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MD 313 travels 76 miles northward from Mardela Springs in Wicomico County to Federalsburg, Denton and Galena in Kent County. The meandering state route connects a number of smaller Eastern Shore towns including Sharptown, Greensboro, Goldsboro, Sudlersville and Millington.

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Maryland Route 313 scenes
Maryland 544 (McGinnes Road) eastbound ends at Maryland 313 (Millington Road) midway between Millington and Sudlersville in Queen Anne's County. The state route joins Maryland 313 with U.S. 301 nearby en route to Crumpton, Kingstown and Chestertown. Photo taken 03/02/04.
Eastbound Maryland 330 commences along Maryland Line Road from Maryland 313 (Galena Road) at Massey. The state route stems east from the same intersection where Maryland 299 starts northward. Maryland 330 travels 3.7 miles across eastern Kent County to the Delaware state line near Delaneys Corner. Photo taken 04/13/04.
4.4 miles west of the state line, Maryland 291 (Cypress Street) approaches Maryland 313 (Sassafras Street / Galena Road) at Millington. Maryland 291 continues west on River Road 1.5 miles to an interchange with U.S. 301. Maryland 313 travels north to Massey and south to Unicorn from Millington. Photo taken 04/13/04.

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    03/02/04 by Adam Froehlig. 04/13/04 by AARoads.

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