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Virginia 36 travels 16.50 miles from Virginia 10 in Hopewell west to Virginia Secondary 669 west of Matoaca.

Virginia Route 36 West
Interstate 95 trailblazer posted along SR 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) westbound after its cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 295. SR 36 to SR 144 (Temple Avenue) provides a direct link to Interstate 95. 01/02/08
SR 36 (Oaklawn Boulevard) approaches the split with SR 144 (Temple Avenue). SR 144 constitutes a 13.97-mile route between Fort Lee and SR 145 at Centralia. Temple Avenue carries the road four miles west to Exit 54 of Interstate 95. 01/02/08
Exiting the independent city of Hopewell along SR 36 west. The divided highway travels through Fort Lee to the city of Petersburg. 01/02/08
SR 144 (Temple Avenue) begins opposite the 6th Street entrance into Fort Lee. 01/02/08
Continuing west along Oaklawn Boulevard from Temple Avenue to Lee Avenue. 01/02/08
Lee Avenue provides the final access point into Fort Lee via the Lee Gate from SR 36 west. Hill Circle ties in from a residential subdivision to the north. 01/02/08
SR 36 westbound reassurance shield posted as the state route enters Petersburg National Battlefield. 01/02/08
A trumpet interchange joins SR 36 with the access road into Petersburg National Battlefield. 01/02/08
Tourists visiting the battlefield are directed northward to facilities nearby before looping south for access to Siege Road, Old Blandford Church, and The Crater to the south. 01/02/08
Entering the city limits of Petersburg along SR 36 west. The state route follows Washington Street. 01/02/08
Lakemont Drive meets SR 36 (Washington Street) at the first Petersburg traffic light. Lakemont Drive provides access to adjacent residential areas south of the commercialized Washington Street. 01/02/08
Puddledock Road angles southwest from SR 144 to meet SR 36 (Washington Street) at an industrial park area north of Courthouse Street. 01/02/08
Slagle Avenue stems southeast from SR 36 as part of a small residential street grid from the next signal. 01/02/08
Nearing the split with Bank Street, SR 36 (Washington Street) veers southwest toward Exit 52 of Interstate 95. 01/02/08
Bank Street carries two way traffic from SR 36 (Washington Street) to the U.S. 301 & SR 36 one-way split at Crater Road. Bank Street flows east from downtown. 01/02/08
SR 36 west joins U.S. 301 north along Crater Road between Washington and Bollingbrook Streets east of Interstate 95. 01/02/08
Washington Street leads directly to ramps for both Interstate 95 north to Richmond and south to Emporia. U.S. 460 Business follows the street west from U.S. 301 & SR 36 (Crater Road) into downtown. 01/02/08
U.S. 301 & 460 originally combined along Crater Roa dfrom Winfield Road north to Washington Street. U.S. 460 now follows Interstate 95 north from Exit 50 to Interstate 85 south to Exit 61. U.S. 460 Business remains along the original surface route. 01/02/08
Washington Street flows westbound only from its split with Wythe Street east of Burch Street. SR 36 takes over Wythe Street east from U.S. 460 Business east at U.S. 301 (Crater Road) south. 01/02/08
U.S. 460 Business Virginia Route 36 East
U.S. 460 Business & SR 36 (Wythe Street) east exit downtown Petersburg and meet the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 95. 06/25/10
Taking the ramp from Wythe Street, motorists combine with traffic from U.S. 460 Business (Washington Street) westbound ahead of a split to Interstate 85 south & U.S. 460 west to Durham and Blackstone and Interstate 95 south & U.S. 460 east to Emporia and Hampton Roads. 06/25/10

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