Florida 528 west & A1A north
Florida A1A (Astronaut Boulevard) turns west toward Florida 401 and the westbound beginning of Florida 528 at Bennett Causeway. The two state roads combine westward over the Banana and Indian Rivers. Florida 401 constitutes a short spur northward to Port Canaveral and Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 528 extends west from Florida A1A to Orlando and Orlando International Airport (MCO). Florida 528 follows Bennett Causeway west to Merritt Island and Cocoa before meeting Interstate 95 and the Beachline Expressway. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Entering the trumpet interchange with SR 401 north on SR A1A north. SR 401 constitutes a short spur northeast to the A Cruise terminals of Port Canaveral and the gate to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Mileage sign posted for the Martin Andersen Beachline Expressway along Bennett Causeway. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida A1A & 528 span the Banana River west from Cape Canavaral to Merritt Island across a pair of low rise bridges on Bennett Causeway. A diamond interchange (Exit 52) joins the freeway with Banana River Drive on the west side of the river. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Exit 52 departs Bennett Causeway westbound for Banana River Drive and eastern Merritt Island. Banana River Drive meanders southward from Kelly Park through residential areas spreading west from the Banana River through to Sykes Creek Parkway and SR 520 (Merritt Island Causeway). Photo taken 09/28/13.
Bennett Causeway traverses an area of wetlands through to Sykes Creek. Exit 49 follows with Florida 3 (Courtenay Parkway). Photo taken 09/28/13.
SR A1A north & 528 west reach the diamond interchange (Exit 49) with SR 3. Courtenay Parkway leads SR 3 north to NASA's Kennedy Space Center. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 3 travels south from Bennett Causeway Indianola, Florida 520 (Merritt Island Causeway), Footman and South Tropical Trail at Rockwell. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Continuing west, Florida A1A & 528 parallel the Canaveral Barge Canal through to the Indian River. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida A1A & 528 span the Indian River along Bennett Causeway between Merritt Island and Cocoa. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Exit 46 lies at the west end of Bennett Causeway with U.S. 1 (Cocoa Boulevard). Photo taken 09/28/13.
Construction from 2003 to 2006 built a new eastbound span for Bennett Causeway. The wider and higher bridge was a replacement for the 1963-built westbound span, which was later demolished. Photo taken 09/28/13.
SR A1A north & 528 west were relocated onto the 1970-built bridge that previously carried eastbound traffic to Merritt Island in 2006. This bridge was expected to remain in service for another 10 to 15 years. Photo taken 09/28/13.
A folded diamond interchange (Exit 46) connects Bennett Causeway with U.S. 1 opposite a Florida East Coast Railroad line. Florida A1A ends here. Photo taken 09/28/13.
U.S. 1 is the main arterial route linking Titusville, Cocoa and Rockledge, serving the business districts of all three communities. The U.S. highway travels locally north through Sharpes and south to D Cocoa and Florida 520 at the Hubert Humphrey Bridge back to Merritt Island. Photo taken 09/28/13.
Florida 528 west
Florida 528 passes over the Florida East Coast Railroad ahead of the ramps to Industry Road for Florida 501 and 524 (Clearlake Road). Photo taken 09/28/13.
Industry Road continues northward from Exit 45B to Grissom Parkway nearby. Grissom Parkway branches west and northward to Port St. John. Photo taken 10/01/15.
SR 524 (Clearlake Road) begins just south of the six-ramp parclo interchange with SR 528. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Exit 45A comprises a loop ramp onto Industry Road south to Clearlake Road. Clearlake Road continues east and south from SR 524 as SR 501 to the Eastern Florida State College - Cocoa Campus and SR 520 (West King Street). Photo taken 10/01/15.
The connection with Florida 524 provides an alternate route to Interstate 95 in lieu of Florida 528. The state road meets Interstate 95 in three miles. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Exit 45A departs SR 528 west for Industry Road south to SR 524 southwest through Cocoa to SR 520. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Florida 528 shifts northward through western reaches of Cocoa beyond Industry Road. Traveling away from the Space Coast, the Beachline Expressway reaches MCO Airport in 34 miles. Photo taken 10/01/15.
A full cloverleaf interchange (Exits 42B/A) joins the Beachline Expressway with Interstate 95 in one mile. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Interstate 95 is the main route from the Space Coast south to West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Northward to the Treasure Coast, I-95 travels from Daytona Beach to St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Exit 42B leaves Florida 528 west for I-95 north to Port St. John and Titusville. The freeway meets the east end of I-4 in 55 miles and the east end of I-10 in Jacksonville in 146 miles. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Florida 528 westbound at the loop ramp (Exit 42A) for Interstate 95 south. I-95 reaches Melbourne in 22 miles and Miami in 196 miles. Photo taken 05/05/18.
There are no westbound off-ramps between Interstate 95 and the Brevard County line. Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) maintains this stretch of Florida 528. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Angling northwest from the Canaveral Acres community, Florida 528 (Beachline Expressway) transitions into a rural freeway. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Florida 407 (Challenger Memorial Parkway) merges with Florida 528 west at a wye interchange. Florida 407 connects Titusville with the Beachline Expressway west. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Turning due west, Florida 528 enters William Beardall Tosohatchee State Reserve. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Spanning the St. Johns River, westbound travelers enter Orange County. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The eastern third of Orange County remains rural with large tracts of land protected in wildlife management areas such as the Toshohatchee State Reserve. Florida 520 crosses paths with the four-lane toll road next at Exit 31. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Florida 520 heads northwest from Rockledge and Cocoa to Florida 50 near Christmas and Bithlo. A diamond interchange (Exit 31) joins the state road with the Beachline Expressway. Photo taken 05/05/18.
Since at least 2003, the final sign for SR 520 along SR 528 westbound is omitted. Additionally signs for Exit 31 do not acknowledge the ramp toll. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) takes control of maintenance for the Beachline Expressway west from SR 520 to the Via Flora underpass near Boggy Creek Road. Photo taken 10/01/15.
CFX confirming markers regularly combine shields for SR 528 with the CFX logo. This assembly stands west of SR 520. Photo taken 03/31/18.
The first of two westbound mileage signs lists the distances to Florida 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) and Orlando International Airport (MCO). Photo taken 03/31/18.
The second distance sign includes mileage to Florida's Turnpike (via Orange Blossom Trail), International Drive and the Beachline Expressway west end at Interstate 4. Photo taken 03/31/18.
Advancing west, motorists on the Beachline Expressway enter the Dallas Mainline Toll Plaza. Constructed in 2011-12, completion of the toll collection point preceded work at the new Innovation Way interchange (Exit 19), which does not include ramp tolls.1 Photo taken 03/31/18.
2 photos
2 photos
Two high speed lanes allow EPass, Sunpass and E-ZPass motorists to proceed through the Dallas Mainline Toll Plaza at freeway speeds. Four toll booth lanes operate in each direction for cash toll transactions. Photos taken 03/31/18.
A 260-foot long pedestrian bridge spans the toll plaza, joining the administration building with the eastbound cash lanes.1 Photo taken 03/31/18.
2 photos
2 photos
Additional mileage signs reference SR 417, MCO Airport, I-4, etc. west of the Dallas Mainline Toll Plaza. Photos taken 03/31/18.
A half diamond interchange (Exit 24 on eastbound) with Dallas Boulevard connects the Wedgefield community with the Beachline Expressway west. Photo taken 03/31/18.
SR 528 spans the Econlockchatchee River just west of Dallas Boulevard. Road work through late 2018 replaces both spans for the Beachline Expressway across the waterway. Photo taken 10/01/15.
Exit 20 formerly linked the Beachline Expressway with International Corporate Park (ICP) Boulevard. The split diamond interchange was replaced by the nearby ramps (Exit 19) with Innovation Way. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The $62.5 million project to build the new parclo interchange with Innovation Way started in July 2016 and ended with a ribbon cutting ceremony on March 9, 2018. Ramps for the north-south arterial opened initially March 31, 2017, with the westbound connection to SR 528 from Innovation Way.2 Photo taken 03/31/18.
2 photos
2 photos
The westbound off-ramp (Exit 19) for Innovation Way north and Sunbridge Parkway south opened to traffic on July 11, 2017. Innovation Way winds northward from ICP Boulevard to Avalon Park. Sunbridge Parkway extends the arterial south to Aerospace Parkway and the end of ICP Boulevard.2 Photos taken 03/31/18.
SR 528 westbound shield assembly posted just ahead of where the Innovation Way on-ramp merges now. Photo taken 03/31/18.
2 photos
2 photos
Continuing west across wetland areas south of Wide Cypress Swamp, the Beachline Expressway travels three miles to SR 417 and 20 miles to Interstate 4. Photos taken 03/31/18.
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Florida 528 west passes through the Beachline Mainline Toll Plaza just ahead of the systems interchange (Exit 16) with the Central Florida GreeneWay. Photos taken 03/31/18, 05/05/18.
2 photos
2 photos
The Beachline Mainline Toll Plaza was rebuilt and expanded to include four high speed all-electronic-toll (AET) lanes. Prior to the 2008-09 work, Epass and SunPass account holders were required to slow through former toll booth lanes. Photo taken 07/31/14. Second photo taken 05/05/18.
Less than a half mile separates the toll collection point from the ramps to SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay). Photo taken 05/05/18.
Florida 528 west expands to four lanes through to Exit 16. Florida 417 wraps around the southeast side of Orlando along the tolled Central Florida GreeneWay to Lake Nona, Hunters Creek and Celebration. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The Beachline Expressway travels just north of the Orlando city line through to the Central Florida GreeneWay. Photo taken 07/31/14.
SR 417 south to Osceola Parkway leads to Walt Disney World. North into Seminole County, SR 417 continues to Orlando Sanford International Airport (SFB) and the county seat of Sanford. Photo taken 07/31/14.
Exit 16 carries all traffic to Florida 417 in unison for east Orlando, Oviedo and Kissimmee. Photo taken 05/05/18.
The Central Florida GreeneWay becomes the Seminole Expressway north beyond the county line en route to Winter Springs, Oviedo and Lake Mary. Connections with Florida 408 (East-West Expressway) also serve Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 05/05/18.
A high-speed flyover carries drivers onto Florida 417 south. The Central Florida GreeneWay is maintained by the CFX in Orange County and Florida's Turnpike in Osceola County. Photo taken 03/31/18.



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