Delaware 9A joins Interstate 495, U.S. 13 and Delaware 9 with the Port of Wilmington. The south leg follows Terminal Avenue east from Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue) at the Eden Park Gardens community, to a parclo interchange with I-495 and the port entrance. Christina Avenue angles the state route northwest to U.S. 13 & Delaware 9 (Heald Street) in the Southbridge neighborhood of Wilmington.

The 2015 Delaware Vehicle Volume Counts list only references the 0.78 mile section of SR 9A on Terminal Avenue. The Christina Avenue segment is not inventoried as a state route. The route is also not acknowledged from U.S. 13 & SR 9 on Heald Street.

Delaware 9A was designated in 1970, when Delaware 9 was extended north from New Castle Avenue to 4th Street west through Wilmington. The state route along Christina Avenue overlays the historic alignment of Delaware 48, which connected the Heald Street Bridge with the Wilmington to Penns Grove Ferry landing until 1951.

Delaware 9A - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 8,108 - SR 9 to Christina Avenue

Delaware 9A north
Terminal Avenue enters the parclo interchange with Interstate 495 east of Wilmington Avenue. I-495 elevates from here across the Christina River to Cherry Island in Wilmington and Edgemoor.
This overhead was replaced by 2007. Photo taken 08/31/04.
A SR 9A northbound trailblazer precedes the high level bridge taking I-495 over the Christina River. This is the only shield posted for the state route along Christina Avenue. Photo taken 12/15/99.
SR 9A (Christina Avenue) concludes at U.S. 13 & SR 9 just south of the Heald Street Bridge over the Christina River. The two routes overlap between Southbridge and the East Side neighborhoods. Photo taken 12/15/99.
Delaware 9A south
The first confirming marker for SR 9A south was posted ahead of the Christina Avenue intersection with Claymont Street south and Canal Street east. The shield was missing by 2007, and eventually replaced with a speed limit sign. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Passing under the high level bridge carrying Interstate 495 across the Christina River. The span closed in June 2014 due to tilting of four support columns. An estimated 55,000 tons of dirt stored at a site beside Christina Avenue caused the failure. Emergency work through the end of 2014 stabilized the supports and corrected the span level. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Delaware 9A turns west from the Port of Wilmington entrance along Terminal Avenue. The state route expands to four lanes ahead of Pigeon Point Road south to Castlewood Industrial Park and the parclo interchange with I-495. Photo taken 08/10/04.
A loop ramp takes motorists from the Port of Wilmington and SR 9A onto I-495 north to Edgemoor, Claymont and Philadelphia. Signs for Interstate 495 were replaced by 2007. Photo taken 08/10/04.
The southbound on-ramp to I-495 serves both the Port and interests from Downtown Wilmington as the freeway leads west toward Interstates 95 and 295 near Newport. Photo taken 08/10/04.
Staying just south of the Wilmington city line, Delaware 9A (Terminal Avenue) passes through the Eden Park Gardens community to end at Delaware 9 (New Castle Avenue). Photo taken 08/10/04.

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