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U.S. 218 travels just 319 miles overall between Keokuk, in southeastern Iowa, and Owatonna, Minnesota. The 273-mile route within Iowa is mostly four lane, with exceptions south of Donnellson, between southeast Benton County and Evansdale, and north of Floyd. U.S. 218 travels as a full freeway from Riverside north to Cedar Rapids as part of the Avenue of the Saints Corridor (Iowa 27) and partially along side Interstate 380. Other freeway segments exist at Mount Pleasant, Waverly and Charles City.

The Avenue of the Saints is a multi-lane route linking St. Louis with the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Upgrades along U.S. 218 as part of the Avenue of the Saints Corridor took place from 1991 to 2006.1 The corridor overlaps with U.S. 61 or U.S. 218 for the bulk of route from Ladue, Missouri to Floyd, Iowa.

The U.S. 218 expressway and freeway south of Interstate 80 was opened in stages from 1982 to May 23, 2006. The portion along Interstate 380 was completed between 1973 and 1976. Four laning of U.S. 218 north from Cedar Falls to Floyd took place between 1994 and 2003.

U.S. 218 Iowa Guides

U.S. 218 Business - Waverly

The Waverly business loop for U.S. 218 was designated after the freeway bypass opened to the west in December 1998.2 The route lines the former surface route to Downtown along a 6.5 mile course between Exits 198 and 205. The portion along 4th Street SW is state-maintained as Iowa 116.

U.S. 218 Business North
U.S. 218 Business (4th Street SW) transitions into a commercial arterial just north of the trumpet interchange with U.S. 218 at 29th Avenue SW. Photo taken 05/23/08.
The business loop enters the Waverly street grid north at Waverly Memorial Park. A reassurance marker was posted after 5th Avenue SW along the two-lane street until at least 2009, after which it was relocated one block further north. Photo taken 05/23/08.
A set of pedestal signals once operated at the intersection of 4th Street SW (U.S. 218 Business) and 2nd Avenue SW. These were removed by 2013, as was the house on the northwest corner of the intersection. Photo taken 05/23/08.
Approaching Iowa 3 (Bremer Avenue) on U.S. 218 Business (4th Street SW) north. Iowa 3 stretches across the width of the state, from the end of South Dakota 50 near Westfield to U.S. 61 & 151 in Dubuque. Photo taken 05/23/08.
U.S. 218 Business turns west onto Bremer Avenue in Downtown Waverly for a 0.9-mile overlap along side Iowa 3. Photo taken 05/23/08.
Iowa 3 lines Bremer Avenue east to exit the city of Waverly en route to Oelwein. Photo taken 05/23/08.
U.S. 218 Business Mount Pleasant - North
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 218 Business heads north from CR H38 (Winfield Avenue) and Mount Pleasant to a parclo interchange with U.S. 34/Iowa 163. Photos taken 03/30/16.
U.S. 34/Iowa 163 combine with U.S. 218/Iowa 27 around the east side of Mount Pleasant back to U.S. 34 Business/218 Business along Washington Street. Photo taken 03/30/16.
U.S. 218 Business provides part of the movement from U.S. 34/Iowa 163 east to U.S. 218/Iowa 27 north to Iowa City. Photo taken 03/30/16.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 34 and Iowa 163 overlap west to Fairfield and Ottumwa. Photos taken 03/30/16.
Jewel Avenue ties into U.S. 218 Business at the westbound entrance ramp for U.S. 34 from 210th Street to the northeast. Photo taken 03/30/16.
U.S. 218 Business (Grand Avenue) north from the exchange with U.S. 34/Iowa 163 to the wye interchange with U.S. 218 north is unsigned Iowa 438. Photo taken 03/30/16.

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05/23/08, 03/30/16 by AARoads

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