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Author Topic: Garden State Parkway  (Read 301874 times)


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Re: Garden State Parkway
« Reply #1375 on: January 25, 2021, 03:46:08 PM »

It seems to me as a matter of principle that the express type lanes should be to the left and staffed lanes to the right. I don't understand why some toll agencies would do the reverse.
It makes some sense for entrance and exit ramp tolls (and bridges) that have multiple approaches to the toll plaza or destinations after it. Not so much for mainline tolls.

Way back the Parkway had signs (may still have them) with different signals for types of lanes. It was probably mostly missed as lanes end and everyone is still barreling into the plaza and slaloming to what looks like the shortest lane

Also when ez-pass is a lane option as a lane through a toll booth, it isn't the same as an express. Some of those places have gates to make you slow down to 5 or 10 mph still. Additionally, trucks prefer to go to the right so they are not trying to accelerate slowly in the middle of all the traffic. That might be another consideration that was made about where to locate them.

On the Turnpike, at the old Interchange 1, the ez-pass lanes were in the middle because those were useless lanes. The booths were built for two collectors on one island. In the larger plazas like Interchange 1, that meant you one person for the drivers side on one lane and and another for the passenger side of the next lane. So those lanes weren't very convenient or usable and generally operated for ez-pass. For the southbound side particularly, those happened to be much more towards the left as the was an addition to the right made later (after the original plaza was built) with 5 additional lanes with a single collector on each island servicing the driver side.

I always thought that the Highway Authority did that to try to minimize weaving for traffic approaching the plazas. Someone realizing they wanted the coin basket lane and not swerving across many lanes of traffic. I have seen people literally make a 90 degree turn and drive perpendicular to traffic at plazas in other places because they were not in the lanes they wanted.


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Re: Garden State Parkway
« Reply #1376 on: February 02, 2021, 03:56:40 PM »

I see by GSV that the 145 ramp plaza gone has been captured since.  The 148 plazas though GSV has not yet posted the changed or the infamous Google car never made it there yet.
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