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The 2023 Roadmeet collection Thread

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Hot Rod Hootenanny:
Since A.J. is looking for a respite from the responsibility of covering this topic, I'll do the 2023 list.

As much of us get older, and have to plot out our leave time, from our professional responsibilities, now is a good time as any to start lining up the schedule for 2023 meets.

So far we have...

Western Norfolk Co (Long Island, NY) - March 18 (DGloub hosting)
Columbus, Ohio - April 15 (Sandor, aka Hot Rod Hootenanny, hosting)
Omaha, Neb - "City Meet" - April 29 (A.J. Bertin hosting)
Harford County, Maryland - May 6 (Laura Hosting)
Fresno, Calif - May 6 & 7 (Max Rockatansky hosting)
Grand Forks, ND - May 20 (Brandon hosting)
Little Rock, Ark - June 17 (Cody hosting)
Buffalo, NY - July 29 (Dan Murphy, aka Highwaywiz, hosting)
Peoria, Ill - September 23 (Nikolai hosting)
Cumberland, MD - October 21 (Laura hosting)
Lancaster, PA - December 9 (Mark David Moore, aka 74/171, hosting)
The 4Ms, Missing Moves Mini Meet, Bellmawr NJ - November 26, December 16 (Alps, aka Steve Alpert, Hosting)
Coachella Valley, Calif - Fall (Skluth hosting)
Reno, NV - Date undetermined (Josh, aka cl94 hosting)

Otherwise, chime in with questions and ideas. Mind you, all (real) roadmeets will have their own thread on this board.

I'll definitely plan on being at Columbus, OH.

I’m down US 23 from Cbus, so I’ll definitely look at trying to make it there.

A.J. Bertin:

--- Quote from: Hot Rod Hootenanny on September 09, 2022, 10:57:06 AM ---Since A.J. is looking for a respite from the responsibility of covering this topic, I'll do the 2023 list.

--- End quote ---

I wasn't necessarily looking for a respite from this responsibility.  I would have been happy to do it again, but I just didn't feel it made sense to start the thread with only three meets proposed/announced so far.  And of course, you hadn't announced your Columbus meet yet.  I was just planning on waiting a bit longer before I started it.

Regardless, thank you for creating and maintaining the list for 2023!

I would love to get a meet to reclinch US 31. Since that's new construction it is something that maybe can be built around, but I'll need someone from SW Michigan to take the lead.

I was also thinking a Long Island meet but since that was covered in 2015, I'd need to hook back on what's left worth making a meet out of...


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