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U.S. 222 Business branches east from U.S. 222 (Warren Street Bypass) along Lancaster Avenue into the borough of Shillington. The route continues north to Kenhorst and across the Schuylkill River into the city of Reading.

South of Downtown Reading, U.S. 222 Business separates into a one way couplet along Laurel and 5th Streets northbound and Pine and 4th Streets southbound. 5th Street leads the remainder of the route north to Downtown Reading and Muhlenburg township. Beyond the borough of Laureldale, U.S. 222 Business continues through Temple along Allentown Pike to U.S. 222 (Van Reed Road).

U.S. 222 Business was established in 1962 when U.S. 222 was relocated onto the newly constructed bypass around Reading. The American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) approved the changes on December 1, 1962. Prior to the end of 2004, U.S. 222 overlapped with U.S. 422 northwest from Lancaster Avenue in the city of Reading to the Warren Street Bypass (PA 12) in the borough of Wyomissing. With the freeway for U.S. 222 completed southwest to Adamstown, U.S. 222 Business replaced U.S. 222 (Lancaster Avenue) between Shillington and Reading.

U.S. 222 Business North
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) converges with PA 724 (Revere Boulevard) just ahead of Shillington. PA 724 angles northwest 2.5 miles to U.S. 422 (Penn Avenue) at Sinking Spring. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business / PA 724 (Lancaster Avenue) overlap 0.6 miles east into the borough of Shillington. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business/PA 724 (Lancaster Avenue) narrow from a five lane arterial into a two lane boulevard at forthcoming Museum Road. 08/01/04
Reassurance markers for U.S. 222 Business/PA 724 precede Museum Road. 08/01/04
Wyomissing Avenue (SR 3009) extends south from Shillington to the borough of Mohnton. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business north / PA 724 (Lancaster Avenue) east at Sterley Street. 08/01/04
The fourth traffic light along U.S. 222 Business/PA 724 (Lancaster Avenue) east operates at Miller Street. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) shift northward from PA 724 at Philadelphia Avenue. PA 724 continues east toward Birdsboro and Interstate 176. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) and PA 724 (Philadelphia Avenue) split at a five point intersection at New Holland Avenue and Liberty Street. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) north of PA 724 (Philadelphia Avenue). 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) northbound at Waverly Street in east Shillington. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) expands to four lanes north to Kenhorst Boulevard in the borough of Kenhorst. 08/01/04
Reassurance marker posted after Kenhorst Avenue (SR 3030). 08/01/04
Hancock Boulevard intersects U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) one block ahead of PA 625 (New Holland Road). 08/01/04
PA 625 (New Holland Road) travels 16.7 miles south from U.S. 222 Business to PA 23 east of New Holland. 08/01/04
U.S. 222 Business passes under a Norfolk Southern Railroad overpass beyond PA 625 (New Holland Road). 08/01/04
Continuing into the city of Reading, U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) advances north to PA 10 (Morgantown Road) and U.S. 422 (West Shore Bypass). 08/01/04
PA 10 (Morgantown Road) represents the historic alignment of U.S. 122 south from Reading to the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) and Morgantown. 08/01/04
PA 10 (Morgantown Road) parallels U.S. 422 (West Shore Bypass) in Reading southward to Flying Hills and Interstate 176 at Green Hills. 08/01/04
A single point interchange with left exit ramps joins U.S. 222 Business (Lancaster Avenue) with U.S. 422 (W River Drive). U.S. 422 follows an expressway east to Reiffton and west to the Warren Street Bypass (U.S. 222 / PA 12). 08/01/04
U.S. 222 formerly overlapped with U.S. 422 (W River Drive) northwest to the Warren Street Bypass. U.S. 222 heads north U.S. 422 and PA 12 to Muhlenberg township. 04/23/04
North from U.S. 422, U.S. 222 Business crosses the Bingaman Street Bridge over the Schuylkill River toward Downtown Reading. 04/23/04
The Reading skyline appears as U.S. 222 Business shifts onto Laurel Street east. 04/23/04
Reassurance marker posted east of 4th Street and the Bingaman Street Bridge. 04/23/04
Laurel Street leads U.S. 222 Business northbound two blocks east to 5th Street. 04/23/04
U.S. 222 Business (Fifth Street) north at Bingaman Street. 04/23/04
U.S. 222 Business (Allentown Pike) concludes at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 222 (Van Reed Road) by Park Road (SR 1010). 12/21/20
Bypassing Reading to the north, U.S. 222 upgrades to a freeway southwest from Allentown Pike (U.S. 222 Business) to PA 61 (Pottsville Pike) and PA 183. 12/21/20
U.S. 222 overtakes Allentown Pike north from U.S. 222 Business to Blandon and Kutztown. 12/21/20
U.S. 222 Business South
U.S. 222 Business turns south from Pine Street onto 4th Street ahead of Riverfront Drive. 04/23/04
U.S. 222 Business angles southwest from 4th Street at Laurel Street onto the Bingaman Street Bridge. 04/23/04
U.S. 222 Business crosses the Schuylkill River south to the single point interchange with U.S. 422 (West Shore Bypass). 04/23/04
U.S. 222 Business ended at the exchange with U.S. 422 (W River Drive) until late 2004, when it was extended over the former route of U.S. 222 to Kenhorst and Shillington. 04/23/04
U.S. 222 was formerly posted alongside U.S. 422 (W River Drive) northwest along the Schuylkill River to the Warren Street Bypass (PA 12). 04/23/04
U.S. 422 travels west from Reading to Lebanon while U.S. 222 continues southwest from the Warren Street Bypass to Lancaster. 04/23/04
U.S. 422 (West Shore Bypass) heads 2.4 miles southeast to Interstate 176 (Morgantown Expressway) en route to Pottstown. 04/23/04

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