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Among the many future Interstate corridors designated across the state of North Carolina, the one gaining perhaps the most headway is the Fayetteville Outer Loop. Designated as Future Interstate 295, and signed in the field as North Carolina 295, the new beltway is roughly two thirds of the way complete with the December 2, 2016 opening of a segment west from NC 24 & 87 (Bragg Boulevard) to the All American Freeway south of Fort Bragg. We took the opportunity to drive the entire length of the freeway on New Year’s Day, taking it west from I-95 to the current end at the All American Freeway.

Mileposts along the Fayetteville Outer Loop currently count downwards from 34. NCDOT news releases have routinely touted the eventual beltway as 39 miles in length.

wdcrft63 on the AARoads Forum inquired with NCDOT about the mileage discrepancy. The response was that the future “at-speed” ramps to be constructed at both ends with Interstate 95 will factor into the nearly five-mile difference.

NC 295 opened west from Murchison Road (NC 210) to Bragg Boulevard (NC 24 & 87) in August 2014. The freeway was extended slightly further in December 2016, with motorists using a collector distributor roadway to reach the All American Freeway.

The eastbound carriageway of NC 295 is paved but unused between NC 210 and the All American Freeway. Use of the roadway awaits completion of the Fayetteville Outer Loop southwest to Cliffdale Road.

All traffic shifts onto the c/d roadway for NC 24 & 87 (Bragg Boulevard) and the All American Freeway just west of Bonnie Doone Lake. The westbound carriageway will not open until 2018 with the next segment.

Ramps from the All American Freeway to NC 295 north combine just ahead of a tunnel that will eventually take traffic from the Outer Loop northbound to Bragg Boulevard. The tunnel will eliminate weaving traffic.

The southbound c/d roadway for NC 295 narrows ahead of Exit 21B for the All American Freeway north. The currently unnumbered freeway ends at the main gate to Fort Bragg nearby.

The All American Freeway runs north-south between Owen Drive and Fort Bragg. An NCDOT document in June 2014 proposed the designation of North Carolina 555 for both the unnumbered freeway and Owen Drive to the southeast.

Traffic remaining along NC 295 south defaults onto a loop ramp for the All American Freeway leading south from Fort Bragg to Fayetteville. Construction of the high speed flyover for NC 295 south from the All American Freeway north is well underway.

Waters from Beaver Creek flow below a set of bridges at the current west end of NC 295. A quick glimpse beyond the Exit 21A gore sign shows grading for the future Outer Loop west to the Yadkin Road overpass.

Flyovers take shape at the cloverstack interchange between the All American Freeway and the Fayetteville Outer Loop.

Construction underway along the next sections of the Fayetteville Outer Loop extends the route southwest 3.1 miles from the All American Freeway to Cliffdale Road through western reaches of Fayetteville. Work there runs through October 2018. The contract for the 2.4 mile roadway south from Cliffdale Road to U.S. 401 (Raeford Road) was let in March 2016. The $85.2 million project runs through spring of 2021.1

Subsequent work on segments from U.S. 401 south to Camden Road is scheduled for 2018 and from Camden Road to Interstate 95 in 2020. The entire 39-mile loop is expected to be complete by 2025.1

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