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Interstate 381 constitutes a short route southwest from I-81/U.S. 58 to Commonwealth Avenue north of Downtown Bristol. The freeway spur winds through a valley between two subdivisions to an at-grade intersection with Keys Street west and Church Street east. Unsigned SR 381 extends south from the freeway along Commonwealth Avenue to U.S. 11, U.S. 11E, U.S. 11W and U.S. 421.

Interstate 381 South
2 photos
2 photos
Traveling just 1.67-miles, southbound drivers see an end advisory sign (replaced by 2010) not far from Interstate 81 & U.S. 58. 07/16/05, 09/29/10
Interstate 381 transitions into Commonwealth Avenue at a traffic light with Keys Street west and Church Street east. 09/29/10
Pinecrest Road parallels the southbound lanes of Interstate 381 from a subdivision sandwiched between the freeway and nearby Interstate 81 & U.S. 58. The frontage street ties into Commonwealth Avenue Extension near Keys Street. 05/31/07
What was a set of flashers in 2005, were upgraded to a full traffic light by 2007. Church Street spurs east to an adjacent house of worship. Keys Street continues Church west from Interstate 381 and Commonwealth Avenue to Martin Road in adjacent residential areas. 05/31/07
Commonwealth Avenue / Virginia State Route 381 - South
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Commonwealth Avenue (unsigned SR 381) continues and intersects the east end of Spurgeon Lane at the next traffic light. 05/31/07
A look at the end shield for Interstate 381 that was posted south of Keys Street. The SR 381 shield was removed by 2005; the end I-381 disappeared by 2007. 08/24/03
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Commonwealth Avenue (unsigned SR 381) continues and intersects the east end of Spurgeon Lane at the next traffic light. 05/31/07
Glenway Avenue begins and ventures east from Commonwealth Avenue at the next signalized intersection to connect the arterial with the Spring Garden section of Bristol. 05/31/07
An Interstate 81 trailblazer directs drivers along Commonwealth Avenue south to Euclid Avenue west as an alternate route to the freeway. 05/31/07
Junction U.S. 11/11E/11W/19/421 shield assembly posted along Commonwealth Avenue southbound at Prospect Avenue for the forthcoming intersection with Euclid Avenue. U.S. 11 splits into U.S. 11W (Euclid Avenue west) and 11E (Commonwealth Avenue south) at this junction. 05/31/07
A myriad of shields posted for the intersection of Commonwealth Avenue south with Euclid Street. Commonwealth Avenue continues beyond Euclid Avenue as U.S. 11E, 19 and 421 south as well as the truck route for U.S. 11 & 19 northbound. U.S. 11W south & 421 north follow Euclid Avenue west to Gate City Highway at the Tennessee state line. U.S. 11 & 19 continue Euclid Avenue east to Lee Highway and Virginia Heights. 05/31/07
Before 2005, SR 381 was fully signed along Commonwealth Avenue south from Interstate 381 to State Street and Bristol, Tennessee. All signs for the state route were removed since then. 08/24/03
Drivers reach Euclid Avenue from unsigned SR 381 (Commonwealth Avenue) south. Use U.S. 421 west from U.S. 11W (Euclid Avenue) to reach Interstate 81 & U.S. 58 at Exit 1. 05/31/07
U.S. 11 & 19 combine from Bristol to Abingdon to the east. U.S. 11W & 421 share a short overlap to Goode Street east, north of the Tennessee state line. U.S. 11E & 11W recombine at Knoxville. 05/31/07
Commonwealth Avenue / Virginia State Route 381 - North
2 photos
2 photos
What was a SR 381 reassurance marker and companion Interstate 81 trailblazer posted along Commonwealth Avenue northbound after Euclid Street now only displays an I-81 shield. 08/24/03, 05/31/07
Northbound Commonwealth Avenue at Glenway Avenue east. Glenway Avenue connects the arterial with Spring Garden. 05/31/07
A second signal follows in quick succession between Commonwealth Avenue north and Spurgeon Lane west. Spurgeon Lane connects unsigned SR 381 with Island Road, an eventual frontage road of Interstate 81. 05/31/07
Historical look at the end shield and set of flashers that were in place at Keys Street. The shield was removed by 2005; the flashers replaced with signals by 2007. 08/24/03
Keys Street angles northeast from Martin Road and Spurgeon Lane to cross paths with Commonwealth Avenue opposite Church Street. Interstate 381 begins immediately after wards. 05/31/07
Interstate 381 North
An additional trailblazer for I-81 appears after the Commonwealth Avenue intersection with Keys Street. 05/31/07
The first and only reassurance shield posted in either direction for the 1.67-mile Interstate lies at the northbound beginning. 05/31/07
A pair of regulatory style signs provide the first notice to drivers of the impending end of Interstate 381 north at Interstate 81. 05/31/07
One-half mile south of the tri-level stack interchange with Interstate 81 (Exits 1A/B) on Interstate 381 north. Interstate 81 underwent a widening during the early 2000s from four to six lanes within the city of Bristol. The freeway is part of an important corridor between Knoxville, Tennessee and the Northeastern United States. 05/31/07
2 photos
2 photos
Nearing the end of Interstate 381 northbound; Kingsport joins Knoxville as a Interstate 81 southbound control city for Exit 1B. The city of Bristol, Tennessee is one of the three tri-cities communities of northeastern Tennessee. Kingsport lies north of Interstate 81 via Interstate 26 west. Johnson City lies south of Interstate 81 along the August 5, 2003 christened Interstate 26 extension. 05/31/07, 09/29/10
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 381 ends at the partition of Exits 1A/1B. The directional-T interchange with I-381 is one of four interchanges along I-81 within the city of Bristol. Although omitted on guide signs from Interstate 381, U.S. 58 overlaps with I-81 between Exit 1 and Exit 19. 05/31/07, 09/29/10
Exit 1B utilizes the second level of the Interstate 81/381 junction. 05/31/07

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