Continued going through our backlog of content for Pennsylvania throughout most of February. Still have over 2,000 photos in the queue, but this is substantially less from when the page conversion started last month!

February 1-6, 2021

Finished up the round of updates for Pennsylvania by February 8:

Shifting back to photos shot in December 2020, started with Interstate 95 in South Carolina. Added or replaced photos from Walterboro northbound to Manning and Florence with ones shot 12/17/20.

Continued updating pages on Interstate 95 northbound in North Carolina with photos from 12/17/20. Work is underway at the south end of the Fayetteville Outer Loop (I-295) and for the initial widening of I-95 northeast from Fayetteville.

Within Virginia, updated:

  • All of Interstate 95 north from the North Carolina state line to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. The pages covering I-95 between Petersburg and Richmond were populated with photos from June 2012. Replaced most of those with ones from 12/17/20.
  • Interstate 64 West – Henrico County / Richmond – updated coverage from I-95 in Richmond to Virginia Route 288 with photos taken 12/16/16.
  • Interstate 195 Virginia – drove the route south to Hamilton Street and back north to I-64/95 on 12/17/20 to shoot a remaining state named shield for I-195.

Updated I-95/495 north along the Capital Beltway in Maryland from the Potomac River to U.S. 50 (I-595) with photos from 12/17/20. Revised coverage of U.S. 50 east from I-95/495 to U.S. 301 at Bowie, and split the pages for U.S. 50/301 east to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Queenstown on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Headed to Webster Westside Flea Market in Sumter County, Florida on President’s Day. Picked up a 1960 Gousha map of Indianapolis, a 1958 Gousha map of Long Beach, California and a 1959 map of Metropolitan St. Louis published by the Surdex Corporation. Checked on a couple of area roads afterwards and created or updated pages accordingly.

Going back to the drive on December 17, 2020, added photos of U.S. 460 Business in Petersburg, Virginia and split the Business route for U.S. 460 at Pamplin to a separate page. Also added four photos covering U.S. 301 south in Petersburg, Virginia.

Opted to continue work on U.S. 301 in Virginia, adding complete coverage southbound from the Governor Nice/Senator Middletown Bridge across the Potomac River to Richmond from photos taken on 12/31/16. Added a northbound page from Bowling Green to the Maryland line with photos from 12/21/18 and 06/25/10. Updated U.S. 301 south in Maryland from U.S. 50/I-595 at Bowie to the Virginia line with two pages.

Also added five photos from 12/17/20 covering U.S. 33 / U.S. 250 on Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia.