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McDonald Road carries Mobile County 39 between U.S. 90 at Irvington and Mobile County 32 (Three Notch Road / Gold Mine Road) near Dawes. The two-lane roadway was upgraded to a four-lane divided highway between 2003 and 2005 to improve access to the Irvington and Bayou La Batre areas in conjunction with Interstate 10, U.S. 90, and Padgett Switch Road south (Mobile County 23). A six-ramp partial-cloverleaf interchange between McDonald Road and Interstate 10 opened on January 12, 2005 at a cost of $16 million.1 The original two-lane crossing over the freeway was removed in 2004.

Mobile County 39 ended at U.S. 90 until the June 2009 completion of its alignment southward to Half Mile and Padgett Switch Roads. The four-lane roadway directly ties into Padgett Switch Road (Mobile County 23) leading south to Alabama 188 near Bayou La Batre.

Mobile County 39 north
Padgett Switch Road northbound at the intersection with Half Mile Road (Mobile County 23) and the unsigned beginning of Mobile County 39 north. None of the three county routes are signed here. Instead motorists are given trailblazers for Interstate 10 and U.S. 90 from both Padgett Switch and Half Mile Roads. 06/15/09
Mobile County 39 begins initially with two lanes but quickly expands into a four-lane divided highway. 06/15/09
A folded diamond interchange joins Mobile County 39 north with Gibson Road east to Padgett Switch Road (Mobile County 23) and Park Boulevard between Mobile International Speedway and Mobile County 19 (Irvington Bayou La Batre Highway). 06/15/09
Northbound drivers pass over Park Boulevard, a CSX Railroad line, and U.S. 90. 06/15/09
A second folded diamond interchange facilitates the movements between U.S. 90 and Mobile County 39 east of Irvington. 06/15/09
Continuing northwest from U.S. 90 toward Gulf Boulevard and County Farm Road on Mobile County 39 north. 06/11/06
CR 39 reassurance shield posted ahead of County Farm Road. 05/23/09
2 photos
2 photos
Junction Interstate 10 Alabama shield posted after the Mobile County 39 (McDonald Road) intersection with County Farm Road.
This shield was replaced with a neutered version by 2009. 05/25/05, 05/23/09
The six-ramp parclo interchange between McDonald Road and Interstate 10 is named after retired U.S. Representative Sonny Callahan (R). Callahan, a local state representative, pushed for the Exit 10 interchange and widened McDonald Road successfully. 05/25/05
Four lanes of Mobile County 39 enter the Exit 10 interchange with Interstate 10. Motorists destined for Mobile depart McDonald Road via Interstate 10 eastbound. 05/25/05
A sign bridge guides drivers to the respective Interstate 10 on-ramps. Interstate 10 meets Theodore-Dawes Road in three miles and U.S. 90 in five miles to the east of Exit 10. 05/25/05
McDonald Road passes over Interstate 10 on the approach to the westbound on-ramp. A left turn is required for traffic destined to Pascagoula and Biloxi. 05/25/05
Mobile County 39 northbound at the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 10. The four-lane alignment joins the original two-lane roadway ahead. 06/15/09
Mobile County 39 returns to its two-lane alignment between Interstate 10 and Old Pascagoula Road (Mobile County 28). Old Pascagoula Road winds westward to Franklin Creek, Mississippi and east to Tillman's Corner and U.S. 90. 04/26/09
Theodore Dawes Road (Mobile County 30) merges onto Mobile County 39 (McDonald Road) north at this signalized intersection. 04/26/09
McDonald Road and Mobile County 39 end at Three Notch Road (Mobile County 32) opposite Gold Mine Road East. Three Notch Road stems west from Tillman's Corner to Dawes Road (Mobile County 33). 04/26/09
Mobile County 39 south
Mobile County 30 (Theodore Dawes Road West) branches southeast from Mobile County 39 (McDonald Road) south at this intersection. Mobile County 30 leads east to Schillinger Road (Mobile County 31) and Exit 13 of Interstate 10. 05/23/09
McDonald Road expands from two lanes into a four-lane divided highway south of the I-10 Service Road outside Exit 10 of the freeway. 05/23/09
Southbound on Mobile County 39 (McDonald Road) at the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 10. Interstate 10 meets SR 188 & Mobile County 11 in six miles near Grand Bay. 05/25/05
Traffic to Interstate 10 eastbound passes over the freeway on McDonald Road southbound. Interstate 10 meets Interstate 65 in ten miles and downtown Mobile in 16 miles. 05/25/05
A shield and guide sign direct motorists onto the Interstate 10 eastbound ramp. Interstate 10 meets U.S. 90 and SR 193 (Rangeline Road) at Tillman's Corner within the next seven miles. 04/26/09
Southbound reassurance marker placed for Mobile County 39 as it leaves the interchange with Interstate 10. The right lane defaults onto County Farm Road west to the original McDonald Road ahead. 04/26/09
2 photos
2 photos
Mobile County 39 turned onto County Farm Road briefly before it rejoined the original McDonald Road alignment just south of Interstate 10 until the completion of the four-lane highways south to U.S. 90. 05/25/05, 06/11/06
2 photos
2 photos
A U.S. 90 trailblazer joined a Mobile County 39 shield at the intersection of McDonald and County Farm Road. The four-lane extension of Mobile County 39 to U.S. 90 at Irvington continues ahead to the intersection with Mobile County 19 (Irvington Bayou La Batre Road). The photos compare the road between and after its opening. 05/25/05, 04/26/09
2 photos
2 photos
The four-lane alignment between County Farm Road and U.S. 90 opened during the Summer of 2005. The roadway cost $8 million and was stage two of the three-part project that improved McDonald Road.1 05/25/05, 04/26/09
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Completed and opened to traffic in June 2009, Mobile County 39 enters the folded diamond interchange with U.S. 90. A CSX Transportation railroad line parallels U.S. 90 along the southbound side, necessitating the need for ramps to the north of U.S. 90. Additional ramps tie County Road 39 with Park Boulevard west to Mobile County 19 (Irvington Bayou La Batre Highway) and east to Mobile International Speedway. Gibson Road ties into the northbound side from Padgett Switch Road (Mobile County 23). 06/11/06, 10/01/09
2 photos
2 photos
Descending from the Mobile County 39 southbound off-ramp to U.S. 90. U.S. 90 east travels to Dawes, Tillman's Corner, and Mobile. Westbound travelers reach Grand Bay ahead of the Mississippi state line and Pascagoula. 06/11/06
Southbound at the Gibson Road and Park Boulevard turn-off. Two crossovers lie ahead, so it is possible to access Gibson Road directly by making a u-turn onto Mobile County 39 north. 06/15/09
Curving southward toward the intersection with Half Mile Road (Mobile County 24) and Padgett Switch Road (Mobile County 23), Mobile County 39 reduces from four to two lanes. 06/15/09
The previous t-intersection between unsigned County Roads 23 and 24 was upgraded to a four-way signalized intersection with the completion of Mobile County 39. Padgett Switch Road continues south to SR 188 just north of Bayou La Batre. Half Mile Road travels east to Bellingrath Road (Mobile County 59) and west to Irvington Bayou La Batre Highway. 06/15/09
Mobile County 39 scenes
Interstate 10 & U.S. 90 trailblazers posted in lieu of Mobile County 39 signage on Park Boulevard eastbound. Mobile County 39 passes over Park Boulevard on the overpasses in the background. 04/26/09

  1. "New I-10 exit ramp to open." The Mobile Register, January 11, 2005.

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