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SR 546 follows Memorial Boulevard east from Interstate 4 to U.S. 92 (Wabash Avenue) in the city of Lakeland. The 5.85 mile long route underlays U.S. 92 east from Wasbash Avenue 4.12 miles to a point midway between Gary Road and E Lake Parker Drive. SR 600 resumes east from there as the counterpart of U.S. 92 to Auburndale. SR 700 also coincides with U.S. 92/SR 546 between U.S. 98 (Florida Avenue) and N Lake Parker Avenue. This is a remnant from when U.S. 98 overlapped with U.S. 92 (Memorial Boulevard) east to N Lake Parker Avenue south.

The state road is not acknowledged on I-4 guide signs for Exit 28 and only posted along Memorial Boulevard westbound.

Florida State Road 546 East
SR 546 branches east from a diamond interchange with Interstate 4 two miles ahead of Downtown Lakeland. Photo taken 10/26/19.
State Road 546 is unmarked along Memorial Boulevard eastbound. Instead a trailblazer references U.S. 92. Photo taken 10/26/19.
Memorial Boulevard intersects Chestnut Road south of Kathleen High School. Photo taken 10/26/19.
SR 546 advances four blocks from Chestnut Road to U.S. 92. U.S. 92 follows Wabash Avenue 0.91 miles south to New Tampa Highway and George Jenkins Boulevard (SR 600). Photo taken 10/26/19.
U.S. 92 subsumes SR 546 east along Memorial Boulevard as it bypasses Downtown Lakeland to the north. The Wabash Avenue leg of U.S. 92 is unsigned SR 517. Photo taken 10/26/19.
Florida State Road 546 West
The lone shield assembly referencing State Road 546 appears along Memorial Boulevard westbound after Wabash Avenue (U.S. 92). Photo taken 04/24/19.
Chestnut Road intersects SR 546 (Memorial Boulevard) south from 10th Street and north from U.S. 92 (New Tampa Highway). Photo taken 04/24/19.
Leading directly to Interstate 4, Memorial Boulevard shifts southward from Swindell Road. Photo taken 04/24/19.
A number of industrial businesses line the north side of Memorial Boulevard on the approach to Interstate 4. Lone Palm Golf Club spreads to the south. Photo taken 04/24/19.
Expansion of Interstate 4 in 2005/06 included reconfiguring the wye joining SR 546 west with I-4 west into a full diamond interchange. Photo taken 04/24/19.
Interstate 4 eastbound travels east from Lakeland to Polk City, Walt Disney World and Orlando. Photo taken 04/24/19.
A signalized left turn takes motorists from the end of SR 546 to the westbound entrance ramp for Interstate 4 to Plant City and Tampa. Photo taken 04/24/19.

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