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RDU Meet-July 30, 2022

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As most of us know, the East End Connector project is currently scheduled to be completed in June 2021. 

Having stated that (and with the postponement of the Outer Banks Meet for another year), I have decided to put together a meet in the Raleigh-Durham area this summer to focus on the East End Connector (obviously including a clinch of the newly designated I-885 of course).  I am also looking into other road-related sights in the areas of Durham and the Research Triangle Park (RTP) worth seeing.

As with other meets during the COVID-19 pandemic, this will be another BYOL affair.  Right now, I am expecting the meeting place to be at Northgate Park (across from Keystone Church at (2500 Arcadia St, Durham, NC, 27704)).

Anyway, there will be more details to follow.  I will edit this post as time gets closer.

Right now calendar is wide open and I'll need to burn a week of vacation time anyway.

A.J. Bertin:
I am interested, but with the other road meets that are on tentatively on the calendar for 2021, I'm not sure how likely it is that I'd be able to attend this one.  I'd love to explore that part of North Carolina, though.

No preference. I’m only 2 hours away so as long as I’m off work I should be in. If I can parlay that with a Triad-area Cars & Coffee, even better. (As best I can tell, Cars & Coffee Raleigh is the second Saturday of each month, which in this case would be the 10th, but is currently on hiatus due to the plague. We’ll see if that changes by July.)

Iíd love to get back to Durham, though it would be weird driving along Erwin Road and seeing where my apartment used to be since the building was demolished. I donít know whether this summer will work at this point because it depends on a possible trip to Florida, which in turn depends on vaccines.


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