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Measuring just 2.454 miles, State Road 584 follows the middle section of Tampa Road in Pinellas County. The six lane arterial joins SR 586 (Curlew Road) and CR 752 west to Palm Harbor with SR 580 at State Street in Oldsmar.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Straight Line Diagram (SLD) inventories SR 584 along side SR 580 for 0.377 miles east to St. Petersburg Drive, the former alignment of SR 580 through Oldsmar.

Florida State Road 584 East
Confirming marker posted east of the merge with SR 586 (Curlew Road) and ahead of the Eastlake Oaks and Harbor Palms developments. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Shady Oaks Drive ties into Tampa Road from the Eastlake Oaks subdivision across from an access road to a Lockheed Martin facility. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Forest Lakes Boulevard (CR 667) angles northeast from SR 580 (State Street W) in Oldsmar to meet SR 584 (Tampa Road) at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Pinellas County Road 667 (Forest Lakes Boulevard) east connects Tampa Road with Race Track Road and Linebaugh Avenue near Tampa Bay Downs in Hillsborough County. Photo taken 04/14/20.
SR 584 (Tampa Road) advances east from CR 667 along a commercialized stretch. Photo taken 06/26/15.
Pine Avenue serves traffic to an adjacent industrial park and Forest Lakes Elementary. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Bayview Road provides a cutoff from SR 584 to SR 580 (State Street) westbound. Photo taken 04/14/20.
SR 580 converges with SR 584 (Tampa Road) adjacent to a CSX Railroad line. The succeeding overlap between the two routes is only marked as SR 580. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Florida State Road 584 West
State Road 584 (Tampa Road) advances northwest from SR 580 and an at-grade crossing with the CSX Railroad toward Palm Harbor. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Bayview Road stems north from R.E. Olds Park along Safety Harbor in Oldsmar to SR 584 west of Cypress Lake Industrial Park. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Pine Avenue is a local street south to Oldsmar Industrial Park and north to Forest Lakes Elementary and Cypress Forest Park. Photo taken 04/14/20.
County Road 667 follows Forest Lakes Boulevard east 2.2 miles to the Forest Lakes development and Race Track Road at Linebaugh Avenue at the Hillsborough County line. Forest Lakes Boulevard continues a half mile south to SR 580. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Shady Oaks Drive represents one of two entrances to the Eastlake Oaks neighborhood south of State Road 584. Photo taken 04/14/20.
SR 586 branches west from SR 584 (Tampa Road) along Curlew Road 5.33 miles to U.S. 19 Alternate in Dunedin. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Angling more northward from SR 586, SR 584 (Tampa Road) transitions into Pinellas County Road 752. Photo taken 04/14/20.
Tampa Road continues 5.47 miles west from SR 584 as CR 752 to Palm Harbor and Ozona. Photo taken 04/14/20.

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