I-69 Business

Interstate Business Route 69

Interstate 69 has four active business loops in the state of Michigan.



Active Business Route

Business Loop I-69 connects I-69 with the Branch County seat of Coldwater from Exit 10 to the south and Exit 13 to the east. The business route overtakes Old U.S. 27 along Angola Road and Division Street north to U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) in Downtown. The 5.1 mile long route overlaps with U.S. 12 east to a commercialized parclo interchange with Interstate 69.


Active Business Route

Replacing U.S. 27 Business in 1974,1 Business Loop I-69 lines old U.S. 27 (Cochran Avenue) north from Exit 58 to the Charlotte city center. Lawrence Avenue and Lansing Street angle the route northeast back to I-69 at Exit 61.


Active Business Route

Business Loop I-69 stems east from I-69/96 at Exit 93 alongside M-43 (Saginaw Street) to Waverly, Lansing Mall and Edgemont Park. Once within the capital city, Business Loop I-69 separates into a couplet using Saginaw Street east and Oakland Avenue west. The one-way streets converge at the split with M-43 (Grand River Avenue). Saginaw Street turns northeastward from there along a divided arterial and ends at a trumpet interchange (Exit 94) with I-69.

Business Loop I-69 was established in 1987 over Temp Interstate 69, when the new freeway opened east of Lansing. The route travels 14.37 miles overall.1

Port Huron

Active Business Route

I-69 and I-94 converge to the west of Port Huron at a directional T interchange. The exchange ties into a wye interchange with an expressway spurring southeast to the couplet of Griswold Street west and Oak Street east into the city. Designated as Business Loop I-69, the couplet leads east to Business Loop I-94 (Military Street) near the St. Clair Riverfront.

The two business routes combine northward along old U.S. 25 to Downtown. Following Huron and Pine Grove Avenues, the pair tie into I-69/94 at the south end of M-25 and west approach to the Bluewater Bridge linking Port Huron with Point Edward, Ontario.

When the freeway along M-21 was completed in 1984, it was designated as an extension of I-69 east from Flint to Port Huron. The former trunk highway east from Port Huron Township to M-25 (Military Street) was subsequently redesignated as Business Spur I-69.

Additional changes were made by 1987, when M-25 south from the Bluewater Bridge approach was redesignated as Business Loop I-94. This coincided with the change of Business Spur I-69 to a 6.11 mile long loop running in tandem with BL I-94 northward.1


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Business Loop I-69/US 12 west at Coldwater, MI

Business Loop I-69 south and U.S. 12 west in Coldwater just beyond I-69 at Exit 13. Photo by Jeremy Lance (07/00).