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I hope it's a contractor issue, but it's definitely a NYSDOT problem, nothing to do with town-maintained routes.  Couldn't tell you if it's regional or not, but I've only seen that first style upstate.

the 36 and 63 are an older standard, and the 15 and the 256 with it are a newer one.

old standard can be seen here:

the 256 with the 36 and the 63 is non-standard.  must be a contractor flaw.

That train station is now a Dinosaur BBQ restaurant.

Both of those shields I have seen more than just a few times. I am starting to think its not a contractor issue rather than it being the new type of shield. I hope I am wrong at this because its hideous IMHO. The hump in the 63 and 36 shields are too short and the hump in the 256 is too wide.


Roadgeek Adam:
Well, no NYSDOT is testing new shields, and that was one of the designs :|


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