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I just ate at Waffle House and my Waffle, OJ, and Hash Browns totaled to $10 even. Considering at Wawa I’ll spend nearly $18 to have a quickie breakfast with a beverage and a bagged side, I consider this to be a feat as I got waited on there where at Wawa you pick up at the counter.  You leave no tip there, but at least at WH you get served there so in reality it was more than ten, but even after I left the gratuity, it still was less than other places without a tip.

As many of us know these days eating out as well as buying groceries is a bit expensive compared to about 10 years ago when you could order a hamburger for average $7 in your local restaurant or get it on the value menu at Wendy’s or Burger King at (ala cart of course).

The best deal around is still the $1.50 Costco hot dog and drink.

For full-ish meals, I find myself going to Panda Express due to how easily I can pay $10 for a two-entree meal by redeeming upgrade points (which don't require an app, just the QR code).

IHOP has a $6/$8 menu if you go between 3 PM and 9 PM, although I pay more than $10 ($10.25 specifically) for what I usually get (which is on the $8 side of the menu) after tax and tip. Also several $0 burgers and sandwiches; their rewards system is really good (better than other restaurants) if you know what you're doing.

Bertucci's had a "Throwback Thursday" menu for a few months one or two years ago that had the original 1980s menu at 1980s prices (typically beginning with 5 or 6).


--- Quote from: Bruce on December 04, 2023, 12:01:11 AM ---The best deal around is still the $1.50 Costco hot dog and drink.

--- End quote ---

Agreed, I forgot about that one!

But for a fast food chain (excluding hot 'n ready options from a grocery/convenience store), Wendy's Biggie Deals are the absolute best value that exists anywhere. $5 for a burger or chicken sandwich, small fries, drink or frosty, and 4pc chicken nuggets is unconscionable, not just compared to other fast food restaurants, but even compared to the rest of Wendy's own menu. It's to the point where you can get 3 Biggie Bags (meaning 12 items total) for the price of one premium combo with upgrades.

I keep thinking it's only a matter of time before the Biggie deals disappear, but I've been thinking that for years now, so maybe they really are just here to stay. It seems like such a tricky value proposition to sustain, but Wendy's somehow manages to cater to the crowd pleasers while also maintaining a more positive brand image than McD's/BK. In the pizza realm, Little Caesars wasn't diversified enough to pull the same thing off and pretty much tanked after raising their large pizza price above $5 (though their remaining locations have actually seen an improvement in quality and variety of offerings).

Sam's Club has the $1.50 Hot Dog & Drink combo, and amazingly it has actually gone down in price. I used to pay $1.61 including tax. Last time I paid $1.48 including tax. Not sure why; not going to complain. Oh, and I use a CC every time.

For full meals, under $10 can still be had at most Fast Food restaurants when using the discounts offered via their apps or physical coupons. Some bars offer happy hour options that will allow a food and drink to total under $10.

For the OP's Wawa issue, a breakfast sandwich is $3.99, large coffee is $2.29. A bagged side (hash brown?) is $1.69. Not sure where the other $10 is coming from to make it a $18 breakfast order.


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