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There is so much growth happening in Bay, Walton, Okaloosa and Santa Rosa countries along the US 98 corridor. Panama City Beach started the 6 laning project this fall. It's desperately needed, although it's going to take awhile to get built. I think flyover would be good for busy intersections. I heard the FL DOT has considering one at Nautilus and Clara Avenue on PCB. US 331 and 98 makes sense. I would like one at the Destin outlets at SR 293. I'm happy to see the Panhandle getting some money for their roads.

Can anybody tell me anything about this series of faux Greek columns on the southwest corner of US 1 and FL 421 in Port Orange? It looks like some kind of memorial. 

Construction is well underway for the SR 570B toll road in Polk. Imagery from 11-29-23:

Corrected 570A to 570B

Alex, I did not realize they FL 570A was already on track to be built when I was at your place in March.

The Ghostbuster:
I had thought the now-under-construction Central Polk Parkway was going to be numbered FL 570B. Also, which map site did you use in that picture, Alex? Google Maps does not show any construction off the end of Exit 14.


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