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One was left in Indy for the never built I-69 into both I-70 and I-65.


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The North Split Upgrade (reconstruction) project has recently resulted in the final demise of those old stub ramps from the 1970s. They were originally intended to be the southern endpoints for the never-built Northeast Freeway, to connect downtown Indy at the North Split (of I-65 & I-70) with the southern terminus of "Classic I-69" at I-465 in Castleton (at Binford Blvd, the former SR 37) on the far NE side.

Because that 1970s project got cancelled (victim of the Freeway Revolution), I-69 became one of the few 2-di highways that terminated at a 3-di. Now, of course, it continues on to Bloomington, Evansville and beyond and may SOMEDAY head all the way to México (won't be in MY lifetime, though). But it will officially bypass downtown Indy by following I-465 from Castleton to just west of Harding Street on the SW side of the city, where a new system interchange is being built as part of the Finish Line I-69 project.

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--- Quote from: bing101 on April 05, 2021, 10:49:03 PM ---The former CA-480 Embarcadero had a stub ramp but that was intended to meet Doyle Drive/Presidio parkway initially but that was gone 3 decades ago when the Loma Prieta quake destroyed the freeway.

I-280 had a stub section at one point on its north end with the intention to meet with CA-480 but that later became gentrified to be a part of Soma and Mission Bay once Oracle park and Chase Arena were built.

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The "stub" of I-280 to which you refer still kinda exists, being later routed directly onto King Street (at a traffic signal for 5th St, just south of the Caltrain terminal yards). King eventually curves into and becomes The Embarcadero (surface street) just past the Giants' ballpark. The final (partial) interchange on I-280 is for the ramps to & from 6th Street (which cross above the aforementioned railroad and land to the northwest of it at the signalized intersection of 6th St & Brannan St). The original intent was to connect 280 directly to the 480 Embarcadero Freeway, but that never came about. The Chase Center was recently built nearby, it is a part of the Mission Bay district, but is much further south than the old I-280 stub, at 16th St & 3rd St (which because of the geography of the city, actually cross). I-280 is about 4 blocks to the west of the arena, on an elevated viaduct above the Caltrain tracks where they have a at-grade crossing with 16th (at 7th St & Pennsylvania Ave).

BTW, the Loma Prieta earthquake did not "destroy" the Embarcadero Freeway, but so damaged it that the decision was made to tear it down rather than rebuild the hated concrete monolith that blocked bay views from parts the city.

Author's note: Today, October 17, 2022, is the 33rd anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. I happened to be visiting the Bay Area that day and experienced it first hand. May all the victims of that temblor continue to rest in peace. For all those who died on the I-880 Nimitz Freeway collapse in Oakland, their deaths were not in vain as what engineers and scientists eventually learned from that failure has helped make our highways and structures built and retrofitted since more seismically sound.

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I know of a few stub ramps on Long Island.

NY 25 has a small stub ramp that would have been the southbound 135 Exit 14W if they built it further north.

There is a small stub ramp, its hard to see and you might miss it if you aren't looking for it on the JFK Expressway heading into the airport that was intended to be an Exit to NY 878 west if the Nassau Expressway had the westbound side built.

There are a couple on Staten Island, the two most famous ones on 278 for the unbuilt Richmond Parkway extension were demolished in the HOV lane project, there are some on NY 440 south at the Korean War Vets Parkway interchange.


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