Interstate 585 overlays 2.25 miles of U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) from U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) northward from the Spartanburg city line to Business Loop I-85 near Lone Oak. The designation is unique in that it spurs southeast from an Interstate Business Loop instead of a parent or branch route. This was not always the case as Business Loop I-85 was the previous alignment of Interstate 85 until October 1995.

Exit numbers along Interstate 585 use the mileposts for U.S. 176 starting from the North Carolina state line northwest of Landrum. The expressway along U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) extends northwest from Business Loop I-85 to Fairforest Road, just shy of I-85.

Plans were made to extend the Interstate standard portion of U.S. 176 all the way to I-85 as part of a two phase project announced in 2001. Work focused on upgrading N Pine Street between I-585 and Valley Falls Road. Construction included the removal of an at-grade intersection with Tenosha Drive, access and capacity improvements to roads leading to the adjacent USC Upstate campus, conversion of the interchange with Valley Falls Road from a folded diamond to a full diamond, relocation of Hodge Road to no longer intersect U.S. 176 and the realignment of ramps with Business Loop I-85.1 The $63 million project commenced in 2003 and was completed at a ribbon cutting ceremony held on October 25, 2006.2

Until 1995, Interstate 585 directly connected with I-85. The 1991 South Carolina Official Highway Map shows the new alignment for I-85 partially under construction.

Business Spur I-585

Business Spur I-585 overlaid 0.57 miles of U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) leading south from the freeway end beyond U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) to Garner Road. The spur is marked with a single I-585 reassurance marker along Pine Street north of Garner Road. Prior to 2004, signs for Spur I-585 were posted as far south as St. John Street (U.S. 29).

S.C. 9 at I-585/US 176 - Spartanburg, SC

I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) north of the S.C. 9/U.S. 176 Connector (Church Street) overpass just outside the Spartanburg city limits. 05/25/21

Business Spur I-585 South Carolina Highway 9 North U.S. 176 West
U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) continue north from Main Street (old U.S. 29) through an S-curve at U.S. 29 (St. John Street). 06/01/07
U.S. 29 follows St. John Street east back to Main Street by adjacent Converse College and west across Downtown Spartanburg to Main Street at S.C. 296 (John B. White, Sr. Boulevard). 06/01/07
Business Spur I-585 previously began along U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) north from U.S. 29 (St. John Street). 06/01/07
Daniel Morgan Avenue stems west from U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) as the former eastern extent of S.C. 296 through Downtown Spartanburg. 06/01/07
Linder Street ties into the intersection joining U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) with Daniel Morgan Avenue (old S.C. 296) west. 06/01/07
Continuing north from Daniel Morgan Avenue, U.S. 176/S.C. 9 pass under a Norfolk Southern Railroad viaduct. 12/15/16
Cleveland Street (Road 70) intersects N Pine Street beyond the NS Railroad bridge east from Wofford College. 05/25/21
A reassurance marker for I-585/U.S. 176-S.C. 9 previously stood along N Pine Street at Cleveland Street. 06/01/07
Isom Street (Road 44) extends 0.54 miles west from Drayton Road and the Beaumont Village community to U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street). 05/25/21
A CSX Railroad line spans N Pine Street and parallel Chinquapin Creek beyond Isom Street. 12/15/16
Garner Road angles southwest from Beaumont Avenue along a commercial strip to U.S. 176/S.C. 9 across from Twitty Street to Gibbs Stadium at Wofford College. 05/25/21
U.S. 176 Connector branches west from N Pine Street 0.52 miles along Wood Street to Spartanburg Medical Center and U.S. 221 (Church Street). 05/25/21
The first shield for Interstate 585 appears along N Pine Street between Garner Road and Wood Street (U.S. 176 Connector). 08/03/13
The last traffic light along U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) west is with Pearl Street west and McCravy Drive east by Pinewood Shopping Center. 05/25/21
Interstate 585 South Carolina Highway 9 North U.S. 176 West
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) advance north alongside Pinewood Shopping Center to succeeding diamond interchanges with U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) at Exit 25B and the split with S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) at Exit 25A. 05/25/21
Exit 25B leaves I-585/U.S. 176-S.C. 9 north for U.S. 221 (Whitney Road). U.S. 221 heads 14 miles northeast through Whitney and Cherokee Springs to Chesnee. 05/25/21
S.C. 9 parts ways with I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) for Boiling Springs Road north from Exit 25A and Church Street (U.S. 176 Connector). The multi state route leaves Spartanburg for Boiling Springs, New Prospect and Mill Spring, North Carolina. 05/25/21
Exit 25A leaves I-585/U.S. 176 west for S.C. 9 north and Church Street (U.S. 176 Connector) south 0.36 miles to U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) at Spartanburg. 06/01/07
Confirming markers for I-585 north and U.S. 176 west stand below the Church Street (U.S. 176 Connector/S.C. 9) overpass. 05/25/21
Advancing northward, I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) meet California Avenue (Road 124) at a split diamond interchange (Exit 24). 05/25/21
Interstate 585 North U.S. 176 West
Construction realigned the off-ramp to California Avenue in 2015. This guide sign was removed during the road work. 06/01/07
California Avenue east leads 0.32 miles to S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) and west to 0.65 miles to S.C. 56 (Asheville Highway). California Avenue extends southwest along Road 96 to New Cut Road and Una. 12/15/16
The California Avenue overpass was struck by a truck hauling a crane in January 2014. The bridge was dislocated by five feet, leading to its demolition and ultimate replacement. A 12 month long project resulted in a new decorative span that opened in March 2015. 12/15/16
A frontage road system accompanies I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) alongside Milliken Arboretum to the three quarter cloverleaf interchange (Exits 23B/A) with Business Loop I-85. 05/25/21
Exit 23B departs I-585/U.S. 176 west immediately after an on-ramp from adjacent Milliken Road. Business Loop I-85 connects with I-85 north to Gaffney and Charlotte, North Carolina in 4.03 miles. 05/25/21
2003-06 construction rebuilt the northern half of the cloverleaf with Business Loop I-85 to improve ramp geometry. Previously marked as Exit 23B, the ramp for Business Loop I-85 north joins the freeway just ahead of a turn off (Exit 5B) for adjacent Milliken Road. 05/25/21
The loop ramp for Business Loop I-85 south to Greer and Greenville leaves I-585/U.S. 176 north. The adjacent exchange with E Campus Boulevard to USC Upstate opened in 2006. 05/25/21
The exit to E Campus Boulevard departs below the entrance ramp joining Business Loop I-85 south with I-585/U.S. 176 north. Improving access to the adjacent USC Upstate campus, E Campus Boulevard was built in conjunction with work upgrading U.S. 176 to limited access standards. 05/25/21
A diamond interchange follows with Valley Falls Road (Road 79) south to Lone Oak and north to Valley Springs. 05/25/21
2 photos
2 photos
This reassurance marker for Interstate 585 north precedes the Valley Falls Road overpass. A loop ramp previously departed here for Valley Falls Road. It was replaced during the I-585 expansion project. 05/25/21, 06/01/07
A second shield for Interstate 585 north was added after the Valley Falls Road entrance ramp. U.S. 176 transitions into an at-grade divided highway. 05/25/21
The right lane of U.S. 176 west defaults onto I-85 north at the forthcoming diamond interchange while a left turn connects with the southbound entrance ramp toward Greenville. 05/25/21
Interstate 85 was relocated onto a new alignment bypassing Spartanburg in October 1995. 05/25/21
A traffic light with Upper Valley Falls Road north and Fairforest Road south precedes the exchange joining U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) with I-85. 05/25/21
Traveling 106.28 miles across the South Carolina Upstate, Interstate 85 joins Spartanburg with Greenville and Anderson to the southwest and Gaffney and Gastonia, North Carolina to the east. 05/25/21
U.S. 176 overtakes Asheville Highway from S.C. 56 in 0.41 miles en route to Inman. 01/16/16
U.S. 176 East
U.S. 176 shifts east from S.C. 56 (Asheville Highway) onto Pine Street at Southern Shops. Both routes lead to the city of Spartanburg. S.C. 56 runs along an arterial through Lone Oak to Hearon Circle at Business Loop I-85 while U.S. 176 serves the campus of USC Upstate via I-585. 08/21/16
U.S. 176 (Pine Street) partitions with S.C. 56 (Asheville Highway) at a wye interchange. S.C. 56 runs 63.70 miles southward from Spartanburg to Clinton and S.C. 39 near Chappells. 01/16/16
U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) enters a diamond interchange with Interstate 85 to the immediate east of S.C. 56 (Asheville Highway). 01/16/16
The southbound entrance ramp to I-85 from U.S. 176 (Pine Street) east leads to Duncan, Greer and Greenville. 01/16/16
Interstate 85 north joins the Spartanburg area with Gastonia and Charlotte, North Carolina. 01/16/16
A U.S. 176 reassurance marker was posted between the ramps with I-85 and Fairforest Road by 2012. The first shield assembly for Interstate 585 does not appear until south of Business Loop I-85. 05/25/21
U.S. 176/I-585 enter the Spartanburg city limits 3.6 miles south of Fairforest Road at the freeway end by Pinewood Shopping Center. 05/25/21
Upper Valley Falls Road south and Fairforest Road north meet N Pine Street at a traffic light just ahead of the expressway portion of I-585/U.S. 176 east. 01/16/16
Interstate 585 South U.S. 176 East
Valley Falls Road branches south from S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) through Valley Falls to meet I-585/U.S. 176 at a diamond interchange. The unnumbered exit was previously signed as Exit 22. 05/25/21
Access Road runs alongside I-585/U.S. 176 east where a driveway to an adjacent industrial business once intersected N Pine Street. The exchange at Valley Falls Road was reconstructed during the 2003-06 project upgrading U.S. 176 by the campus of USC Upstate. 05/25/21
Milepost one for I-585 south precedes the parclo interchange with E Campus Boulevard added along U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) during the 2003-06 project. 05/25/21
E Campus Boulevard forms an arc north from Lone Oak Road around the east side of USC Upstate. 05/25/21
I-585/U.S. 176 enter an unnumbered cloverleaf interchange with Business Loop I-85 beyond USC-Upstate. Constructed in the 1950s, Business Loop I-85 converges with I-85, 4.66 miles to the southwest en route to Greenville. 05/25/21
Continuing northeast from I-585/U.S. 176, Business Loop I-85 runs 4.07 miles to I-85 ahead of Gaffney and Blacksburg. The exchange here represents the original north end of I-585. 05/25/21
Formerly Exit 24, a slip ramp departs next from I-585/U.S. 176 onto Graham Road, a service road leading south from Business Loop I-85 to California Avenue. California Avenue (Road 124) links the Hilltop community with S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) and New Cut Road at Una. 05/25/21
The first confirming marker for Interstate 585 south. U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) parallels Chinquapin Creek across from Milliken Arboretum. 05/25/21
Exits 25A/B join I-585/U.S. 176 south with S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) north, U.S. 221 Connector (Church Street) south and U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) at a split diamond interchange just outside the Spartanburg city limits. 05/25/21
The California Avenue overpass was replaced after it was damaged by a truck hauling machinery in January 2014. A new span was constructed as part of a $12 million resurfacing project that included work at the nearby Church Street overpass in 2015. 05/25/21
Roadwork from mid 2005 to mid 2007 added a ramp from I-585/U.S. 176 south to Boiling Springs Road (S.C. 9) north and Church Street south. The previous ramp (Exit 25B) to U.S. 221 was converted into an access road between U.S. 221 Connector/S.C. 9 and Whitney Road. 05/25/21
The access road extending south from S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) / U.S. 221 Connector (Church Street) to U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) is Exit 25B. S.C. 9 runs 17.75 miles north from I-585/U.S. 176 to Boiling Springs and the North Carolina line, where NC 9 continues to Mill Spring and Lake Lure. 12/15/16
Reopened in June 2015, the Church Street (U.S. 221 Connector/S.C. 9) overpass was raised two feet to meet Interstate standards. 01/16/16
S.C. 9 combines with U.S. 176 south for 10.53 miles from Boiling Springs Road to Pacolet. 05/25/21
U.S. 221 overtakes Church Street south from Whitney Road to the central business district of Spartanburg. 12/15/16
U.S. 221 (Whitney Road) travels 14.05 miles northeast from I-585/U.S. 176 to Cherokee Springs and U.S. 221 ALT/S.C. 11 at Chesnee. 12/15/16
Business Spur I-585 South Carolina Highway 9 South U.S. 176 East
Beyond the entrance ramp from U.S. 221 (Whitney Road), I-585/U.S. 176-S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) transition into a six lane boulevard south across the Spartanburg city line. 01/16/16
U.S. 176 east / S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) south intersect Pearl Street west to Spartanburg Medical Center and McCravy Drive east to Pinewood Shopping Center. 05/25/21
U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) south at Garner Road north and Twitty Street south to Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium at Wofford College. 05/25/21
Isom Street (Road 44) parallels a CSX Railroad line east from U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (N Pine Street) to the Beaumont Village neighborhood. 05/25/21
Cleveland Street (Road 70) intersects U.S. 176/S.C. 9 adjacent to a Norfolk Southern Railroad line east from Wofford College. 05/25/21
Pine Street proceeds south under the NS Railroad line to Daniel Morgan Avenue and Linder Street. Daniel Morgan Avenue was formerly apart of S.C. 296 east from John B. White, Sr. Boulevard to U.S. 176/S.C. 9. 01/18/04
Business Spur I-585 previously extended south along U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (Pine Street) to U.S. 29 (St. John Street). U.S. 29 shifts east onto Main Street at Converse College and leads west to the Spartanburg County Courthouse in Downtown. 08/20/16
Interstate 585 scenes
Main Street east at U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (Pine Street) outside Downtown Spartanburg. Business Spur I-585 was referenced here prior to the relocationof U.S. 29 onto parallel St. John Street. 09/02/00
2 photos
2 photos
The Business Spur I-585 shield for U.S. 176/S.C. 9 (Pine Street) north at Main Street eventually bent to face southbound traffic along Pine Street southbound. 10/05/01
U.S. 221 turns off Church Street onto Whitney Road to meet I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street). Church Street continues 0.36 miles north as unsigned U.S. 176 Connector to become S.C. 9 (Boiling Springs Road) beyond I-585. 01/16/16
Trailblazers posted for Interstate 585 south / U.S. 176 east for California Avenue west from Milliken Road south. 08/03/13
A half diamond interchange joins California Avenue with I-585/U.S. 176 (N Pine Street) southbound. Milliken Road parallels N Pine Street 0.93 miles to an entrance ramp for I-585/U.S. 176 north toward Inman. 08/03/13

  1. "Agency mapping new route to USCS." Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC), February 12, 2001.
  2. "Highway project near USC Upstate open to drivers." Herald-Journal (Spartanburg, SC), October 14, 2006.

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  • 08/03/13 by Carter Buchanan.
  • 01/16/16 by Carter Buchanan.

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