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Delaware State Route 72 North
SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) stems west from the turn of SR 9 onto River Road by the Delaware City refinery complex toward Wrangle Hill. Pictured here is the first confirming marker for SR 72 north. 07/31/13
SR 72 travels across agricultural areas west to meet U.S. 13 south and SR 7 (Dupont Highway) north at Wrangle Hill. 07/31/13
U.S. 13 rejoins Dupont Highway south from Wrangle Hill to St. Georges and Boyds Corner. SR 7 follows a portion of Dupont Highway north from SR 72 to Red Lion Road. The state route travels north to Bear, Christiana, Stanton and Pike Creek Valley. 07/31/13
U.S. 13 briefly combines with SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) to connect with adjacent SR 1 north to Tybouts Corner. Construction finished at the end of 2016 converted the forthcoming exchange into a diverging diamond interchange (DDI). 12/30/16
Confirming marker for SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) north posted after SR 7 and Dupont Highway at Wrangle Hill. 12/30/16
The U.S. 13 northbound mainline departs to the right for a two-mile overlap with SR 1 ahead of New Castle and Wilmington. 12/23/16
Traffic shifts to the left ahead of the southbound on-ramp for SR 1 to Smyrna, Dover and coastal Sussex County. 12/20/16
Continuing west from U.S. 13 and SR 1, SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) next intersects Wilson Boulevard south to the Sunset Meadows subdivision and the entrance to Kathleen H. Wilbur Elementary. 06/18/12
The alignment of SR 72 bends northward to the cross roads with SR 71 (Red Lion Road) at Williamsburg. 06/18/12
SR 71 (Red Lion Road) angles southwest to Kirkwood and northeast to SR 7 at Red Lion and U.S. 13 at Tybouts Corner. 06/18/12
Entering the signalized intersection with SR 71 (Red Lion Road) on SR 72 (Wrangle Hill Road) north. SR 71 travels 22 miles overall, curving west from Kirkwood through Lums Pond State Park, and joining SR 896 south across the Summit Bridge toward Middletown and Townsend. 06/18/12
Wrangle Hill Road continues northwest from Willamsburg by an array of subdivisions to Frasers Corner. This scene looks at a reassurance marker posted after SR 71. 06/18/12
Porter Road arcs northeast from SR 72 to U.S. 40 at Bear and west to SR 896 at Glasgow. 06/18/12
Mabel Lane stems west from SR 72 to Caravel Academy and the Caravel Farms community. 06/18/12
Turning north, SR 72 reaches Fox Run and Fox Run Shopping Center at the site of Frasers Corner. The intersection with U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) follows. 06/18/12
U.S. 40 constitutes a heavily traveled arterial west to Glasgow and Elkton, Maryland and east through Bear to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) at State Road. 06/18/12
Construction in 1999-2000 improved the intersection with U.S. 40. Work from Spring 2018 to Fall 2020 further widens SR 72 both north and south of U.S. 40 to increase capacity, add or extend turn lanes, and install a new signal at Del Laws Road. 06/18/12
Confirming marker posted north of U.S. 40 and east of the Belltown Woods subdivision. Construction started in 2018 here widens SR 72 northward to GBC Drive. 12/26/17
Advancing north from U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway), SR 72 (Sunset Lake Road) transitions through rural areas by Glasgow Regional Park and Sunset Lake Preserve. Reybold Road links the state route with Salem Church Road to the east ahead of this reassurance marker. 06/18/12
Old Baltimore Pike crosses paths with SR 72 (Sunset Lake Road) at the subsequent northbound signal. The suburban boulevard runs west to Iron Hill and Elkton and east to Christiana.
As identified by the 2011 Hazard Elimination Program (HEP), work slated for summer 2017 improved the signalized intersection and reconstructed the medians. 06/18/12
North from Old Baltimore Pike, SR 72 (South Chapel Street) widens into a four lane arterial. The state route travels by a series of industrial parks and below I-95 to Dawson Drive east and Bellevue Road. 06/18/12
Paralleling the Newark city lint, SR 72 next meets Blue Hen Drive west to Blue Hen Industrial Park and Scottfield Turn east into the Scottfield subdivision. 06/18/12
The succeeding signal operates at the exit of Pencader Plaza shopping center and Kenmar Drive east to Brookside Park. 06/18/12
Upcoming SR 4 (Chestnut Hill Road) encircles the south side of Newark west from SR 72 (South Chapel Street) to SR 896 (South College Avenue) and SR 279 (Elkton Road). 06/18/12
Totaling 14 miles, SR 4 constitutes an arterial route east from Elkton Road in Newark to Ogletown, Stanton, Newport and Wilmington. Until fall 2013, SR 2 overlapped with SR 4 west to Elkton Road and with SR 72 north to Capitol Trail as part of its bypass of Downtown Newark. 06/18/12
South Chapel Street reduces to two lanes north from Brookside Park through agricultural areas of the University of Delaware. 09/27/14
A welcome sign marks the Newark city line along SR 72 (South Chapel Street) northbound. 09/27/14
SR 72 transitions into Library Avenue at Farm Lane west and Webb Lane. Farm Lane connects Library Avenue with a disconnected section of South Chapel Street north and the University of Delaware's Webb Farm. A HAWK signal was activated here on August 6, 2010.1 12/21/12
Library Avenue ascends over the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor ahead of Wyoming Road. Wyoming Road links SR 72 with South Chapel Street (old SR 72) and Park Place to the UD campus to the west and Delaware Technology Park at Marrows Road to the east. 09/27/14
SR 72 widens into a four-lane arterial northward by Newark High School to SR 273 (East Delaware Avenue) eastbound. 09/27/14
SR 273 eastbound follows Delaware Avenue from South Main Street to SR 72 (Library Avenue) north. The state route combines with SR 72 from the entrance to College Square Shopping Center to Ogletown Road. 06/18/12
Delaware State Route 72 North Delaware State Route 273 East
Library Avenue continues two tenths of a mile north to East Main Street and Ogletown Road. SR 273 extends east through industrial areas outside the Newark city limits to Ogletown, Christiana and New Castle. The westbound direction of SR 273 takes Main Street through Downtown Newark. 09/27/14
The west end of SR 2 was moved from the Maryland state line to the split of SR 72 and 273 at Capitol Trail in fall 2013. The remainder of the route travels 10.81 miles to Pike Creek Valley, Elsmere and Wilmington. 10/11/14
Mast arm traffic light assembly at the intersection of SR 2, 72 and 273. SR 2 Business was cosigned with SR 273 west along Main Street from 1988 to 2013. 06/18/12
Delaware State Route 2 East Delaware State Route 72 North
SR 2 east / SR 72 north lower from the intersection with SR 273 (Ogletown Road / East Main Street) to pass under a CSX Railroad bridge. The span acts as a colorful gateway to Newark for points east along Capitol Trail. 06/18/12
Drivers emerge from below the CSX Railroad bridge at the busy intersection with Cleveland and Woodlawn Avenues. Cleveland Avenue provides a third route west across Newark. Woodlawn Avenue extends eastward into a residential area.
This intersection was reconfigured from late 2014 to mid 2015. Crosswalks were added and the turn lanes from Cleveland Avenue east to Capitol Trail were restriped. Mast-arm supported signals replaced span wire assemblies as well. 06/18/12
The first confirming marker for SR 2 east appears alongside SR 72 north after Anna Way. Advancing east, Capitol Trail crosses White Clay Creek and leaves the Newark city limits. 01/02/19
SR 72 north partitions with SR 2 east at Possum Park Road and Liberty Plaza Shopping Center. Possum Park Road climbs over 200 feet in elevation on the 1.86 mile course to Milford Crossroads and Paper Mill Road. 01/02/19
Delaware State Route 72 North
SR 72 (Possom Park Road) concludes the 1.21 mile overlap with SR 2 (Capitol Trail) and crosses a tributary of White Clay Creek along Possum Park Road north. Old Possum Park parallels the route to the east. 12/30/18
Possum Park Road passes through suburban areas to the intersection with Thompson Station Road north and Paper Mill Road. Thompson Station Road extends the road north through White Clay Creek State Park while SR 72 turns east onto Paper Mill Road. 09/26/14
Continuing northeast between Middle Run Valley Natural Area and White Clay Creek State Park, motorists taking SR 72 will reach Hockessin in seven miles. Avondale, Pennsylvania lies 11 miles to the north via SR 7 (Limestone Road) and PA 41. 06/25/10
Crossing Pike Creek, SR 72 (Paper Mill Road) climbs 140 feet in elevation from the intersection with North Star and Upper Pike Creek Roads to SR 7 (Limestone Road). 04/17/04
SR 72 (Paper Mill Road) levels out at 346 feet above sea level to end at SR 7 (Limestone Road). SR 7 north extends 2.8 miles north to the Pennsylvania state line ahead of PA 41 and Kaolin. 12/24/18
SR 7 (Limestone Road) represents the main arterial route through the Upper Pike Creek Valley. 12/24/18
Widening of Limestone Road between 1999 and 2003 included expansion of the intersection with Paper Mill Road. The project eliminated an access road to an adjacent business on the east side of SR 7. 12/24/18

  1. "HAWK signal swoops in." Newark Post (DE), August 13, 2010.

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