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--- Quote from: mrsman on November 28, 2021, 12:39:52 PM ---Could you explain what is going on for those not familiar with the area?  Are they temporarily closing the express lanes in order to do a widening project or a repaving? 

--- End quote ---

The old lanes (which will become the express lanes) are being closed for about a year for full depth reconstruction.  Pretty much of all old bridges are going to be demolished and being replaced, and there will be some vertical geometry revisions to the old lanes to match the new construction as well.

A few photos of the 401 expansion project through Mississauga from the Mississauga Road overpass.  These photos were taken about two weeks ago when things looked far less wintry than they to today:

View looking westerly from Mississauga Road:

Easterly views from east of the Mississauga Road overpass:

Westbound signage along the 401 through Mississauga and Milton:

"RR-25 8 km" looks a bit funny without a road name...

The signs approaching the QEW/403 split in eastern Oakville:


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