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SR 12 constitutes a rural route leading northeast from the state line at Whiteleysburg to Felton. East from Felton, the state route continues across agricultural areas and by newer suburban development to western reaches of Frederica. SR 12 joins SR 1 with Frederica from the north as Bay Road bypasses the town to the east.

The west end of SR 12 ties into MD 314 (Whiteleysburg Road) west to Greensboro. An older alignment remains posted along Two State Road, as it bypasses the intersection of Burnite Mill Road. Whiteleysburg Road provides a through route southeast to SR 14 and Harrington, while SR 12 shifts northward along Burnite Mill Road to Hughes Crossroads and Hollandsville.

Following Main Street, SR 12 runs through the town of Felton and intersects U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) by Lake Forest North Elementary. Midstate Road then leads SR 12 east 4.3 miles to Johnny Cake Landing Road, just ahead of Frederica. Through the Frederica town center, the state route separates into a one-way couplet of David Street east and Front Street west.

Frederica Road turns SR 12 north to end at SR 1 (Bay Road). Costing $6.9 million, a new overpass and ramp system along the northbound lanes of Bay Road were added to replace the at-grade intersection with Frederica Road. Construction ran from February 2010 to June 28, 2011.1 A similar grade separation project was underway at the south end of Frederica by Fall 2016.

The 1937-38 Delaware Official Highway Map shows SR 12 on the same alignment from Whiteleysburg to the Frederica town center. The route ended at U.S. 113 and Frederica Road until at least 1964, when the Frederica Bypass was constructed. Following the relocation of U.S. 113 away from Frederica, SR 12 was extended northeast along Frederica Road to meet the US highway while Frederica Road south was unnumbered.

Delaware State Route 12 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 1,276 - Maryland state line to Sandtown Road
  • 5,773 - Sandtown Road to west Felton limits
  • 3,102 - U.S. 13 to SR 15
  • 6,329 - David and Front Street couplet
  • 1,855 - north Frederica limits to SR 1
Delaware State Route 12 East
Two State Road splits with Whiteleysburg Road just ahead of the Delaware state line. The older alignment is still posted as SR 12 where it intersects Burnite Mill Road. Burnite Mill Road originates from Whiteleysburg Road to the immediate west. 01/15/17
Burnite Mill Road leads SR 12 east away from Whiteleysburg toward Felton. 01/15/17
Confirming marker for SR 12 east posted after the rural intersection with SR 15 (Canterbury Road) at Scrap Tavern Crossroads. 08/05/07
SR 12 (Midstate Road) curves east to intersect Robbins Road north to Andrews Lake ahead of the next reassurance marker. Farm land pictured here was developed for the Weatherstone Crossing subdivision. 08/05/07
Carpenter Bridge Road parallels Browns Branch southwest from SR 12 (Johnny Cake Landing Road) to U.S. 13 near the city of Harrington to the southwest. 08/05/07
SR 12 enters the town of Frederica along Front Street east. 08/05/07
SR 12 separates into the one-way couplet of David Street (eastbound) and Front Street (westbound) to the Frederica town center. 08/05/07
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2 photos
Following David Street to Market Street on SR 12 east through Frederica. 08/05/07
Frederica Road (old U.S. 113) acts as a business loop from SR 1 (Bay Road) to the east. SR 12 follows Frederica Road north while the unnumbered road south leads to the Waters Edge subdivision and Bay Road south toward Milford. 08/05/07
Frederica Road connects SR 1 north with SR 12 west along Front Street. SR 12 east continues north to leave Frederica across Spring Creek. 08/05/07
The last reassurance shield for SR 12 appears just north of Front Street along Frederica Road. 08/05/07
SR 12 (Frederica Road) ended at U.S. 113/SR 1 until mid 2004, when the US highway was truncated south to Milford. This assembly was taken down by 2007 without a replacement. 04/13/04
An at-grade intersection previously connected the eastern terminus of SR 12 with SR 1 (Bay Road) north and south. Construction from February 2010 to June 2011 added an overpass and new ramps with the northbound side of SR 1 while converting the intersection along SR 1 south into a right in right out (RIRO) setup. 08/05/07
Delaware State Route 12 West
The first confirming marker for SR 12 west stands along Frederica Road just beyond the southbound off-ramp from SR 1 (Bay Road). 12/27/17
Ramps with SR 1 north tie into SR 12 just ahead of Spring Creek. 12/27/17
Crossing Spring Creek, westbound SR 12 (Frederica Road) enters the town of Frederica. Market Street splits with the state route just beyond the waterway. 08/05/07
SR 12 separates into a one-way couplet through the Frederica business district along Front Street west and David Street east. 12/27/17
Frederica Road loops back to SR 1 out of Frederica while SR 12 extends west 5.85 miles to U.S. 13 at Felton. 12/27/17
Emergency signals operate at Front Street and Frederica Road along SR 12. DelDOT recorded 2,141 vehicles per day (vpd) along the block of Frederica Road between the split directions of SR 12 in 2017. 12/27/17
Advancing west from SR 15 and Scrap Tavern Crossroads, SR 12 (Midstate Road) continues three miles to the town of Felton. 01/15/17
Reassurance marker for SR 12 west posted after the Midstate Road intersection with Scrap Tavern Road. 01/15/17
A number of homes line up along SR 12 (Midstate Road0 between Chimney Hill Road and U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). 01/15/17
U.S. 13 runs along the east side of Felton to intersect SR 12 at Main Street. Dupont Highway leads north to Dover and the SR 1 Turnpike to Wilmington. 01/15/17
South from Felton, U.S. 13 continues to Harrington, Bridgeville and Seaford. The 518-mile route stretches south to near Fayetteville, North Carolina and north to Morrisville, Pennsylvania. 01/15/17
SR 12 is unmarked westbound along Main Street from U.S. 13 to the Felton town center. 01/15/17
Main Street crosses a Norfolk Southern Railroad line between Railroad Avenue north and Lombard Street south. The state route merges with High Street in 0.4 miles as it leaves Felton. 01/15/17
A nine mile drive takes drivers along SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) southwesterly to the community of Whiteleysburg. 01/15/17
SR 12 passes between an equestrian farm and woodlands west from Berry Town Road. 01/15/17
Sportsman Road stems north from Hills Market Road to end at SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) just ahead of this reassurance marker. 01/15/17
Prior to the next shield, Sandtown Road branches northward to link SR 12 with SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) at the community of Sandtown. 01/15/17
Hopkins Cemetery Road intersects SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) north from Mastens Corner. SR 12 continues west from the cross roads by this shield assembly. 01/15/17
Turning more toward the south, SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) crosses Black Swamp Creek and intersects Chandler Road. 01/15/17
Hills Market Road west from Minners Corners and Spectrum Farms Road east from Greens Corners come together at the community of Hollandsville along SR 12. 01/15/17
Progressing southwest from Hollandsville, SR 12 travels across more farmland to Whiteleysburg. 01/15/17
SR 12 remains well signed along Burnite Mill Road, with shields posted after most cross roads, including this assembly after White Marsh Branch Road south. 01/15/17
SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) west between John Hurd Road south and White Marsh Branch. 01/15/17
Westbound scene along SR 12 west after Hayfield Road. 01/15/17
Park Road Road arcs northwest from Hopkins Corner to become Spider Web Road north from SR 12 at Hughes Crossroads. 01/15/17
An S-curve takes SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) west from Hughes Crossroads to Two Mile Road. 01/15/17
Westbound shield assembly for SR 12 posted after Edwardsville Road north to Edwardsville. 01/15/17
A straight away leads SR 12 west from Two Mile Road through wooded areas surrounding Sangston Prong. 01/15/17
Motorists on SR 12 (Burnite Hill Road) west next intersect Cedar Grove Church Road north to Schultie Crossroads. 01/15/17
SR 12 west reaches the community of Whiteleysburg at Two State Road. A guide sign directs drivers onto Two State Road west as an implied turn of SR 12 west into Maryland. A mileage sign posted nearby references Greensboro (4 miles). 01/15/17
Burnite Mill Road ends at Whiteleysburg Road directly at a stop sign and set of flashers. Whiteleysburg Road provides a through route from Caroline County, Maryland southeast to SR 14 and Harrington. 01/15/17
Whites Lane extends southwest from Burnite Mill Road at Whiteleyburg. MD 314 commences a 4.93 mile route west to Greensboro to the right. 01/15/17
Whiteleysburg and Two State Roads converge just across the Delaware state line and west end of SR 12. MD 314 follows Whiteleysburg Road west 3.91 miles to MD 313 (Greensboro Road). 01/15/17
Delaware State Route 12 scenes
SR 12 turns east from Whiteleysburg toward Felton while Whiteleysburg Road extends southeast to SR 14 at Fleming Corners. A welcome sign appears east of MD 314 and Greensboro. 01/15/17
The city of Harrington lies eight miles to the southeast of Whiteleysburg via SR 14 east. 01/15/17

  1. "TRAFFIC ALERT - Opening of Route 1, North Frederica Overpass." Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), press release. June 24, 2011.

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