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South Boulevard at I-277/U.S. 74 - Charlotte, NC

Scene of I-277/U.S. 74 looking northwest toward Bank of America Stadium from the South Boulevard overpass near Downtown Charlotte. 05/26/19

Interstate 277 loops 4.46 miles east from I-77/U.S. 21 around the Charlotte central business district along the Berkshire and Belk Freeways. N.C. 16 overlaps with the inner belt freeway for 2.47 miles from I-77/U.S. 21 at Greenville southeast to the couplet of E 3rd/4th Streets. U.S. 74 accompanies I-277 along the southern half of the loop for 2.36 miles east from I-77/U.S. 21 and Wilkinson Boulevard at Biddleville to Independence Boulevard. 2017 traffic counts recorded by NCDOT along I-277 top out at 132,000 vehicles per day.

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Interstate 277 Scenes
Brevard Street travels south within the Second Ward of Downtown between Trade and Stonewall Streets. South Boulevard connects to I-277/U.S. 74 one block to the east. 05/26/19
Older signs affixed to the Morehead Street (old NC 27) overpass direct motorists along South Boulevard to the John Belk Freeway (I-277/U.S. 74). 05/26/19
South Boulevard enters the Second Ward of Downtown Charlotte at the crossing with I-277/U.S. 74. A ramp from South Boulevard ties into westbound I-277 ahead of its southern conclusion with I-77/U.S. 21. 05/26/19
Caldwell Street ties into South Boulevard at the ensuing traffic light with Stonewall Street ahead of I-277/U.S. 74 (John Belk Freeway). 05/26/19
South Boulevard connects with the ramp to I-277/U.S. 74 east ahead of the overpass for NC 27 (Morehead Street). 05/26/19
A service road links the outer loop of I-277 at Exit 2 A with E 4th Street where NC 16 westbound joins the John Belk Freeway north to the Brookshire Freeway. 03/12/22
E 4th Street passes under I-277/U.S. 74-NC 27 (Belk Freeway) north to the entrance ramp for the inner loop of the freeway. 03/12/22
The entrance ramp for I-277 south from E 4th Street intersects E 3rd Street prior to joining the Belk Freeway. 03/12/22
A freeway entrance sign assembly stands at the on-ramp for I-277 south / U.S. 74-NC 27 west at E 3rd Street. 03/12/22
Davidson Street joins the First Ward with Interstate 277 and NC 16 along the Brookshire Freeway. 03/12/22
Davidson Street north at E 12th Street. The Brookshire Freeway runs between 11th and 12th Streets. 03/12/22
12th Street parallels I-277/NC 16 north from Davidson Street to U.S. 29/NC 49 (N Graham Street). 03/12/22
The first of two entrance ramps for I-277/NC 16 north from 12th Street joins the Brookshire Freeway from the intersection with Caldwell Street. 03/12/22
Davidson Street crosses I-277/NC 16 ahead of E 12th Street and the entrance ramp for the Brookshire Freeway southbound. 03/12/22
Beyond the on-ramp at Davidson Street, E 11th Street parallels I-277 southward to McDowell Street at E 10th Street. 03/12/22
Caldwell Street north ahead of E 11th Street and Interstate 277. 03/12/22
E 11th Street heads one block south from Caldwell Street to the entrance ramp for I-277/NC 16 south ahead of U.S. 74/NC 27 (Independence Expressway). 03/12/22
Caldwell Street north forms a couplet with Brevard Street south across Interstate 277. 03/12/22
Caldwell Street intersects E 12th Street at the northbound entrance ramp for I-277/NC 16 (Brookshire Freeway). 03/12/22

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