (NY 5S) reconstruction project in downtown Utica.  The rest of the tour would be dedicated to checking out some of the old Erie Canal and Oneida Creek bridges between Rome and Sylvan Beach in western Oneida County.  Other things that will be checked out will be (but not be limited to) the new NY 825 roundabouts and the completed NY 5/8/12 arterial, both of which have been built/completed since the last meet.  Obviously, I'll have some scouting out to do in the next few months, weather permitting, to confirm accessibility to some of the stops.

Most likely, the meet will be sometime in April or early May like the 2015 meet.  I am not going to post a poll at this time, but these are the dates I am considering (Feel free to provide feedback)...

March 28 (I don't want to have it earlier than this date as central New York winters can linger well into March)
April 4
April 11 (Easter weekend, I'm not opposed to having it on this weekend, but will put it out there and consider it if there's enough interest)
April 18
May 2
May 9

I am open to later dates, but I do have a lunch venue in mind and want to be mindful of other events or other road meets that may be planned or scheduled.

Questions/Comments/Additional Ideas - Please let me know.

I'm almost a given for this with how close I am. I could do anything other than Easter weekend (which I'll need to be in Buffalo for).

I can make any Saturday work with enough advance notice to my employer.  Easter weekend is very doable for me since I am definitely off on Easter Sunday (wouldn't require me to ask for a Sunday off as well as Saturday) and it's never been a big deal with my family.

18th would be out for me.  I'll be running a Star Wars 10K that morning down at Disneyworld.

A quick check shows May 9th as the San Antonio meet.  Though I can't imagine that would impact very many folks and it wouldn't be the first time there were two meets on the same day.

My preference would be for May over April.

A.J. Bertin:
With the list of 2020 road meets that's continuing to grow, there are more and more meets being announced that I'm very interested in, including this one. I would really like to try and attend this, but realistically, the only dates I think that will work for me are the two earliest dates... March 28 and April 4. I don't want to be out of town on Easter weekend, and the rest of the weekends listed are either too close to my Outer Banks "city meet" (April 25) or Gene's San Antonio meet (May 9) that I'm also going to try to attend.

In Michigan, I always expect that the winter weather will remain a possibility until mid April... but that's a chance I'm willing to take in my suggestions of March 28 and April 4.


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