Interstate 471 joins U.S. 27 and Interstate 275 south of Newport, Kentucky with Interstate 71 and U.S. 50 (Columbia Parkway) east of Downtown Cincinnati. The freeway spans the Ohio River on the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge, a steel tied-arch bridge.

Construction for Interstate 471 across the Ohio River was underway in 1971. Work on the freeway in Cincinnati was delayed when a section of Mt. Adams slid toward the construction site for I-471 in 1973. This resulted in added costs with both required property acquisition of damaged parcels and design and construction of a complex retaining wall to prevent further damage. Work on the wall started in 1980, three years after the Beard Bridge opened to traffic. It was completed along with the remainder of I-471 north to Interstate 71 in 1985.1

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A wye interchange connects U.S. 42 (Reading Road) with the southbound beginning of Interstate 471 at Liberty Street. Motorists joining the freeway here default to the Dan Beard Bridge into Newport, Kentucky.
A sidewalk project along Reading Road here completed by 2014 removed this ground level sign and shield and added an overhead in their place. 11/14/04
U.S. 42 (Reading Road) parallels Interstate 71 from Exit 2 south to the Pendleton neighborhood. An on-ramp departs from the intersection of Reading Road south with Eden Park Drive east directly onto I-71 ahead of the split with Interstate 471. There is no access to I-471 from this connection, so motorists are advised to remain along U.S. 42 south to Liberty Street. 06/04/08
Trailblazers for I-471 and Alternate Interstate 71 direct drivers southward along U.S. 42 (Reading Road). U.S. 42 partitions into a one way street couplet around the wye interchange (Exit 2) with Interstate 71. 06/04/08
Approaching the intersection with Elsinore Place on U.S. 42 (Reading Road) south. The split directions of Reading Road converge at the forthcoming intersection. 06/04/08
Reading Boulevard expands into a six lane boulevard from Elsinore Place south to the Liberty Street ramps with Interstate 471. I-471 south begins at the upcoming intersection. 06/04/08

  1. "Holding Back Mt. Adams - Retaining Wall Needs Mending - Three Cables Have Lost Tension." Cincinnati Post, June 1, 1990.

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    11/14/04 by Carter Buchanan. 06/04/08 by Justin Cozart.

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