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Maryland Route 222 was designated in 1995 with the truncation of U.S. 222 northward from Perryville to Conowingo. The 11.36-mile long state route follows the former U.S. highway south from U.S. 1, including the narrow alignment through Port Deposit and the extension on Aiken Avenue south of U.S. 40. MD 222 north from Mount Ararat Farm Road to U.S. 1 at Conowingo Dam is part of the Lower Susquehanna Scenic Byway.

East of MD 222. U.S. 222 Truck became MD 222 Truck with the redesignation along U.S. 1 between Conowingo and MD 276, MD 276 south from Harrisville to Woodlawn and MD 275 south to MD 222 at Craigtown. Trailblazers for U.S. 222 replaced shields for the truck route along the northbound route. Markers on southbound were subsequently eliminated.

Maryland Route 222 - Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 6,111 - MD 7 to U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway)
  • 13,811 - U.S. 40 to Interstate 95
  • 3,051 - MD 275 to MD 276 (Center Street)
  • 2,951- MD 276 to U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road)

Source: Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) - 2016 Traffic Volume Maps by County

Conowingo Dam
Looking west from the intersection of MD 222 and U.S. 1 at Conowingo Dam. Connecting Cecil and Harford Counties, U.S. 1 runs along the top of the dam with two lanes. Normal water depth of Conowingo Pond to the north is 108.5 feet. Photo taken by JP Nasiatka (08/29/03).
Maryland Route 222 North
MD 222 (Aiken Avenue) northbound at U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway) in the town of Perryville. U.S. 40 travels across the Susquehanna River over the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge into Havre De Grace. Heading east, Pulaski Highway reaches the town of North East in seven miles. 03/28/04
Drivers turning west along U.S. 40 default onto the Hatem Bridge into Harford County. Tolls are collected for the through arch bridge in the eastbound direction. 03/28/04
Aiken Avenue becomes Perryville Road beyond U.S. 40 as MD 222 progresses northward through Aikin toward Interstate 95. The state route next ascends over a CSX Railroad line on a 1990-built bridge. 03/28/04
Perryville Road leads north with a continuous center turn lane to the split with Blythedale Road (MD 824) preceding Interstate 95. 03/28/04
MD 824 (Blythedale Road) loops around the east side of the folded diamond interchange joining MD 222 (Perryville Road) with Interstate 95 (JFK Memorial Highway). Reservoir Road angles southeast from Blythedale Road nearby to Jackson Station Road. 03/28/04
Reassurance shield for MD 222 posted along Bainbridge Road west after MD 824 and MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive). The state route descends 2.5 miles to the town of Port Deposit along the Susquehanna River. 03/28/04
MD 222 (Bainbridge Road) runs along the Port Deposit town line west from Happy Valley Branch. A warning sign, since replaced with a ground level assembly, advised motorists of the 8% grade between Lebron Road and Main Street. 03/28/04
The Susquehanna River comes into view as MD 222 (Bainbridge Road) drops 240 feet in elevation from Lebron Road to Main Street in Port Deposit. 03/28/04
MD 222 turns north alongside Port Deposit Marina Park on Main Street. The nearby Susquehanna River opens into Chesapeake Bay southwest of Perryville. 03/28/04
MD 222 follows Main Street along a narrow strip of lane between the Susquehanna River and the bluff line. 03/28/04
Main Street runs along a narrow course due to the close proximity of homes, churches, on-street parking, and the adjacent CSX Railroad line. This scene looks north of Port Deposit Town Hall. 03/28/04
MD 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) runs along the north side of the former Bainbridge Naval Trailing Center to Center Street in Port Deposit. The state route ends at the forthcoming intersection with Rowland Drive. 08/11/05
High Street converges with MD 222 from a handful of residences overlooking Main Street. Oyster Shell Alley follows to the left. 03/28/04
MD 276 is unmarked at the intersection with Center Street east and Rowland Drive west. The nearly eight mile long highway joins Port Deposit with MD 273 and U.S. 1 outside Rising Sun. 08/11/05
Continuing northbound on MD 222 (Main Street) through Port Deposit. Vannont Drive spurs to the west. 03/28/04
The CSX Railroad line runs directly next to Main Street through the north end of Port Deposit. Meeting MD 222 next is Granite Avenue (former MD 269) north to Liberty Grove. 03/28/04
MD 222 navigates through a sharp S-curve as it switches sides with the CSX Railroad beyond Mill Street. 08/11/05
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Advancing north from Port Deposit, MD 222 (Susquehanna River Road) travels under a canopy of trees between the adjacent river and CSX Railroad. Areas east of the railroad fall within Susquehanna State Park. 08/11/05
Susquehanna River Road crosses Octoraro Creek and rises 105 feet over the ensuing mile to U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) at Conowingo Dam. U.S. 222 previously overlapped with U.S. 1 north one mile to Rock Springs Road at Kilby Corner. 08/11/05
U.S. 1 crosses the CSX Railroad on the northward climb from Conowingo Dam. The truck route for MD 222 overlaid the highway northeast to MD 276 Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) near Rising Sun 08/11/05
Maryland Route 222 South
MD 222 stems south from U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) by Conowingo Dam. Following Susquehanna River Road, the state route parallels the CSX Railroad 4.2 miles south to the town of Port Deposit. 08/11/05
Lowering 100 feet in elevation from U.S. 1, MD 222 crosses Octoraro Creek on a steel stringer bridge dating back to 1930.1 08/11/05
MD 222 (Main Street) passes underneath the CSX Railroad line and shifts onto Main Street through Port Deposit. 03/28/04
Liberty Grove Road (former MD 269) ventures south from Liberty Grove to become Race Street in Port Deposit. Race Street connects with Granite Avenue ahead of MD 222 (Main Street). Decommissioned by the early 1980s, MD 269 Road joined Port Deposit with MD 276 at Colora. 03/28/04
Main Street shoehorns between the CSX Railroad and older style row homes through northern reaches of Port Deposit. MD 222 separates from the adjacent railroad ahead of Vannort Drive. 03/28/04
Entering the Port Deposit business district, MD 222 (Main Street) approaches MD 276 (Center Street) north at Rowland Drive. Rowland Drive spurs west to the Tomes Landing condominium complex along the Susquehanna River. 03/28/04
MD 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) ascends over 450 feet in elevation from Center Street in Port Deposit 2.2 miles to MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive). 03/28/04
Turning east along Bainbridge Road, MD 222 straddles the Port Deposit town line and old Bainbridge Naval Trailing Center grounds. The state route emerges from the Susquehanna River valley ahead of MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive) north and MD 824 (Bainbridge Road) south near Craigtown. 03/02/04
MD 222 overtakes Perrylawn Drive south from MD 275 through the exchange with Interstate 95 (John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway) at Perryville. 03/28/04
Interstate 95 crosses the Millard E. Tydings Bridge, a high-level span across the Susquehanna River into Harford County to the west. The freeway reaches the Baltimore city line in 32 miles. 03/28/04
Reassurance marker posted within the folded diamond interchange at Interstate 95 (JFK Memorial Highway). The exchange was originally a standard diamond. 03/28/04
Spanning JFK Memorial Highway, motorists on MD 222 south advance toward the freeway on-ramp for northbound. I-95 travels seven miles to North East (MD 272) and 16 miles to Elkton (MD 279) before crossing the Delaware state line. 03/28/04
Interstate 95 continues northeast from Cecil County to Wilmington, Delaware, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ultimately New York City. 03/28/04
MD 824 (Blythedale Road) returns to MD 222 just south of Interstate 95 at Reservoir Road. 03/28/04
MD 222 intersects MD 824 at Reservoir Road across from Heather Lane to the shuttered Perryville Outlet Center. The adjacent retail complex closed after 26 years of business in October 2016.2 06/01/04
Continuing south from MD 824, MD 222 follows Perryville Road to Aiken and U.S. 40 (Pulaski Highway). West from Perryville, U.S. 40 crosses the Thomas J. Hatem Memorial Bridge to Havre De Grace. Eastward the US highway heads to Principio Business Park, North East and Elkton. MD 222 extends southward along Aiken Avenue 0.6 miles to MD 7 (Broad Street). 06/01/04

  1. MD 222 over OCTORARO CREEK, Cecil County, Maryland.
  2. "Perryville Outlet Center officially closes as potential sale looms." Cecil Whig (Elkton, MD), October 5, 2016.

Photo Credits:

  • 03/02/04 by Adam Froehlig.
  • 03/28/04 by AARoads.
  • 06/01/04 by AARoads.
  • 08/11/05 by AARoads.

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