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Interstate H-201 (formerly Hawaii 78) is a short, 4.7 mile loop freeway between H-1 and H-3 at the Halawa Interchange, and H-1 at Middle Street. Originally part of Moanalua Road, the road was upgraded in stretches during the 1980's to a limited-access freeway.

The oldest limited access section of H-201 was built as part of HI-72 in 1959-1960, between the Kahauiki (now H-1/H-201) interchange west to Moanalua Gardens (Puuloa Street). When HI-72 was renumbered to H-1, the orphaned section of HI-72 became HI-78.

H-201 was included in the Interstate Highway system in 1989, but remained signed as a state highway (78) until 2004. H-201 primarily serves the communities of Moanalua, Salt Lake and Fort Shafter. However, most local drivers use it as a shortcut to the longer H-1 between Waikiki and Ewa.

Interstate H201 East
Hawaii 78 begins at a wye interchange from Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) south at Aiea and commences the Moanalua Freeway east directly into a directional cloverleaf interchange (Exit 1A) with Interstate H1 east. Pictured here is the ramp merge for traffic on Kamehameha Highway northbound onto the eastbound freeway. 01/17/11
Interstate H201 (former Hawaii 78) east passes by the north end of Aloha Stadium and reaches the Exit 1A ramp departure to Interstate H1 east to Pearl Harbor Naval Station and Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Travelers destined for Honolulu or Kaneohe (via Interstate H3) should continue east along the Moanalua Freeway 01/17/11
Exit 1B joins Hawaii 78 (Moanalua Freeway) and the Interstate H201 start with Kahuapaani Street south to Foster Village and Aloha Stadium. Kahuapaani Street ends at Salt Lake Boulevard by Halawa. 08/09/10
Hawaii 78 ends and Interstate H201 begins in signage at the Exit 1B ramp departure to Kahuapaani Street. Aloha Stadium resides west of the Interstates H1 & H201 interchange at Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) and Salt Lake Boulevard. The venue is home to the NFL Pro Bowl.
Kahuappahi Street north to Halawa Heights Road leads drivers into the Halawa Valley. Camp HM Smith and the Halawa Heights community are nearby. 08/09/10
A parting shot of the Exit 1B ramp split to Kahuappahi Street. Salt Lake Boulevard west to Hawaii 99 returns motorists to the Pearl Harbor area. 08/09/10
Exit 1C follows as a loop ramp onto Interstate H3 (John A. Burns Freeway) east to Kanehoe. Interstate H3 begins via a directional interchange with Interstate H1 east of Aloha Stadium. 08/09/10
Interstate H3 provides one of three routes across the Koolau Range between Honolulu and Kanehoe. Variable message signs for the freeway indicate closures due to inclement weather. A split diamond interchange joins Interstate H201 with Red Hill and Aliamanu Military Reservation next. 08/09/10
Exit 2 starts an Interstate H201 frontage road system (Moanalua Road) between Aliamanu Drive and Ala Napunani Street. Red Hill Naval Reservation lies to the north. Moanulua Valley follows to the east via Ala Aolani Street. 07/07/04
Exit 3 joins Interstate H201 (Moanalua Freeway) with Hawaii 7310 (Jarrett White Road) leading north to Tripler Army Medical Center. Puuloa Road ties in from Pearl Harbor Naval Station and Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) east of Honolulu International Airport. 07/07/04
A parclo interchange joins Interstate H201 with Funston Road at Fort Shafter. A collector distributor roadway follows the Moanalua Freeway east to a ramp with North King Street at Middle Street. 07/07/04
Interstate H201 West
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2 photos
H-201 West just after the split with H-1. Notice the main thru lanes are for H-201, and H-1 mainline exits to the right. The Kahauiki interchange is very old and woefully underpowered, and was used to serve Middle Street (using the H-1 exit) until 1986, when the short connection between the Nimitz Highway viaduct and the H-1/H-201 interchange opened. 01/17/11
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2 photos
Interstate H1 west passes above Interstate H201 (Moanalua Freeway) and below Middle Street. Exit 4 departs in one quarter mile for parallel Kaua Street to Fort Shafter. 07/07/04, 01/17/11
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2 photos
Just after the H-1 interchange, H-201 is still signed alternately as Hawaii 78 and H-201. This is the Fort Shafter Interchange, Exit 4 (which H-201 bisects). Kaua Street acts as a frontage road to Interstate H201 through Fort Shafter, connecting the Moanalua Freeway with Ahua Street at its west end. 07/07/04, 01/17/11
Looking down on H-201 from the King Street on-ramp. The exit to the right is for Fort Shafter; the left takes you back on H-201. 07/07/04
Puuloa Road (former Hawaii 66) ties into the Exit 3 diamond interchange of Interstate H201 from the south. The north-south road connects Jarrett White Road and the Moanalua Freeway with Hawaii 92 (Nimitz Highway) east of Honolulu International Airport. 01/17/11
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2 photos
Hawaii 7310 (Jarrett White Road) connects Exit 3 of Interstate H201 with Tripler Army Medical Center to the north. 07/07/04, 08/09/10
A short collector distributor roadway lines Interstate H201 west between the Kaua Street on-ramp and Hawaii 7310 (Exit 3) off-ramp. A directional ramp travels from Puuloa Road north onto Moanalua Freeway west in the background. 01/17/11
Continuing northwest along Interstate H201, drivers next encounter the Exit 2 off-ramp to Ala Napunanni Street to Moanalua Valley. 01/17/11
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2 photos
Exit 2 departs and splits with ramps to Ala Aolani Street north to Moanalua Valley, Ala Napunani Street south to Salt Lake, and Moanalua Road (frontage road) west to Aliamanu Drive at Red Hill. Interstate H3 leaves the Koolau Range and meets Interstate H201 at the following interchange (Exit 1D). 07/07/04, 01/17/11
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2 photos
Approaching the Halawa Interchange, H-201 becomes Hawaii 78 again for the short leg between H-1 and Nimitz Highway. The majority of traffic exits to H-1, with some traffic continuing north on H-3. 07/07/04, 01/17/11
Taking the Exit 1D/E off-ramp, motorists partition between the Interstate H3 eastbound on-ramp to Kanehoe and the Uulne Street ramp. Exit 1E provides access to Aloha Stadium via Ulne Street west to Kahaupaani Street south. 01/17/11
Exits 1D/1E leave Interstate H201 & Hawaii 78 (Moanalua Freeway) west. Exit 1E serves Halawa with connections to Camp HM Smith and Halawa Heights via Halawa Heights Road. Drivers joining Interstate H3 will next see an exit at Hawaii 63 (Likelike Highway) east of the Koolau Range. 08/09/10
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2 photos
Exit 1D and 1E split. Interstate H3 east (which actually travels north at this point), meanders across the Koolau Range to Kanehoe, ending at Marine Corpos Base Hawaii (MCBH) Kanehoe Bay. 07/07/04, 08/09/10
Exit 1E joins Ulune Street at Halawa Valley Street, ahead of the intersection with Kahuapaani Street. Kahuapaani Street leads southwest to Salt Lake Boulevard near Aloha Stadium. Ulune street parallels Interstate H1 west toward the Aeia area. 08/09/10
Interstate H201 (Moanalua Freeway) continues to a directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate H1. The right two lanes default onto H-1 west to Pearl City and Waipahu while the left lane continues to Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) at Aiea. 01/17/11
A loop ramp drops onto Interstate H201 west from Kahuapaani Street before the Moanalua Freeway splits with the H-1 westbound ramp. There is no access to Interstate H1 east. 01/17/11
Trailblazers posted at the gore point for Interstate H1 west from Interstate H201 west. H-2 is a 4.7 mile drive to the west. 01/17/11
The final exit joins H-201 with Moanalua Road west to Aiea, Pearlridge and Waiau. 01/17/11
Following the Interstate H201 spur west, traffic defaults onto Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) west to Pearlridge and Pearl City. Moanalua Road meanders on a parallel course to Kamehameha Highway from Aiea to Pearlridge and Exit 10 of Interstate H1. 01/17/11
Westbound at the partition of traffic to Hawaii 99 and Moanalua Road. An overpass (Aiea Access Road) leads south from Moanalua Road to a wye interchange with Kamehameha Highway south to Aloha Stadium and Pearl Harbor Naval Station. 01/17/11
Passing under Aiea Access Road, drivers along H-201 prepare to merge onto Hawaii 99 (Kamehameha Highway) westbound. HI-99 constitutes a commercial arterial from Aiea west through Pearl City. 01/17/11
The right lane ends as H-201 merges onto Hawaii 99 north. Laulima Street (former Hawaii 72) south ends at the ramp to Kamehameha Highway. 01/17/11
Interstate H201 Hawaii Route 78 scenes
Interstates H3 and H201 eastbound trailblazers posted at the Ulune Street intersection with Kahuapaani Street. A loop ramp joins Moanalua Freeway east ahead of the Interstate H3 ramp to Kanehoe nearby. 08/09/10
Kahuapaani Street leads south from Exit 1B/1E of Interstate H201 (Moanalua Freeway) to Salt Lake Boulevard east of Aloha Stadium. Pictured here is the eastbound ramp to Interstate H201. I-H201 east meets Interstate H3 (John A. Burns Freeway) east next. 08/09/10

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  • 07/07/04 by Kevin Trinkle.
  • 08/09/10 by Larry Epstein.
  • 01/17/11 by AARoads.

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