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I-95 through Chester, PA

The trenched section of Interstate 95 through Chester. 01/19/17

Interstate 95 angles northeast from Claymont, Delaware to the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Bristol through Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania. A heavily traveled route, the 43.6 mile stretch in the Keystone State is mostly urban, paralleling railroad lines and streets lined with row homes both in Chester and Northeast Philadelphia. The freeway also spans the Schuylkill River on the Girard Point Bridge, a double decked through truss bridge.

Interstate 95 Pennsylvania Guides

I-95 at Exit 8

Interstate 95 at Stewart Avenue (Exit 8) in Ridley Park. 01/19/17

I-95 at PA 420

Interstate 95 at PA 420 (Exit 9) at Tinicum township. 01/19/17

I-95/PA Turnpike Interchange

Sign changes started in January 2018 renumbered Interstate 95 leading north from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-276) at Bristol to U.S. 1 near Lawrenceville, New Jersey as an extension of Interstate 295. This coincided with the relocation of I-95 from near Morrisville and the Trenton belt line onto both the eastern extension of the PA Turnpike, and the Pearl Harbor Memorial Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike. Work on two new flyovers joining I-95 with the Turnpike in Bucks County ran through September 2018. With completion of those ramps on September 23, 2018, I-95 provides a seamless link between Philadelphia and the New Jersey Turnpike leading north toward Newark and New York, eliminating the long standing gap for the Interstate between Trenton and Brunswick.

I-95 at I-676/US 30 - Philadelphia, PA

I-95 (Delaware Expressway) north of the lid at Chestnut Street in Old City, Philadelphia. 06/03/12

Initial work on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia was underway in 1959. The freeway both opened from the Delaware state line north to U.S. 13 in Eddystone Township, and from PA 73 (Cottman Avenue) in Northeast Philadelphia to PA 413 in Bristol Township in 1962. The final section of Interstate 95 completed in Pennsylvania was the alignment around Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), between John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (PA 291) and Enterprise Avenue at the foot of the 1973-built Girard Point Bridge. It opened on December 15, 1985.1

Interstate 95 Revive

More recent construction involves rebuilding an eight mile long section of the Delaware Expressway through Northeast Philadelphia. Split into five projects over a ten year period, PennDOT work both reconstructs and expands I-95 between I-676 (Vine Street Expressway) and PA 73 (Cottman Avenue):

  • I-95 Section GIR (I-95/GIR) - reconstruct and widen three miles of I-95 between I-676 and Allegheny Avenue.
    • I-95/GR1 project - $91.3 million, work underway from November 2011 to 2017 reconstructed and widened a number of streets and two railroad bridges.
    • I-95/GR2 project - $39.3 million, construction ran from October 2012 to 2016. Bridge replacement and reconstruction and expansion of I-95 from south of Shackamxon Street to north of Columbia Avenue to eight general travel lanes with an auxiliary lane in each direction.
    • I-95/GR3 project - $211.7 million, started in 2014, work extended into 2018. Widening and rebuilding of I-95 northbound to four lanes with an auxiliary lane, from Columbia Avenue to north of Ann Street. Relocation of on and off-ramps at Girard Avenue.
    • I-95/GR4 project - $314.9 million, work began in 2018 and was completed in 2022. Construction widened and rebuildt I-95 southbound from Columbia Avenue to north of Ann Street to accommodate four general travel lanes with an auxiliary lane from Girard to Allegheny Avenues.
    • I-95/GR5 and GR6 - projected for 2026 to 2029 and 2023 to 2026 respectively. Outlined construction includes widening and reconstructing the I-676 (Vine Street Expressway) ramps with I-95 north and southbound and bridge replacement or rehabilitation for Interstate 95 from Spring Garden Street to Frankford Avenue.
  • I-95 Section AFC (I-95/AFC) - work started in early 2018 on rebuilding and expanding 1.5 miles of I-95 from south of the Betsy Ross Bridge interchange to Ann Street. Partitioned into four sections, tentative construction on the final section is scheduled for 2028. Work includes reconstruction of the freeway mainlines, 11 bridges for north and southbound, and interchanges with Allegheny Avenue and Castor Avenue. This includes a new connection from the Caster Avenue on-ramp to the Betsy Ross bridge.
  • I-95 Section BRI (I-95/BRI) - expand and rebuild a 0.8 mile section of I-95 leading to and from the Betsy Ross Bridge Interchange.
    • I-95/BR0 project - $160.3 million, work started in March 2015 and finished in Fall 2017. The project widened ramps from I-95 north to Aramingo Avenue and from Aramingo Avenue south to I-95. The southbound flyover from I-95 to the Betsy Ross Bridge was relocated and new ramps were linking the Betsy Ross Bridge with Aramingo Avenue.
    • I-95/BS4 project - $81 million, started in January 2017, scheduled completion was late 2020. Completed reconstruction of the interchange ramps west of Aramingo Avenue and finished work on the new ramps between the Betsy Ross Bridge and Aramingo Avenue. Work also advanced on the first section of the Adams Avenue Connector, between Aramingo Avenue and Torresdale Avenue.
    • I-95/BR2 project - $93.6 million, work commenced in 2020. Through 2023, the phase included replacement of the flyovers linking I-95 north with the Betsy Ross Bridge and from the bridge to I-95 south.
    • I-95/BR3 project - anticipated to start in 2024, rebuilds the northbound lanes of Interstate 95 from Wheatsheaf Lane to just north of Margeret Street. This includes removing the low level structure for the northbound lanes and c/d roadway beyond Frankford Creek and replacing it with engineered fill.
    • I-95/BR4 project - design work begins in 2021, with construction anticipated for 2027. This project rebuilds the southbound roadway and widens it from three to four lanes. Work also replaces the low-level structure for both the mainline and c/d roadway, from Orthodox Street south to the Betsy Ross Interchange with engineered fill.
    • I-95/BR5 project - construction slated to begin in 2027. The phase rehabilitates the Conrail/NJ Transit (DelAir Branch) bridge across Interstate 95 and removes the railroad bridge over the abandoned section of Thompson Street.
  • I-95 Section BSR (I-95/BSR) - expansion and rebuilding of 1.7 miles of I-95 between Margaret and Levick Streets.
    • I-95/BS1 project - $79.72 million, work from 2020 to 2023 widens the freeway to eight overall lanes at the north end of the Bridge Street Interchange and replaces bridges over Van Kirk and Comley Streets. Associated work shifts the James Street southbound off-ramp further north to connect with a new underpass linking Carver Street with Tacony Street. The project also adds a new northbound on-ramp from Tacony Street and the Delaware Avenue extension.
    • I-95/BS2 project - $269.7 million, anticipated for early 2021 and actually starting in 2022, the phase through 2026 rebuilds both roadways for I-95 from just north of Margaret Street to just north of Carver Street, to four lanes in each direction. The viaduct over Tacony and Bridge Streets will be replaced and the northbound on-ramp from Bridge Street reconstructed.
    • I-95/BS4 project - $81 million, work underway from January 2017 to late 2020. Finished work on the new ramps linking the Betsy Ross Bridge with Aramingo Avenue, and constructed the eastern half of the Adams Avenue Connector.
  • I-95 Section CPR (I-95/CPR) - reconstruct and widen 1.4 miles of I-95 between PA 73 (Cottman Avenue) and Bridge Street.
    • I-95/CP1 project - $34 million, work started in April 2009 and was completed in September 2012. It included a new southbound on-ramp from State Road to replace one from Princeton Avenue.
    • I-95/CP2 project - $212.3 million, work started in November 2012 and ran through late 2017. Seven bridges along I-95 were reconstructed and widened to four lanes between Bleigh Avenue and Levick Street. A new southbound on-ramp was built from Cottman Avenue.
    • I-95/CP3 project - $60 million, construction from Spring 2022 to Spring 2024 adds an southbound entrance ramp at Cottman Avenue and relocates Wissinoming Street between Princeton Avenue and Cottman Avenue.
Interstate 95 scenes
The Pennsylvania Welcome Center along Interstate 95 north in Lower Chichester township. 09/27/14
Three different shield assemblies were posted along the northbound on-ramp at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center near Marcus Hook over a ten year period. 08/04/04, 07/27/07, 10/05/14
The northbound entrance ramp from the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. 08/25/21
Chichester Avenue (SR 3009) west at the southbound entrance ramp to I-95 at Boothwyn. This shield was replaced by 2014. 12/28/08
State named shield posted ahead of the parclo interchange joining Chichester Avenue with I-95 between Boothwyn and Linwood. March 2000
PA 452 stems north from U.S. 13 in Marcus Hook to cross paths with I-95 at a parclo interchange (Exit 2). State-named shields for I-95 here were replaced by 2004. December 1999
Stewart Avenue (SR 2033) heads south from U.S. 13 (Chester Pike) in the borough of Ridley Park to Interstate 95 at Exit 8. 12/20/22
I-95 north from Stewart Avenue (SR 2033) to PA 420 (Wanamaker Avenue) near Essington is an alternate truck route for PA 420. 12/20/22
East from Central Philadelphia, Race Street splits into a ramp for I-95 (Delaware Expressway) north, Front Street south to the I-95 southbound on-ramp at Market Street, and the eastbound continuation to Columbus Boulevard at Penns Landing. 06/03/02
This button copy overhead for the Delaware Expressway was located along State Road south adjacent to Interstate 95 at Disston Street. Disston Street provided part of the connection from PA 73 to I-95 south along with Keystone Avenue and the Princeton Avenue on-ramp. 05/20/00

  1. Delaware Expressway (I-95).

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