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Following Collier Boulevard, State Road 951 / Collier County Road 951 is the main route from U.S. 41 to Marco Island. SR 951 is the 7.07 mile long section of Collier Boulevard between the Judge Jolley Bridge over East Marco Bay and U.S. 41. The arterial 6.53 miles north from U.S. 41 to SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) is CR 951. The 0.63 mile stretch through the exchange with Interstate 75 is state maintained and designated also as SR 951. CR 951 extends 7.51 miles north to Immokalee Road (CR 846) through Golden Gate along the remainder of Collier Boulevard.

The southern 2.61 miles of Collier Boulevard originates near the residents' beach on Marco Island, south of San Marco Road (CR 92) off Caxambus Pass. An unsigned section of CR 951 overlays Collier Boulevard 2.61 miles north from CR 92 to the S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge.

Construction of a second span for the Judge S.S. Jolley Bridge joining Marco Island with the Collier County mainline commenced in January 2010. The $25.5 million federal stimulus project added a second crossing for Collier Boulevard 20 feet to the west of the original two-lane span.1 Finished ahead of schedule, the parallel span opened to traffic on October 5, 2011. A dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new bridge took place on November 19, 2011, which overall cost $29 million.2

The Jolley Bridge carrying Collier Boulevard northbound over the Marco River was the second bridge connecting Marco Island with the Florida mainland (the Goodland Bridge along CR 92 opened in 1938). Named the Marco River Bridge until 1991, when it was renamed to honor Judge S.S. Jolley, the two-lane span took 15 months to construct and cost $1.5 million. It opened on December 13, 1969.3

S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge - December 1999
The 1969-built S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge formerly carried two-way traffic. The fishing piers below the span were heavily damaged during Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and eventually removed. Photos taken December 1999.
S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge - December 1999

Future work at the diamond interchange joining SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) with Interstate 75 will add two loop ramps and flyovers. Passing over the intersection with SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) and Beck Boulevard, the elevated ramps will connect Collier Boulevard north with I-75 north and I-75 south to Collier Boulevard. Design work on the $74 million project commenced in April 2015 with right of way acquisition starting in 2018. Construction is scheduled for 2023. The project limits extend 1.3 miles south to Business Circle S and north to City Gate Drive.

Collier County Road 951 North
The first shield for State Road 951 previously stood just beyond the west end of CR 92 (San Marco Road) on Collier Boulevard northbound. CR 951 is unmarked within the city of Marco Island. Photo taken 12/30/03.
2 photos
2 photos
The transfer of maintenance from the state to the city of Marco Island preceded a streetscaping project along all of Collier Boulevard. References for CR 953 at Bald Eagle Drive were removed by December 2000. Photos taken November 1999.
A trailblazer formerly referenced the connection with CR 92 (San Marco Road) at the south end of CR 953 (Bald Eagle Drive) south. Photo taken November 1999.
Unsigned County Road 953 extends north from Collier Boulevard and the Marco Island Town Center retail area to Palm Street off Collier Bay. The route measures 2.86 miles in length. Photo taken November 1999.
A second shield for SR 951 in Marco Island appeared north of Bald Eagle Drive (CR 953). Photo taken 12/30/03.
Florida State Road 951 North
Gradually turning northeast, Collier Boulevard ascends onto the S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge across the San Marco River. Built in 1969, the bridge represents the southern extent of SR 951. Photo taken 12/30/03.
The S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge spans the San Marco River between the Gulf of Mexico and Ten Thousand Islands. The 1969 span was converted for northbound only traffic following completion of the adjacent southbound bridge in 2011. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Collier Boulevard straddles a causeway alongside Flotilla Passage from the S.S. Judge Jolley Bridge north to County Road 952 (Capri Boulevard). Photo taken November 1999.
CR 953 (Capri Boulevard) spurs 2.59 miles west to Isle of Capri, located just east of the Gulf of Mexico off Big Marco Pass. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Advancing north from McIvane Bay, SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) intersects Mainsail Drive. Mainsail Drive connects with Marco Shores and Marco Island Executive Airport (MRK). Photo taken 12/30/03.
SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) was widened to four lanes with a grassy median in the 1990s. The state road meets Manatee Road just beyond the Naples Outlet Connection retail complex. Photo taken 12/30/03.
SR 951 reassurance marker posted between Manatee Road and Henderson Creek along Collier Boulevard northbound. Photo taken 12/30/03.
The southern segment of SR 951 concludes at a heavily commercial intersection with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). Sparsely signed CR 951 continues Collier Boulevard north toward Interstate 75. Photo taken 12/30/03.
U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) comprises a suburban arterial southeast to Collier-Seminole State Park and northwest into the city of Naples. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Collier County Road 951 North
Turning due north, Collier Boulevard (CR 951) runs between the Lely Resort and Vernonawalk developments. Grand Lely Drive west and Vernonawalk Boulevard east represent the main entrance roads to the respective neighborhoods. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Lely Cultural Parkway connects Grand Lely Drive with Collier Boulevard east at Physicians Regional Medical Center. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Unmarked along Collier Boulevard northbound, Rattlesnake Hammock Boulevard 3.86 miles west to U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) at Thomasson Drive is Collier County Road 864. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Collier Boulevard progresses north between the Cedar Hammock and Forest Glen golf course developments to a commercial stretch from Business Circle South to Interstate 75 and City Gate Drive. Photo taken 05/01/16.
SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) leads 6.46 miles west from Collier Boulevard to U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) at the city of Naples. Beck Boulevard (old SR 84) extends east to an industrial park and a pair of RV resorts. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Interstate 75 replaced SR 84 east along Alligator Alley from Collier County to U.S. 27 at Andytown. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Florida State Road 951 North
State maintenance resumes along Collier Boulevard north from SR 84 to the diamond interchange with Interstate 75. Photo taken 05/01/16.
SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) maintains eight overall lanes through the exchange with I-75. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Future road work here will add a loop ramp for Collier Boulevard north to Interstate 75 north toward Fort Myers, Sarasota and Tampa. The at-grade turn for the freeway will remain to serve traffic from SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) and local businesses. Photo taken 05/01/16.
Florida State Road 951 South
SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) approaches the east end of SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) to the immediate south of Interstate 75. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The western section of State Road 84 lines Davis Boulevard 6.46 miles between SR 951 and U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) through East Naples. Photo taken 04/30/16.
An array of signs partition truck and bus traffic turning from Collier Boulevard south to SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) west. Davis Boulevard initially leads west with two lanes before expanding to three at Market Street. Photo taken 04/30/16.
SR 84 historically connected Naples and Southwest Florida with Broward County and Fort Lauderdale as the predecessor to Interstate 75. Beck Boulevard east to Benfield Road represents the former state road east to Alligator Alley. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier County Road 951 South
Collier Boulevard continues south with six lanes from SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) to U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). This stretch is unmarked as CR 951. Photo taken 04/30/16.
A single lane ramp from SR 84 (Davis Boulevard) east to Collier Boulevard south merges with CR 951 south at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Advancing south from Naples National Golf Club, Collier Boulevard approaches Serenity Walk Park. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier Boulevard (CR 951) south and CR 864 (Rattlesnake Hammock Road) east converge to the southeast of Naples Lakes Country Club at forthcoming Naples Lake Village shopping center. Photo taken 04/30/16.
County Road 864 (Rattlesnake Hammock Road) links Collier Boulevard (CR 951) with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) 3.86 miles to the west. Rattlesnake Hammock Road spurs east to newer suburban development. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Lely Cultural Parkway winds west from CR 951 and Physicians Regional Medical Center to Classics Country Club golf course community and Grand Lely Drive near Florida Southwestern State College - Collier. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Grand Lely Drive arcs southeast from CR 846 (Rattlesnack Hammock Road) to meet Collier Boulevard (CR 951) across from the Vernonawalk development. Photo taken 04/30/16.
State Road 951 resumes along Collier Boulevard south from U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail). A six lane arterial, U.S. 41 angles northwest 7.4 miles to the city of Naples and southeast 2.9 miles to suburban development at Abiaka Way. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Triangle Boulevard loops west around Freedom Square shopping center and other retail to connect with U.S. 41 (Tamiami Trail) at Price Street. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The turn lane for U.S. 41 north to Naples separates from Collier Boulevard southbound well ahead of the commercialized intersection between SR 951 and Tamiami Trail. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Joining Southwest Florida with South Florida, U.S. 41 travels across the Everglades via Carnestown and Ochopee. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Florida State Road 951 South
SR 951 (Collier Boulevard) crosses Henderson Creek and next intersects Mantaee Road east. Photo taken 04/30/16.
A reassurance marker for SR 951 appears along Collier Boulevard south of Manatee Road. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Fiddlers Creek Parkway winds northeast from SR 951 to the Rookery at Marco and Fiddler's Creek golf course communities. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Mainsail Drive spurs east from this signal with Collier Boulevard to Hammock Bay Golf & Country Club and Marco Island Executive Airport (MRK). Photo taken 04/30/16.
State Road 951 crosses McIvane Bay ahead of Collier County Road 952 (Capri Boulevard) west. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The Isles of Capri is a small coastal community between Johnson and Tarpon Bays off the Marco River and Gulf of Mexico. Photo taken 04/30/16.
CR 952 spurs 2.59 miles west along Capri Boulevard from SR 951 to Pelican Street. Photo taken 04/30/16.
The last shield for SR 951 along Collier Boulevard southbound stands beyond the east end of CR 952 (Capri Boulevard). Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier Boulevard continues another two miles south from Capri Boulevard to the city of Marco Island. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier Boulevard rises onto the S.S. Jolley Bridge from Bear Point across the Marco River. The southbound span was completed in October 5, 2011 after less than two years of construction. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Entering the Marco Island city limits, midway across the S.S. Jolley Bridge on SR 951 southbound. Photo taken 04/30/16.
A series of canal lined streets spread along East Marco Bay to the southeast of the S.S. Jolley Bridge. Collier Boulevard turns west toward the Marco Island commercial center along the ensuing stretch. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier County Road 951 South
State Road 951 concludes at the south end of the S.S. Jolley Bridge. Collier Boulevard continues west as unsigned CR 951 to Barfield Drive. Photo taken 04/30/16.
East Elkcam Circle loops around the Marco Town Center retail complex to the south and heads north to the Marco Island Water Treatment Facility and Barfield Drive. Photo taken 04/30/16.
West Elkham Circle parallels Bald Eagle Drive (CR 953) north between a series of condominiums and townhomes along Smokehouse Bay. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier Boulevard curves southwest from West Elkcam Circle across an inlet with Smokehouse Bay. Photo taken 04/30/16.
Collier Boulevard advances south by a number of condominium complexes to Resident's Beach and the west end of San Marco Road (CR 92). San Marco Road travels east across the Marco Island and returns to the mainland via the Goodland Bridge. Photo taken 12/30/03.
Removed during a landscaping project by 2008, a lone shield assembly referenced San Marco Road as County Road 92 on Collier Boulevard. CR 92 comprises an 11.45 mile long loop to U.S. 41 west of Big Cypress National Preserve. Photo taken 12/30/03.

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