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US Route sections replaced by State Routes for through traffic

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Thought of this topic when a few people mentioned that US routes generally are higher quality than state routes in the "Short US Highways" thread, and I'm trying to find examples where a state route would be preferable over a US route between two points.

Here's three 4-lane SR examples that replaced 2-lane US routes for through traffic:
- OH 32 over US 50 between Cincinnati and Athens
- OH 2 over US 6 between Sandusky and Cleveland
- IN 63 over US 41 between Terre Haute and Carbondale, IN

Also from Indiana:

IN 49 is faster between US 30/Toll Road/I-94 than US 421
IN 2 is faster between South Bend and Rolling Prairie than US 20

In Pennsylvania, here is one example:

PA 272 preferred over US 222 between Wakefield and Willow Street in Lancaster County.

(At least I prefer it)

WA 231 bypasses the Spokane area, making it faster than US 395

WA 28 is an easier drive than US 97 for trips between I-90 and Wenatchee

M-65 is shorter and quicker than staying on US-23 north of Standish, MI. M-65 terminates at US-23 on both ends. Staying on US-23 takes you along the Lake Huron shoreline and through some smaller cities along the way making it a slower route.


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