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In Indiana's state highway numbering scheme, Indiana 1 is the first major state highway in the eastern part of the state. As with Indiana 3, the highway was once continuous, stretching for as long as 200 miles before being decommissioned, first from Indiana 120 south to U.S. 20 in Steuben County, and then from Interstate 69 to Interstate 469 in the Fort Wayne area. The second decommissioning separated the highway into two segments. The northern segment goes for 40.7 miles from Interstate 69 north of Fort Wayne, northeast toward Hamilton and U.S. 20. The southern segment goes for 140 miles from the ramp of Interstate 275 to U.S. 50 in Greendale, Dearborn County and then north through Saint Leon, Brookville, Connersville, Hagerstown, Farmland, Redkey and Bluffton to an end at Interstate 469 & U.S. 24-33 south of Fort Wayne. Before 1990, the highway continued through Fort Wayne uninterrupted. Since it parallels U.S. 27 to the west from Wayne County north to Fort Wayne, it only travels through a handful of towns, with Connersville and Bluffton being the only two towns of significant size.

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    Connect with:
    Interstate 70
    Interstate 74
    Interstate 469
    U.S. 50

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