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One of the main commercial drives in Pensacola, and a congested one at that, Davis Highway carries four lanes of traffic throughout its duration from near Pensacola Bayfront Center to Nine Mile Road near Ferry Pass. Davis Highway straddles the eastern side of Interstate 110 amid older neighborhoods and light industrial zones on its path northwards. An often plagued intersection with Florida 295 was improved in 1996/97 to allow for easier access to the nearby Interstate 110 / Fairfield Drive interchange. This was improved upon further during the 2009-completed widening project of I-110 that added a new loop ramp from SR 291 south onto I-110 north.

North of SR 295, the landscape transitions from light industrial to commercial with a climax at the former University Mall and Florida 742. Traffic used to crawl from the mall area northward through a tight folded-diamond at Interstate 10 (Exit 13). Improvements to the interchange commenced in 1998, when a new ramp from southbound Florida 291 to I-10 west and I-110 south opened to traffic. Widening of SR 291 to six lanes from the mall to University Parkway followed to address congestion issues to West Florida Regional Medical Center as part of the 2002-08 project to expand Interstate 10.

Davis Highway concludes at a wye interchange with U.S. 90 Alternate (Nine Mile Road) near the University of West Florida. The end lies just west of the US 90A intersection with U.S. 90 (Scenic Highway). For a short period of time Davis Highway doubled as the U.S. 90 mainline between Nine Mile Road and Cerventes Street.

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