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^ That's a good question, I don't know the answer.  The above photo is a fairly flattering angle of Toronto, but Toronto does have a ton of tall buildings.  I have a hard time thinking that it really rivals New York.  The Manhattan Skyline is pretty impressive.

In terms of number of skyscrapers 150m+ NYC has 4x as many as Toronto, which makes sense given the respective populations. @mrsman's comment about it being a linear corridor is fairly accurate as along the Yonge Street subway line, though there are still plenty around other transportation hubs/corridors.

Either way, Toronto's skyline is pretty impressive these days, and it's astonishing how much it's grown recently.

What you don't see in that angle is all the sprawl. In reality, there's usually quite a lot of low density in-between the towers outside the downtown core (and sometimes within as well). As for Yonge, it is true that Yonge has a lot of intensification, but likewise, also has low-density portions even wth the subway line.

Toronto isn’t really that sprawly. At least not in a North America context. In most cities in North America you would never see the monolithic condo towers situated 25km away from the Downtown core like you see here.

If one were to drive around Atlanta, which is not that much smaller than Toronto, you’d never see tall residential towers outside of either Downtown or Buckhead.

I don't know about the above. To me, given that Mississauga has already built out to its borders, and Brampton is nearing that soon (they're starting to get up to Mayfield Road), the GTA seems sprawly to me. And in Mississauga's case, the only possible way to continue population growth is to build up now.

I'd consider some residential towers as sprawl too. I believe sprawl is defined as "the unrestricted growth in many urban areas of housing, commercial development, and roads over large expanses of land, with little concern for urban planning.", and I feel that some residential towers are being built with little regard to the surroundings. For example, there is a proposal to build a tall (can't remember the exact number of floors) tower at the corner of Yonge and Bernard in RH, which doesn't seem like a great idea due to the surrounding infrastructure probably being unable to support that. There's also a tower proposal on a vacant lot next to Alexander Mackenzie HS at Yonge/Major Mack, which again, does not seem like a wise place to build such a tower.


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