I-95 Business

Interstate Business Route 95

Interstate 95 has one remaining active business route and several former routes.

Spur 195 | Spur 495 | Spur 895



Former Business Route

A chamber of commerce brochure for Brunswick from the early 1990s showed Business Loop I-95 on its color map of the area. The route was displayed alongside U.S. 17/SR 25 east from Exit 29 to the Sidney Lanier Bridge and city of Brunswick. The route returned to I-95 by way of SR 25 Connector (Golden Isles Parkway), a busy commercial arterial leading north from U.S. 17 to I-95 at Exit 38. If the route was ever posted, it was not signed in the field by 2006.


Former Business Route

Business Loop Interstate 95 followed Georgia State Route 99 east from Exit 42 to U.S. 17 north through the city of Darien. It reconnected with Interstate 95 at Exit 49 via SR 251. The loop appears on the 2013 Georgia Highway Map, but is only signed on southbound guide signs at Exit 49. The lone shield at the split of SR 99 south from U.S. 17 south was replaced with an I-95 trailblazer by December 2013.

North Carolina


Active Business Route
Business Route I-95 Guide

Traveling 16 miles west from I-95 through the city of Fayetteville, Business Loop I-95 branches north from I-95 at a wye interchange (Exit 40) to combine with adjacent U.S. 301 near Hope Mills. The two routes comprise a four lane arterial northward to Eastern Boulevard.

Eastern Boulevard angles the pair northeast with controlled access to an interchange with NC 87 before curving northward across several railroad crossings and signalized intersections to NC 24/210 (Grove Street). A freeway takes the remainder of Business Loop I-95 east from the Cape Fear River to Eastover, where U.S. 301 splits, and a wye interchange (Exit 56) with I-95.

Kenly, Wilson and Rocky Mount

Former Business Route

The longest Interstate business loop at one time at 49 miles in length, Business Loop I-95 through eastern North Carolina was established in the late 1970s and decommissioned in 1988. The business route overlayed U.S. 301 from Exit 107 at the town of Kenly northeast to the city of Wilson. The four lane highway circumvented the town of Elm City and passed through Sharpsburg to a bypass of central Rocky Mount. The return to I-95 was made by NC 4 west from near Battleboro to the trumpet interchange at Exit 145.

Long since replaced, guide signs along the freeway for U.S. 64 across Rocky Mount alluded to the former Business Loop I-95 in 2001 with visible label scars on signage for Exit 468 A to U.S. 301 Bypass.



Former Business Route

The lone entry for an Interstate business route in Virginia was the loop for I-95 along U.S. 301 through Emporia. When I-95 ended north of the city in the 1970s, there was at least one Business Loop I-95 marker posted at the intersection of U.S. 58 and U.S. 301. U.S. 301 separated then with a bypass branch along what is now I-95 between Exits 8 and 12.1



Proposed Business Route

Expected traffic congestion forecast by a planned six month closure for the reconstruction of Interstate 95 in 2000 resulted in at least two renumbering proposals involving I-95 and I-495 through Wilmington. One concept called for renumbering I-495 as the new mainline for Interstate 95 and designating the former route to the west as Business Loop I-95. The other would simply swap the two routes so that I-495 was the urban loop and I-95 was the bypass. Neither was never implemented due to concerns from Wilmington business leaders over losing I-95 as a route to Downtown.



Former Business Route

Gousha maps from the 1970s and 1980s displayed Spur I-95 / Spur U.S. 13 extending east from the freeway connector to PA 413 in Bristol. This proposal was a remnant of an unbuilt freeway corridor planned for I-95 from Exit 40 to U.S. 13 near Morrisville.2 The Spur I-95 reference was likely a cartographic error that persisted for many editions of Gousha’s North American Road Atlas.



Former Business Route

A business spur was marked from Interstate 95 at Exit 88 for Connecticut Route 117 south to U.S. 1 in the town of Groton. Michael Summa observed a 36 inch button copy shield for Business Spur I-95 posted along I-95 in the early to mid 1970s. The route was reported as still signed along southbound I-95 by the 1990s, but unmarked along Route 117.3

Interstate Business Route 195

I-195 Business

Miami Beach, Florida

Former Business Route

Briefly in the 1960s, “Spur Interstate 195” extended east from the freeway end of I-195 between State Road 907 (Alton Road) and SR A1A (Collins Avenue north / Indian Creek Drive south) in Miami Beach. A photo showing a guide sign with the designation appeared in an annual report published by the Florida Department of Transportation during this era. Today, this short alignment is marked as SR 112, which runs concurrently with I-195 west as a hidden designation to the Airport Expressway.

Interstate Business Route 495

I-495 Business

The Maryland Interstate spurs are not business routes, but instead unsigned connector routes joining the parent route with other area freeways.

Glen Echo, Maryland

Active Business Route

Spur I-495 is noted in the Maryland route log as Interstate 495X. Known as Cabin John Parkway, it is a limited access connector joining wye interchanges with Interstate 495 (Capital Beltway) at Exit 40 and Clara Barton Highway at Glen Echo.

Lowell, Massachusetts

Former Business Route

Business Spur I-495 was the designation given to the freeway spur from U.S. 3 and Interstate 495 into the city of Lowell. Named the Lowell Connector, it is an older limited access roadway with a 55 mile per hour speed limit and numbered interchanges. The 3.1 mile long route provides fast access to the city center and the University of Massachusetts from the area freeway network. It concludes at a signalized intersection with Gorham Street (Exit 5 C).

The lone remaining trailblazer for the route was taken down from the city of Lowell after 2007. The Lowell Connector is unnumbered otherwise.

The redesignation of the route to an unnumbered facility may relate to the fact that it serves traffic from U.S. 3 as much as it does from I-495. Date stamps on the Lowell Connector bridgework indicated that it was constructed during the first phase of I-495 (MA 2 to U.S. 3) in 1959-60. Exit numbers on the route formerly counted up to 6, as remnant service signs referenced lodging for Exit 6 at one time.4

Interstate Business Route 895

I-895 Spur

Baltimore, Maryland

Active Business Route

Spur I-895 provides a connection between I-895 (Harbor Tunnel Thruway) in Baltimore and both Interstate 97 and MD 2 (Ritchie Highway) at Ferndale. A lone Spur shield assembly was posted at the wye interchange with I-895 south, but it was removed by 2007. Ground level signs posted along both branches of the spur northbound otherwise reference only the connection with I-895 north and not the spur designation. The Maryland State Highway Administration (MDSHA) refers to the routes as I-895A and I-895B.


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Business Loop I-95 - Brunswick, GA Map

Brunswick, Georgia Chamber of Commerce map showing the route of Business Loop I-95 in Glynn County, Georgia.

Business Loop I-95/US 17 split - Darien, GA

The last shield posted along the Darien business loop directed traffic back to I-95 along Georgia State Route 99. 12/20/06

Lowell, MA - 1969

Business Spur I-495 on the Lowell Connector in 1969.