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Charlotte NC "city meet" - April 20, 2024

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A.J. Bertin:
Now that it's official that Charlotte will be the location of my 2024 "city meet", I'd like to announce the tentative date I'm looking at - Saturday, April 20.

The format for my meet will be the same that I used for my previous gatherings... a choose-your-own-sightseeing event.  I will select the restaurants where we will convene for lunch and dinner, and folks can explore certain aspects of Charlotte individually or in small groups between lunch and dinner.  Some folks may choose to focus on the highway infrastructure in the area, some may choose to explore the city's downtown area, some may want to check out retail/breweries, and of course some may choose some combination of those and any other features of the city that they are interested in.

Charlotte is a city that's intrigued me for quite a while, and I've never really been there; I only passed through it once on I-77 when I was a kid.  As I've said before with other "city meets" I've hosted, I'm basically exploring this city for the first time and invite anyone who is interested to explore it with me.

Over the next few months or so, I will confirm that April 20 will be the date... but right now, I'm giving myself at least a 90 percent chance that it will take place on this date.  Certain enough to announce the date now.  (It won't surprise me if we have some 420 jokes.  LOL)

Hm.  Could be tough to swing this and a solar eclipse trip for me that month.

Will keep this in in mind, maybe it won't conflict with the spring Hershey dicast toy show that takes place around this time

I'm in the same boat as Rothman as I am highly prioritizing the eclipse.  How I do it is the question.  I'm also considering a strong cutback in travel to invest in other things like house repairs and saving (yes I said that word) for retirement.

Between New Orleans in February, the Eclipse in April, and Bakersfield in May, this part of the calendar is already pretty congested. I would have been really interested in this but it's not realistic for me if it's done that time of year. (However, if you supply free weed for us, you might entice me and others to go...)


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