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SR 68 measures 70.62 miles north from U.S. 6 at Elberta to U.S. 89 along the Bountiful and Woods Cross city line. The state route parallels I-15 through urban areas of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area and runs along the west side of Utah Lake between Saratoga Springs and the southern terminus.

Utah State Route 68 North
Approaching Crossroads Boulevard on SR 68 (Redwood Road) on the outskirts of Lehi. Crossroads Boulevard east from SR 145 (Pioneer Crossing) was formerly a part of SR 73. The state route across the city of Lehi was relinquished after 2012. 01/28/11
Camp Williams Road leads SR 68 north through the city of Bluffdale. SR 140 formerly linked SR 68 with I-15 and Draper at 14400 South. The state route was truncated west of 800 West in Bluffdale after 2016. 01/28/11
The at-grade intersection joining SR 68 (Redwood Road) with SR 154 (Bangerter Highway) was replaced with a single point urban interchange (SPUI). Bangerter Highway forms a controlled access arterial/expressway loop from Bluffdale north through West Jordan, West Valley City and Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). 01/28/11
SR 68 turns east from Redwood Road onto 500 South within the Davis County city of Woods Cross. 500 South extends west to an interchange with SR 67 (Legacy Parkway) and its west side frontage road. 02/04/11
This sign advises of truck restrictions for those using SR 67 (Legacy Parkway). Generally trucks are prohibited from using the scenic parkway. However during traffic incidents or major construction along I-15, the truck ban along SR 67 may be lifted temporarily. 04/24/11
500 South leads SR 68 1.7 miles east from Redwood Road to Interstate 15 along the West Bountiful city line. Overpasses pictured here dated from 1959. They were rebuilt when the six-ramp parclo interchange with I-15 was converted into a DDI. 04/24/11
Utah State Route 68 South
SR 68 makes a 90 degree turn south from 500 South to Redwood Road in Woods Cross. The state route historically made a seamless movement here, curving just southeast of the signalized intersection. 500 South extends west a third of a mile to Legacy Parkway. 04/24/11
SR 67 (Legacy Parkway) and SR 68 parallel one another south from Woods Cross and 500 South to the city of North Salt Lake and adjacent ramps with Interstate 215. 04/24/11

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01/28/11, 02/04/11, 04/24/11 by Garrett Smith

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