Going back to June 2008, for an Oregon/Washington trip I took. Entirely west of the Cascades.

The Milky Way. Near Mount Rainier; well past the lights of the I-5 corridor.

The arc trail, by the way, is an airplane – note the break in the trail which occurred while I restarted the exposure.

Oregon state highway 126
And the find of the trip – this old-style Oregon 126 eagle highway marker. Marked 1/17/73 on the back; this style dates to 1948.

Mount Rainier at sunset.

The last remaining US-99 shield in Washington state. The Alaskan Way Viaduct was renumbered to state route 99 in 1969, but this shield remains at one of the on-ramps.

A waterfall by the side of state route 410 (former US-410).

Just before dawn, beside US-12.

A lake at sunrise.

Washington 504, Washington 505
Some old signs featuring the smallest number on an interstate shield ever.

Washington interstate 205
This I-205 shield is in Washington, at the Oregon border. Alas, no state name. Those are all long gone.

Washington interstate 205
Old Interstate 205 sign in Washington.

error Interstate 99W in Oregon
And in Oregon now, where they insist on giving the interstate shield to far too many things, like state route 99W. It was, at one point, US-99W, but it certainly was not ever an interstate.

interstate 105, interstate 5, Oregon 99, business Oregon 126
Guide sign gantry in Eugene, Oregon with oddly fonted shields.

old Oregon Interstate 5 and Interstate 105
State-named shields in Oregon are very rare. Here are two out of three known.

interstate 5, interstate 84, interstate 205 shields
Old green signs. Under Tigard, it clearly used to say Portland, but I have no idea what it said under the current Portland. Perhaps it said Seattle before I-205 was built.

End of US-26 at US-101.

error Washington state route 101, and Lewis and Clark Trail
Crossing into Washington, where they promptly mislabel US-101 as a state route. Oops!

U. S. highway 101
Somewhere around Raymond, Washington, this old sign still remains.

U. S. highway 101
Highway 101 curves around the Olympic Peninsula. Here it is signed north, but one may follow this route all the way to Los Angeles.

U. S. highway 101
Here, 101 is signed east-west.

U. S. highway 101
A village somewhere on the Olympic Peninsula.

US-101 with the Olympic Mountains in the background.

U. S. highway 101 and error U. S. highway 112
This should be state highway 112 here.

Nearing the northwest corner of the peninsula – and, by extension, the lower 48 states.

An older state highway 112 shield on a classic white wooden picket.

Washington 113 ends at U. S. highway 101
The patch on the 113 shield covers up a “131”.

This older Interstate 5 shield may not survive the construction equipment directly behind it.

Interstate 5 at Washington 167, former Washington 410, US-410
Button copy is very scarce in Washington – here is some left on Interstate 5 northbound. Even older is the sign on the left: under the 167 patch is a state route 410 shield. The switch happened in 1973. Before 1964, the route was US-410.

Interstate 5 at Washington 167, former Washington 410, US-410
The next sign is equally as old.

Interstate 5 at Washington 518 and Interstate 405
More great old button copy – on the ramp from 5 to 405.

Interstate 90 and Interstate 405
The last known state-named I-405 shield. The entire gantry dates back to the 1960s.

Sea-Tac Airport trailblazer
An older airport trailblazer, featuring a very 1950s-looking jet airliner.