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A commuter route for northern New Castle County, SR 41 travels southeast from PA 41 along a 6.2 mile route along Lancaster Pike and Newport Gap Pike to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) at Prices Corner. Previously the state route represented the southern leg of a truck route between Newport and Lancaster, Pennsylvania (via PA 41 and U.S. 30 west). Through traffic is advised to take SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) from SR 141 (Centre Road) to SR 41 near Hockessin due to better grades and more capacity.

The SR 41 corridor overlays an early 1800s trade route between Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and the docks along the Christina River at Newport.1 Designated by 1936, the state route extended south from the Pennsylvania state line near Hockessin to Brandywine Springs, Newport and New Castle. The state route ended at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Seventh Street, just north of the Delaware River.

SR 141 was posted along side SR 41 from New Castle north to Centerville Road at Belvedere by 1952, while the section along Washington Avenue in New Castle dropped from the alignment. With construction of the Newport Freeway for SR 141, SR 41 was truncated from New Castle to SR 2 at Prices Corner in 1971.

SR 41 remained paired with SR 2 between Newport Gap Pike and the Kirkwood Highway interchange with SR 141 (Newport Freeway). The concurrency provided route continuity for long distance travelers between Interstates 95, 295 and 495 and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This changed by September 2015 with DelDOT eliminating the overlap and extending SR 62 north from Old Capitol Trail to SR 2 and 41 at Kirkwood Highway. The renumbering also reinforced SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) as the preferred route for truck traffic headed north from I-95 and SR 141 to Chester County, Pennsylvania.2

Delaware State Route 41 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 19,129 - SR 2 to Greenbank Road
  • 12,641 - Milltown Road to Faulkland Road (former SR 34)
  • 10,278 - Hercules Road to McKennans Church Road
  • 22,531 - SR 48 to Old Lancaster Pike south end
  • 18,479 - Yorklyn Road to Old Lancaster Pike north end
  • 13,979 - Old Lancaster Road to Pennsylvania line
Delaware State Route 41 North
SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) begins and lowers from SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) and 62 at Prices Corner to the Wilmington & Western Railroad station, a crossing of Red Clay Creek and Greenbank Road. Photo taken 12/20/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Milltown Road branches west from SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) and Jackson Avenue at the Cedars community. Milltown Road provides an alternate route to SR 7 (Limestone Road) and the Pike Creek Valley from Prices Corner and Elsmere. Photos taken 12/20/17.
SR 41 undulates between Prices Corner and Hockessin through eastern reaches of the Appalachian Piedmont. The reassurance marker posted after Milltown Road was removed by 2012. Photo taken 04/03/04.
Beyond Milltown Road, Newport Gap Pike lowers to cross Hyde Run, a tributary of the Red Clay Creek, at historic Brandywine Springs State Park. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Approaching Faulkland Road (former SR 34) on SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) at Brandywine Springs State Park. Lake Washington lies just east of this stretch within the park. The man made lake was part of an early 20th century pavilion and amusement park along the Hyde Run. The area was abandoned in the 1930s and nature has taken its course in reclaiming the land since. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Decommissioned in 2019, SR 34 constituted a short state route along Faulkland Road west to nearby Duncan Road and east to SR 100 (Dupont Road) near the Wilmington city line. The SR 41 intersection at Faulkland Road was reconstructed in 2019 to include longer turn lanes, protected left turns and new mast arm signal assemblies. Photo taken 12/20/17.
Replaced shields for SR 34 north on SR 41 at Faulkland Road. Faulkland Road winds through a scenic valley across Red Clay Creek by Brandywine Springs State Park to the east to connect with residential areas north of Prices Corner along Centerville Road. Photo taken 06/05/12.
SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) bee lines northwest from Brandywine Springs Park toward Hockessin. Photo taken 12/20/17.
A set of flashers operate at the entrance road to Emily P. Bissell Hospital. The medical center lies north of the Hyde Park subdivision. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Mill Creek Road east and Hercules Road west come together as a local commuter route joining SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) with SR 7 (Limestone Road) to the west and SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) to the east. The intersection was expanded in 2015 to accommodate a new subdivision built by Toll Brothers nearby.3 Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) briefly expands to four lanes through the intersection with Mill Creek and Hercules Roads. The road reduces back to two lanes ahead of the Westminster subdivision. Photo taken 12/20/16.
McKennans Church Road originates from SR 7 (Limestone Road) at Milltown Road in the Pike Creek Valley. The through road leads north to become Loveville Road at SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) ahead of Hockessin. Loveville Road extends north to SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) and Old Wilmington Road. Photo taken 12/20/16.
The ensuing northbound signal operates at Graves Road. Graves Road winds west from Loveville Road to a handful of forested neighborhoods to Mill Creek Road. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Nearing the merge with SR 48 west (Lancaster Pike) on SR 41 north near Brackenville. The junction shield for SR 48 fell off by 2012, with the remainder of the assembly taken down by 2015. Photo taken 04/23/04.
SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) takes motorists back to the southeast to SR 141 at Barley Mill Plaza and north Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 48 shuttles commuters to Hockessin and through traffic bound for Lancaster, Pennsylvania from SR 141 and Wilmington. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Continuing north, SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) meets the entrance to Sanford School. A rare tornado caused major damaged to the Sanford School gymnasium on June 9, 1989. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Withers Way represents the entrance to the Sanford Ridge subdivision and a second access point to Sanford School from SR 41 at the adjacent stoplight. Photo taken 12/23/18.
A new mast arm traffic light assembly was installed at SR 41 and Brackenville Road between 2001 and 2004. Brackenville Road meanders north to SR 82 at Ashland and southwest to SR 7 (Limestone Road) in the Upper Pike Creek Valley. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) meets Hockessin Park in this scene as it passes through the heart of Hockessin. The state route north of Mitchell Road to north of Valley Road was redesigned during a $6.5 million Safety Improvements Project completed on November 15, 2006. Construction addressed an array of closely spaced commercial driveways and the lack of left turn lanes along the corridor.4 Photo taken 12/20/16.
The Wilmington & Western Railroad concludes its ten mile route from Greenbank to just west of this grade crossing with SR 41 in Hockessin. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Yorklyn Road ties into SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) from the community of Yorklyn and SR 82 (Creek Road) to the northeast. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Yorklyn Road ends just west of Lancaster Pike at Old Lancaster Pike. Mill Creek Road stems south from there to the Upper Pike Creek Valley. Photo taken 12/20/16.
The final SR 41 shield was previously located north of Yorklyn Road. This scene looks at Lancaster Pike prior to the Safety Improvement Project of 2004-06. Photo taken 04/23/04.
The Route 41/Lancaster Pike Safety Improvements Project added a signal at Valley Road while adjacent Old Lancaster Pike was restriped to one way southbound to prevent motorists from bypassing the new stoplight.4 Valley Road angles southwest from Hockessin to SR 7 and North Star Road through the Upper Pike Creek Valley. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A truck climbing lane accompanies SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) north on the 100 feet elevation gain from Hockessin to McGovern Road. Photo taken 12/20/16.
A large Pennsylvania welcome sign greets northbound motorists as SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) transitions to PA 41 en route to New Garden and Avondale. An old state line monument also stands at the border. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Delaware State Route 41 South
A Delaware welcome sign was posted just beyond the state line by Lora Lane. The assembly was taken down in 2019. Photo taken 12/24/18.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) enters the First State by the Deerfield subdivision in unincorporated Hockessin. Photos taken 12/24/18.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) drops 100 feet in elevation into the heart of Hockessin Village. Old Lancaster Pike splits with the state route just ahead of the signal with Valley Road. Photos taken 12/24/18.
Valley Road provides one of two through routes linking SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) in Hockessin with SR 7 along Limestone Road. Photo taken 12/24/18.
2 photos
2 photos
Yorklyn Road stems northeast from parallel Old Lancaster Pike to SR 82 (Creek Road) at the community of Yorklyn. Photos taken 12/24/18.
Reassurance marker posted southbound along Lancaster Pike after Yorklyn Road. Photo taken 12/24/18.
SR 41 meets the Wilmington and Western Railroad at grade in Hockessin Village. Photo taken 12/24/18.
The signalized entrance for Hockessin Park follows the Wilmington and Western Railroad on SR 41 south. Photo taken 12/24/18.
2 photos
2 photos
Brackenville Road crosses SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) northeast en route to the Ashland Nature Center and Barley Mill Road to SR 82 at Ashland. Photos taken 12/24/18.
SR 41 converges with Old Lancaster Pike again beyond Brackenville Road. A short section of the road continues along the east side of SR 41. Photo taken 04/17/04.
Withers Way intersects SR 41 from the Sanford Ridge subdivisions adjacent to the Sanford School. Photo taken 04/17/04.
SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) south at Sanford School Lane. This intersection was fully signalized after 2007. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Southbound SR 41 (Lancaster Pike) reaches the split with SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) east. The junction shield here was removed by 2007. Photo taken 04/17/04.
The wye intersection at the SR 41/48 split was considered innovative at the time of its completion in the 1920s. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 41 shifts southward onto Newport Gap Pike to SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway) and SR 62 at Prices Corner while SR 48 extends Lancaster Pike east to Wilmington. Photo taken 12/23/18.
2 photos
2 photos
The succeeding traffic light along SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) is with Graves Road west to Mill Creek Road and east to Loveville Road. Photos taken 12/23/18.
Loveville Road leads south to SR 41 by the Westgate Farms subdivision. McKennans Church Road extends southward from the signal here to Delcastle Park and Milltown Road by SR 7 (Limestone Road). Photo taken 12/23/18.
Reassurance marker posted south of McKennans Church Road / Loveville Road. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Hercules Road south from SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) and Millcreek Road east come together at the ensuing signal along southbound SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike). Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 41 south at the entrance to Emily P. Bissell Hospital. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) gains elevation southeast to Faulkland Road (former SR 34). Photo taken 12/23/18.
Decommission in 2019, SR 34 followed Faulkland Road west to Duncan Road near Delcastle Park nearby. The state route extended east to SR 100 (S Dupont Road) on the north side of Wilmington. Photo taken 12/23/18.
SR 41 intersects Faulkland Road adjacent to Brandywine Springs Park. The intersection was reconstructed in 2019 with longer turn lanes. Mast arm signals replaced a span wire array with older Econolite signals. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Running alongside Brandywine Springs Park, SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) lowers to cross Hyde Run. Photo taken 12/23/18.
Milltown Road angles east to merge with SR 41 south at Jackson Avenue at the Cedars community. Photo taken 12/23/18.
An end sign for SR 41 was added to the Newport Gap Pike approach for SR 2 (Kirkwood Highway), reflecting the 2015 truncation of the route west from SR 141 (Newport Freeway). Photo taken 12/21/16.
Kirkwood Highway (SR 2) constitutes a well traveled commercial arterial east from Prices Corner into the town of Elsmere and west to the Pike Creek Valley and Newark. SR 62 begins and takes over for SR 41 along Newport Gap Pike south to the Newport Freeway at Belvedere. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Delaware State Route 41 scenes
Hercules Road branches southwest from SR 48 (Lancaster Pike) and intersects SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) west across from Millcreek Road. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Approaching SR 41 (Newport Gap Pike) on McKennans Church Road north. McKennans Church Road links SR 7 (Limestone Road) and the Pike Creek Valley with Hockessin and Loveville Road north to SR 48 (Lancaster Pike). Photo taken 04/22/04.

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