The lone business loop for Interstate 95 in Georgia overlaid portions of SR 99, U.S. 17 and SR 251 along a 8.7 mile long course. The loop served the city of Darien between Exit 42 and 49 and is only signed from the freeway end. Prior to 2007, the business route was also acknowledged at the south split of U.S. 17 and SR 99.

Business Loop I-95 State Route 99 North
SR 99 winds northeast from U.S. 82/SR 520 through Georgetown, Anguilla and Sterling to meet Interstate 95 at the south end of Business Loop I-95. 12/20/06
SR 99 elevates to pass over Interstate 95 ahead of the northbound ramp that adds Business Loop I-95 to Darien. 12/20/06
Interstate 95 stays west of Darien across marshlands over Polosi Island on the 65 mile drive north to Savannah. 12/20/06
Business Loop I-95 U.S. 17 State Route 25 State Route 99 North
Business Loop I-95 and SR 99 combine with U.S. 17/SR 25 north from Broadfield. Both the business route and SR 99 are omitted from the following reassurance shield assembly. 12/20/06
Business Loop I-95 U.S. 17 State Route 25 State Route 99 South
Removed in 2007, the lone shield for Business Loop I-95 posted in Georgia directed motorists from U.S. 17/SR 25 south onto SR 99 west from Broadfield to Interstate 95. 12/20/06
Business Loop I-95 State Route 99 South
SR 99 arcs one mile west from U.S. 17 by Evelyn to Interstate 95. 12/20/06
The diamond interchange with Interstate 95 was greatly expanded in 2013. SR 99 shifted slightly northward onto a new overpass above the six lane freeway and ramps were realigned into a larger footprint. 12/20/06
SR 99 maintains a western heading to Sterling while Interstate 95 south leads to Brunswick en route to Jacksonville, Florida. 12/20/06

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