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The Coldwater Business Loop for Interstate 69 travels 5.06 miles1 to the west from Exit 10 to Exit 13. Following Fenn Road west from Exit 10, the business route overtakes former U.S. 27 (Angola Road) northward to Clay Street in the city of Coldwater. A short distance north of the city line, Division Street branches east from Clay Street as Business Loop I-69 to the business district and U.S. 12 (Chicago Street). Chicago Street returns Business Loop I-69 to I-69 via U.S. 12.

Business Loop I-69 was designated in 1967 when the portion of Interstate 69 through Branch County opened to traffic. U.S. 27 shifted to the freeway from through Coldwater during this time period.1

U.S. 12 east
U.S. 12 east continues beyond the Business Loop I-69 end through a retail area anchored by several big box stores. The US route leaves Coldwater to parallel the Sauk River to Quincy. Photo taken 11/05/11.
U.S. 12 west
U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) meets Interstate 69 at a parclo interchange along a commercial strip in east Coldwater. Business Loop I-69 begins here and follows U.S. 12 west 1.3 miles. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Passing under Interstate 69, U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) approaches the southbound on-ramp to Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, Indiana. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Interstate 69 exits eastern reaches of Coldwater for a 14.5-mile rural drive south to Angola, Indiana and the Indiana Toll Road (Interstates 80 & 90). Photo taken 11/05/11.
Business Loop I-69 south & U.S. 12 west
The first reassurance shield for Business Loop I-69 south appears alongside U.S. 12 and an Emergency Detour marker for I-69. The alternate route for I-69 follows Old U.S. 27 both north and south of Coldwater. Photo taken 11/05/11.
A number of traveler services line Business Loop I-69 south & U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) west as the five-lane arterial leads away from I-69. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Sprague Street meets Chicago Street at a staggered intersection by Community Health Center hospital. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Business Loop I-69 south & U.S. 12 west reduce to four lanes and enter a residential area between Sprague and Jefferson Streets. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Another set of shields for Business Loop I-69 & U.S. 12 lie ahead of the Coldwater business district at Lincoln Street. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Approaching Division Street, Business Loop I-69 prepares to split with U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) west along former U.S. 27 south. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Emergency Detour shields direct travelers for I-69 north along Marshall Street (old U.S. 27) to Girard and south along Business Loop I-69 to Kinderhook. Photo taken 11/05/11.
U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) bisects downtown westward to M-86 (Colon Road) and Bronson. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Business Loop I-69 south
Heading south along Division Street from U.S. 12 (Chicago Street) on Business Loop I-69. Division Street carries four overall lanes to the bridge across the Sauk River. Photo taken 11/05/11.
An Emergency Detour shield assembly for Interstate 69 precedes the traffic light with Pearl Street. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Pearl Street heads east to Sprague Street and west to U.S. 12 (Chicago Street). Photo taken 11/05/11.
Southbound Business Loop I-69 (Division Street) at Perkins Street east. An at-grade crossing with the Michigan Southern railroad lies ahead. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Crossing the Sauk River, Division Street overtakes Clay Street. The Sauk, a tributary of the Coldwater River, is the easternmost river in the United States by that name. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Clay Street serves the industrial south side of Coldwater to part ways with the city at Garfield Avenue. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Garfield Avenue ventures west from Sprague Street to U.S. 12 (Chicago Road) by Branch County Memorial Airport (OEB). Photo taken 11/05/11.
2 photos
2 photos
The remaining 2.75 miles of Business Loop I-69 (Angola Road) traverse agricultural areas to I-69. Photos taken 11/05/11.
Business Loop I-69 splits with Angola Road and curves easterly to Interstate 69. Old U.S. 27 remains west of I-69 to Angola, Indiana. Photo taken 11/05/11.
The Emergency Detour signage directs motorists back to I-69 from Coldwater via Business Loop I-69. Detour signs are also posted along Angola Road (old U.S. 27) southward from here. Photo taken 11/05/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Overtaking Fenn Road, Business Loop I-69 travels east along a section line. Photos taken 11/05/11.
Nearing the diamond interchange with Interstate 69 along Fenn Road east. Photo taken 11/05/11.
2 photos
2 photos
The southbound on-ramp for Interstate 69 departs Business Loop I-69 (Fenn Road). Fort Wayne lies 61 miles to the south. Photos taken 11/05/11.
Spanning Interstate 69, drivers approach the northbound on-ramp for Lansing, Flint and Port Huron. Photo taken 11/05/11.
An end shield for Business Loop I-69 south resides ahead of the northbound on-ramp for Interstate 69. Fenn Road extends east another 1.4 miles to a rural end at Fiske Road. Photo taken 11/05/11.
Interstate 69 returns drivers northward through east Coldwater to Marshall and Charlotte on the 71-mile drive to Lansing. Photo taken 11/05/11.

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