An L-shaped route serving southern and eastern Sussex County, SR 30 travels 45 miles from Bacons to Milford. The east-west leg of the route traverses agricultural areas from U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) to SR 26/54 (Millsboro Highway) near Gumboro. The north-south section follows rural Millsboro Highway north to Millsboro, where suburban development lines the route east to Laurel Road and U.S. 113.

Delaware State Route 30 Guides

A one way couplet takes SR 24/30 through Downtown Millsboro to a bridge spanning Indian River at Millsboro Pond. Beyond the crossing, SR 24 branches east toward Midway while SR 30 resumes a rural course north to Mount Joy, Zoar, Gravel Hill and Milford. The route changes cardinal directions on its respective legs.

The origins of SR 30 can be traced back to 1938, when the state route traveled north along Gravel Hill Road from SR 24 at Millsboro. The original alignment took Shingle Point Road north from Gravel Hill Road to end at SR 5 outside Milton. Per the 1971 Official Delaware Highway Map, the north end shifted from south of Milton to SR 1 near Milford. The extension follows the remainder of Gravel Hill Road north from Shingle Point Road to Isaacs and Cedar Creeks Roads.

SR 30 gained additional mileage south from Millsboro by the 1994 edition of the Official Delaware Highway Map. The route was cosigned with SR 24 through Millsboro and southwest from the town along Millsboro Highway to Laurel Road. Overlaps were also created alongside SR 26 south from Nine Foot Road, and with SR 54 south from Cypress Road at Gumboro. The designation overlayed the unnumbered section of Millsboro Highway between SR 26 and SR 24, providing a route number for interests north from Maryland to the Rehoboth Beach area.

The east-west segment of SR 30 was also created by 1994 along Whitesville Road. The rural highway passes through Ward and Smith Mill to intersect U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) across from Dorothy Road. A dangling end concludes SR 30 (Dorothy Road) at Bi-State Boulevard (old U.S. 13 Alternate), just west of Sussex Highway.

Further changes to SR 30 realigned the north end from an intersection with SR 1 (Coastal Highway) to run northward alongside SR 1 on Rehoboth Avenue to SR 1 Business. That realignment coincided with the designation of SR 30 Alt along Johnson Road to provide connectivity between the two state routes.

The north end of SR 30 changed again with construction of a new folded diamond interchange linking SR 1 (Coastal Highway) with SR 30 (Cedar Neck Road) at the cross roads with Wilkins Road. Work there between December 2012 and July 2014 eliminated the at-grade intersection along SR 1 at Cedar Neck Road, and restored direct connectivity between the two state routes.1

Construction in Spring 2016 reconfigured the intersection with U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway) to utilize J-turns. The change improves safety along the four-lane highway by eliminating cross traffic.2

Delaware State Route 30 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 1,426 - Bi-State Boulevard to U.S. 13
  • 1,772 - Gordy Road (Road 70) to SR 26/54
  • 6,789 - SR 54 (Cypress Road) to SR 26 (Nine Foot Road)
  • 23,021 - U.S. 113 to South Washington Street
  • 3,018 - U.S. 9 to Pettyjohn Road (Road 2)
  • 3,229 - SR 16 to Cedar Creek Road
  • 6,282 - Johnson Road (Road 207) to Wilkins Road (Road 206)
Delaware State Route 16 scenes
Bi-State Boulevard, former alignment of U.S. 13 Alternate between Delmar and Laurel, intersects the western terminus of SR 30 at Bacons. 01/16/17
SR 30 follows Dorothy Road 0.54 miles east from Bi-State Boulevard to U.S. 13 (Sussex Highway). 01/16/17
Approaching the dangling west end of SR 30 along Bi-State Boulevard south. Bi-State Boulevard was decommissioned as U.S. 13 Alternate by 1957. 01/16/17
Meadow Lane, the entrance to the Country Grove neighborhood, ties into the intersection of Bi-State Boulevard and Dorothy Road (SR 30) from the west. 01/16/17
Wilkins Road spans Coastal Highway west from the north side ramps with SR 1 to SR 30. The interchange here opened to traffic in 2014. 12/19/20
SR 30 parallels SR 1 north along Rehoboth Boulevard from Wilkins Road back to SR 1 Business. SR 30 lines Cedar Creek Road to the south side ramps with SR 1. 12/19/20
Construction of the grade separation of Wilkins Road over SR 1 included an expanded intersection with SR 30. Traffic lights were also added to accommodate the Bayhealth Sussex Campus, built at the southwest corner from 2016 to 2018. 12/19/20
Wilkins Road spans SR 1 east from SR 30 (Cedar Creek Road) to the northbound entrance ramp for Dover and Wilmington. 12/19/20

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